It’s lovely….

…when someone takes your pattern and creates something really fabulous with it! I had a bit of a ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment when Elisabeth sent me a picture of this wonderful cushion she made using my Granny at the Pictures crochet granny square pattern.

Isn’t it just so pretty! You can read more on Elisabeth’s blog – Shark’s Dinner.

We have had blogger’s block here this week – I’m not sure what’s got into us… but we have some good stuff lined up for the weekend. Tomorrow, Sandy is going to start on our Big Bacon Challenge with the people from Country Skills Blog (the day after we are supposed to have finished but never mind) – so if you’re not a meat eater then best to stay away!

On Sunday I’m going to write a Focus on… Buying Linen, so if you have any suggestions about great places (UK only) to do so, then now’s your chance. I’m collecting my fabric buying guides all in one place as I write them – you should be able to see the tab at the top of the page. Not many yet, but it will grow, I promise.

Thank goodness it’s Friday – have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “It’s lovely….

    1. Thank you so much Sue, for reminding me about Tinsmiths! I have ogled over their fabrics many many times. I particularly like the St Jude’s prints that they have in stock, but you are right, the linens are wonderful too.

  1. Would love to hear if anyone has experience of Ikea linen, we are miles from Ikea but I know they sell it and wonder if it’s worth getting…

    1. Hi Mary – thanks for letting me know about Ikea linen.. it’s a real shame because I was at our local Ikea last week, and I could have had a look. I’m planning to go again ( 😦 I hate it!) very soon, so I will check it out. In the mean time I am going to include it on my list just so that people know about it. Thanks..

  2. Lovely cushion, warm pink! Most of my Bloggy friends seem to be blogging less frequently at the moment, is it the weather or maybe life’s taking over (as usual). Hope you’re blogging mojo is back soon. Looking forward to your linen post. I would be interested to know more about the plain linen that’s used for ‘zakka’, there seems to be so many types/weights.

    1. Hi Emma – yes it is definitely life taking over. We are so busy with the house and garden at the moment. I don’t see it slacking off any time soon, so will have to just plan a bit better! I am not sure if I am going to help with the types and weights of linen, but there are certainly some very nice ones that would be suitable for Zakka projects.

  3. Hi Ali, I’ve just had my first order come from Ecotale Fabrics. Beautiful linen, good prices and excellent service ( highly recommended!
    I’ve had months go by with blogging block but I’m just discovering everyone loves a fail tale, the one area of crafting I have an abundance of riches. I’ll be putting some more of mine on my blog! Do you have any fail tales you’d like to share with the class?!

    1. Helen, I have so many fail tales that I could probably fill the blog for the rest of the year… But yes, I think it might be a very good idea to write about some of them! Only some though. Thanks for the reminder about Ecotale – they look fab. Good to hear that you can recommend them.

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