Do you love lists like I love lists?

Then you’ll love Meet Me at Mike’s Crafty Journal by the ever-fabulous Pip Lincolne.

Meet Me at Mikes by Pip Lincolne - Giveaway and review

I haven’t met a crafter yet who hasn’t got a 1,000 lists – Works in Progress, things to make, things to try, desirable crafty bits and bobs, favourite blogs, craft books to buy… And then there are ideas for new projects, sketches of ideas for future projects, pattern jottings, and more. Well, now it’s time to stop storing all this stuff on scrappy bits of A4 filched from the printer… and start using a stylish Crafty Journal.

Meet Me at Mike's Crafty Journal by Pip Lincolne

This pleasingly spiral-bound hardback journal has lots and lots of room for all your lists, ideas, sketches and, even better, if you are ever lacking in inspiration, there’s plenty here to get your creativity going. There’s fun photography:

Inspiration from Pip Lincolne

and pictures of stylish makes and crafty goodness to inspire you:

More inspiration from Pip Lincolne

There’s also some beginners’ guides to stitching, crochet and knitting, a list of lovely blogs to admire, some patterns and a great wall chart for even more lists. Look how useful it is – here’s my list for today:

Today's list

And yes, I AM a clever clogs!

If you’ve not used a Journal to organise and record your ideas and creativity before, then I think Pip’s book is just the place to start. The great news is that the lovely people at Hardie Grant books have given me 2 copies, so I have a spare one to give away. Hooray!

To be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment telling me what’s top of your ‘To Do’ list this week.

The giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday 18th March, and I will announce the winner on the 19th. I am happy to post anywhere in the world, so this giveaway is open to all.

Good luck! 

104 thoughts on “Do you love lists like I love lists?

  1. On top of my list is a cute knitted toy monkey for my very best friend Lisbeth who is having a baby. Lisbeths mother died when she was a young girl, so this baby is not getting any Nanna knits – so I thought that would be the perfect gift. An ‘auntie’ gift 😉

  2. Ohhhh what a good idea. First on my list is finish the bathroom in new house so we can move in and I get crafting space! Then list my makes on Ravelry and my blog. Finally combine my lists: one on phone, one post-it stuck to phone, calendar, diary, projects to finish, project deadlines, projects to try…. the lists go on and when We Loose Them ARGHHHH, BOOK LOOKS GREAT 🙂

  3. omg this is beautiful!**

    The top of my to-do list? Argh, this is difficult XD I have a lot of things to do. Mmm, I think finish to study my Cardiology book.

  4. What a lovely giveaway! At the top of my list this week is whipping up a simple patchwork cushion or two! The journal is just beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win xx


  6. I never used to keep lists, but as I gracefully age, I find I love a good list! What’s up with that!! On the top of my crafty list is a re-do block for Sew Out Loud. On the homefront list is it’s Spring cleaning. Yuk! I think I’ll do the crafty list first! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  7. Top of my to do list this week is to write a long overdue blog post – every time I sit down to do it something else crops up!! Love the look of the journal, I’ve never used one before and I think it could help me get my ideas to stop whizzing round my brain and keeping me awake at night!

  8. Top of my to do list is to get round to sewing the fabric for the throw I have already cut which is supposed to be for when the temperature drops on spring nights before spring actually ends! It’s not looking hopeful so far!

  9. Amazing giveaway!
    Right at the Tippetty top of my list is to print out the pictures for my new nephews 365 a day project. It was my gift to them that I would take a picture a day to put in a scrapbook of his first year…. It’s just amazing how much he has changed already in only 3 weeks!
    I love lists. Infact, I have lists of lists, so I have everything crossed 🙂 jen@madeinminch

  10. Top of my To Do List… Get my Recipes in order, the note book I have been using since high school has literally fallen apart and I got a lovely moleskin for Christmas for recipes and I have got to begin transferring recipes… and doodling and yea – I am so looking forward to it!!! Just gotta start!!!

  11. What a fabulous giveaway! My ‘to do’ list is miles long, but top of it this week is to make a start on knitting tiny clothes for our fifth grandbabay who’s making her/his appearance in June. Meanwhile, half way down my ‘to do’ list are 1) finish knitting my own chunky cropped jacket, 2) sew little dresses and matching headbands for two little granddaughters, 3) practise some freehand embroidery, 4) finish knitting my ‘yowes and rams’ knee blanket…… and so on……! Hope I’m lucky!

  12. Woo! What an awesome giveaway! Top of my to do list is to learn German! My husband got a job in Germany so we’re living here now. We’ve been doing a German course for 5 weeks now! I’m thinking when the course ends I’ll kill two birds with one stone – join a German craft club and learn German and do craft at the same time! =)

  13. I love a list and I love Pip. Thanks for introducing me to her when you gave away one of her other books. Top of my list is some beanbags for a wee boy’s birthday.

  14. My to-do list is crammed with deadlines for finishing my many crafty half-finished projects! Finish embroidering a book-mark for Mother’s Day, replace a zip on my favourite summer dress, hang my newly painted towel-rail, get cracking on my new ocean coloured t-shirt rug and right at the top, finish knitting my coral shawl for a spring wedding outfit. Phew! I love Meet Me at Mikes, and had no idea this journal existed. It would be the perfect home for all my projects!

  15. Top of my list this week (and most weeks for the past few months) is beating this sucky cancer thats crept its way into me.
    As a frequent ‘in-paitent’ I have a bit of waiting around to do.
    During my not-so-ill waiting times I am desperately trying to work towards making a nice straight granny square.
    Not a wonky, line showing, tight one. A pretty even, coloured, square one lol!
    None of the nurses on the ward can help me because none of them know how to crochet at all!
    Please, please please brighten up some of my darkest days with this little book of hope.
    Its pages will be my sunshine and in return for winning for the prize I promise to create a ward full of crocheting radiographers;)
    Besides-the walls could do with sprucing up a bit in here.
    Thanks for listening
    Best wishes

  16. Hello lovely lady:)))
    I am currently tackling two lists-my list’s of ten’s. I don’t normally share but because I feel life would be ever so much better with your book, Ill let you into my secret lists.
    1-STOP holding grudges
    2-STOP over looking the beauty of small moments ♥
    3-STOP trying to compete against everyone else
    4-STOP being jealous of others
    5-STOP thinking Im not ready
    6-STOP trying to make things perfect
    7-STOP trying to be everything to everyone
    8-STOP worrying so much
    9-STOP being ungrateful
    10-STOP wasting time explaining myself to others ♥

    1-START being honest with myself
    2-START noticing and living in the present
    3-START being more polite to myself
    4-START spending time with the right people
    5-START giving my dreams a chance ♥
    6-START cheering for other people victories
    7-START being myself. Honestly and proudly ♥
    8-START valuing the lessons that my mistakes teach me :)))
    9-START noticing the beauty of small moments
    10-START loving the person I see in the mirror ♥

    I feel this book would stand for all of the things in my ‘start’ list so this can only be a good thing right!?!
    Goodbye veryberry
    Ri xxx

  17. What a lovely journal, Pip is my hero! Top of my to do list is probably to make a new to do list! I’ve got bits of paper all over the place, its time to consolidate the chaos! Amy X

  18. Cool Bananas! Just what I would love to win…. Top of my list is to “Start” some grannies for a cushion…… I learnt to crochet thru Pips blog, how awesome would it be to own one of these journals! Thanks for the chance….

  19. Cool Bananas! Just what I would love to win…. I learnt to crochet thru Pips blog, how awesome would it be to own one of these journals! Thanks for the chance….

  20. The top of my crafty to-do list is to find or draft a pattern for a large floor cushion – I’m picturing a floor “bench seat” for my toddlers room. I want it to be a place he can lie down, we can sit on together to read, we can make a fort over the top, myself or DH can snooze on for the middle of the night wake ups. Very important project! I have so much fabric I’d like to use for it too (and no money to buy any more anyway), so I need it to fit in with what I have. I’m not asking too much am I?

  21. Top of my list (which is nowhere near as cute to look at as this one) is finishing off my bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding that is coming up way too quick (it’s saturday week – yiiipps)

  22. On the top of my to-do list this week is to finish making my Surrealist like collages/overlays for a photograms workshop I will run shortly. It’s a rainy day…perfect for crafty endeavours!!! I cannot function without my lists………..

  23. Oh I have heaps …I need to finish a knitted dress for a 4 month old. I am going to be an Aunty x 2 so new baby things to make. Of course there is a flannelette quilt to quilt and a Christmas tablecloth not finished!! The diary would be great to organize me. Not to mention all the wish lists!

  24. I need to finish two vintage children’s book buntings for this Friday market!! Eeek!
    Love your book!!

  25. I have never ending lists it seems, but my fun list says finish my ripple blankie, work on my bulls eye blankie for my mums mothers day pressie, start the craftsy quilt along blocks, make cushions for my bed, make cushions for both lounge suites and start and learn sock knitting. Yay for the fun list 😀

  26. At the top of my to do list is to work out how to make a Stig (from Top Gear) shaped cake for my sons 8th birthday next week. Next on the list will be to make it!

  27. Top of my to-do list is to find something to stuff a draught excluder with – I’ve quilted one for my sister that matches some cushions I made for her at Christmas 🙂

  28. At the top this week’s list is crocheting an Edvard Munch ‘The Scream’ toy for a friend. Then I really must get my granny on and start a couple of baby gifts, make some cards and help my 4yo with her ‘Sew a bunny’ kit. Am also dreaming of yummy things to make for friends for lunch on the weekend! Might even start a granny square or two if I get time…

  29. Top of the list is to make a hungry caterpillar cupcake cake for my daughters 1st birthday party!!!!!! So exciting!

  30. I have so many craft projects to finish/start/plan but TOP of my to do list is clean all the non-sewing junk (bills/random lunch box/school notes) off my sewing table so I can actually SEE the table!

  31. The top of my to do list is have another attempt at learnng to crochet!! i can make so many different things from hand forged goblets to cupcakes, but crochet is something i am yet to master!!

  32. Top of my List this week is sanding and painting some Old school filing cabinets for my cafe i’m opening and making a “confetti system” of my own also for my shop 🙂 lots of DIYing…. and money saving 🙂

  33. That book is top of my WISH list!

    And top of my TO DO list? Either finish my crochet Dublin scarf or the dress I started for my friends little 3yo. Depends whether I wake up with sewing mojo or crochet mojo…

  34. Top of my list today: crochet granny squares for my best friend’s wedding present! I’m going to stitch them together to make two cushion covers.

  35. ohh where to start….em well me thinks I must finish a refubishing a large paper lampshade with lots of discs cut from some french books I found in an Op shop.Then finish sewing fun retro pom poms onto a new cushion made from great retro fabric found in another Op shop ,I know Pip would approve as she loves pompoms !
    I’m also going to be refurbishing a great set of drawers from ,you guessed ,an Op shop( Charity shop) ,with some fabric which i’d like to design ,would be a first attempt.
    Must plant my peas and mange tout tomorrow !
    I also have a pile of aprons to make and FrenchHomework to do tonight as class is tomorrow .
    Love anything Pip as I lived in Melbourne for years shes a legend !

  36. I have just set up a craft room and on my to do list is trying to find the time to create all the ideas i have into reality..

  37. Great idea…this Crafty Journal! I have bits and pieces of paper in a little desk drawer next to where I usually settle down with my laptop! Top of my To Do List…..begin a new needlework project!

  38. First things on my To do list this week are
    … hunt out bathplug (as bubba has hidden it again)
    … dig up potatoes for dinner (vegie patch is overflowing with them!)
    … post Molly’s bday present

  39. I need to put away all my sewing and mending things so I can get to work on my schoolwork! It’s so hard to study when you just want to craft…

  40. I desperately need to finish the rainbow satin doona cover that I started for my daughter – ummm- ‘some’ time ago 😊

  41. Top of my list this week is to make a present for my cousin’s baby shower this weekend. Must get started on that. Would totally love this crafty journal! Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. I LOVE this series of books. I also love writing lists, they keep me sane!

    I have so many things on my ‘to-do’ list this week. The most fun thing is to design a custom cross-stitch sampler for a friend to give to her sister, with the phrase ‘you’re so violent, I want to scratch your eyes out’ haha! I can’t wait to make it. 🙂

  43. What a sweet journal – it looks every bit as good as the other ‘Meet Me at Mike’s’ books. I hope there’s room for a very long list……I have my quilt to finish (two-thirds complete now), six cushion covers to make, a fantastic cuckoo clock kit to decorate and make, my art journal, several birthday cards…….and now that the weather has picked up, the garden is calling out to me!

  44. I must must tidy my room its so full of sewing stuff left over from a busy weekend I cant even find my scissors!!!!!! Book looks fab…… cant wait to read it 🙂

  45. It depends which ‘to do’ list you are asking about, I have 2 diiferent ones at work, one for home and one for me, the one for me is the fun one, and top of that is the Japanese crochet bag, half way through almost and its looking pretty good, fingers crossed x

  46. What a super duper giveaway. The top of my to do list is to alter my bedroom curtains. I am not going to do any of my exciting projects until this is done!!

  47. So many things on my list, but top for this week is to finish a pair of rabbit baby booties for a baby who is due in a matter of days!

  48. Top of my To Do List this week is to finish the four (yes, FOUR) cot quilts I am making as three of the babies have arrived……………………

  49. What a super giveaway, I love all things Pip! and have one of her books. I have that many patterns bursting out of folders and in trays, I can never find anything at all and waste loads of time searching – this would defo come in handy. My main to do sewing thing this week, is making a fabric card (poppy teffry style) for my mother-in-law for mothers day and may be a make up pouch that I can then fill with stuff xx
    Thanks for the giveaway Ali

  50. I love journals!! I use a plain jotter…no sketches, just a load of post it notes stuck over random entries. Even If I don’t win will still be buying one of my own =D

  51. At the top of my to-do list (and I am definitley a to-do list kind of gal) is to finally finish my Oh Fransson Mod sampler quilt top. I sewed the blocks up at the beginning of February – so no more excuses!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I must finish the aprons I cut out 2 weeks ago for an Easter fair instead of reading my library books. Veronica.

  53. Top of my list, which keeps getting underlined, is to make an infinity scarf for my friend who is taking me out for the day – this Friday!! Help, I really need to get a move on and stop making more lists!!:)

  54. What a lovely looking book. Top of my to do list is to make another crafty owl to add to my collection. x

  55. Top of my list are 2 lavender hearts to go into the fabric baskets that are being given as golf competition prizes. Then I’ll carry on knitting my jolly red jumper. Meanwhile arranging and rearranging and tweaking the fabric and colours in my version of a Cinnamon Patch felt wall hanging. (yes – I have a Nice creative life!)
    And that book looks like a brilliant idea.

  56. Top of my to-do’s:
    Finish both mother’s day cards (cross stitching this time around) for my mum and mother-in-law
    Finish the third set of appliqué bunting of our friends’ children’s names to be sent to Kenya where they are working as missionaries along with much chocolate for Easter!
    Great book!

  57. Top of my to do list today is cleaning and tidying, oh what fun! Then, tomorrow we get our first dog!!!!!!!!! So top of my to do list then, will be to get him all settled in and cuddled, lots! He is a rescue, and hasn’t had the best start in life, so lots of care and love and not much else for the rest of the week 🙂
    This journal looks fab! I love a good list, nothing like it to focus the mind, or to help dream away the hours! 🙂

  58. Top of my to do list – an oilcloth washkit bag for my daughter’s residential trip tomorrow. I’m hoping the teflon foot I’ve ordered will arrive this morning and then it’s all systems go!

  59. Ooh, how lovely! I am a list-aholic, so that looks like my dream prize 🙂

    Top of my to-do list at the moment is to finish my knitting project. It’s the first thing I’ve knitted for myself, so I’m dying to wear it!

  60. Top of my to-do list is to make my son’s birthday card and organise his present. Following that very closely is to draw out a new idea, brewing in my head, for a phone cover and make the darn thing.

  61. To cut up my gorgeous Robert Kaufman solid jelly roll and make star blocks, as this was my intention when I bought it !!

  62. Top of the list is finish knitting the rabbit for my niece – then there is the stole for hubby and then the jumper for me and then……..

  63. Top of my to do list, finish this little frock I’m making, I made one for tiny and after doing shorts for the boy still had lots of spare unionflags so am making one to sell, if anyone fancies that sort of thing, just keep dozing off on the sofa though!

  64. What a delicious looking journal! I am in the process of finishing a bargello pin cushion and top of my list this week is to find something to edge it with, it needs to be a bit luxurious looking and I just can’t find the right thing. Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Barbie x

  65. This week I have several “to do’s” at the top of my list!
    The first is to make a trip up to see my sister recovering from surgery. Clean her house, do her laundry, cook some meals. Then bring her old furniture home with me for my son to use at college!
    2nd item- a DIY play kitchen out of an old entertainment center for my little ones second birthday!!!
    Plenty more things on my list after that! Have a great week!

  66. Wow what a fantastic book! I would love one of these! I always have so many ideas going round in my head and to fix them on paper would be fantastic! I think if you don’t write your ideas down somewhere some of them get lost in the other ideas!
    susand1408 at googlemail dot com

  67. I’m currently knitting my daughter a shawl (as per Tess of the D’Urbervilles BBC 2008 edition), having knitted myself one in brown 5 ply wool … and am now nearly finished hers in 12 ply acrylic purple rainbow. Then I am going to knit one for a raffle prize for my local Lions group who will be having a BBQ at the end of April to raise money for childhood cancer, which I am sure all the little girls who have seen me knitting my daughters will want to buy tickets for! I would love Pip’s book to write down all my WIP!

  68. I have to sew down the binding on my Zig Zaq quilt. It’s been sitting here unfinished for almost a year, and I finally want to get it done.

  69. top of my list is to make my nieces birthday present, but there’s sooo many other things that need doing too. This journal looks great thanks for the chance to win one 🙂

  70. The top of my list this week is to piece a quilt top for my friend’s 40th. Next week I will quilt it, the week after I will bind and send it 🙂

  71. Top of my list has to be to organise my lists, I think I am in danger of drowning under an avalanche of sticky notes!

  72. This book is on my wish list!.. I would love to win it.. At the top of my ‘ To Do’ list this week is to finish the button heart picture I have been making for my mam and frame it for her birthday.. hope she likes it 🙂

  73. Hello, I love making list of things I want to do or buy. Especially what I want to buy from the internet. My to do list includes finishing a king sized quilt my husband wants for our bed, some small baby quilts, pin cushions, and totes.

  74. i want to show my friend lynda how to crochet …………..well give her the general idea i have not done any for years :)) should be fun !!

  75. Top of my to do list for tonight was to order myself yarn to make my first ever full-sized garment for me – that’s actually true – *and* I did it. Feeling a bit scared at the cost but I bet it will keep me going for many, many evenings!

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