Focus on… Buying Liberty Tana Lawn

Working with Liberty cotton lawns has got to be one of the most wonderful sewing experiences – the soft, silky feel of the fabric, along with the gorgeous colours and patterns make using them an absolute pleasure. Buying them, on the other hand, can be rather a painful experience for your wallet.. but, in a way, that makes them even more special. And, if you look, you can find the occasional bargain. Here are some of the places I’ve encountered that are worth investigating when you are investing in Liberty fabrics. If you know of other places, I’d be glad to hear about them. So, let’s start with the obvious!


Here’s where you can find the current range of Liberty fabrics – including the new season prints. I particularly love the Elevenses print for 2012 – can you spot the little sugar lumps?

Liberty print - Elevenses

© Liberty

The fabric is priced by the metre (£21) and is not available in smaller pieces, plus there’s an enormous delivery charge of £5.95. Liberty also sell incredibly tempting Liberty Patchwork bundles (£50 each) supplied by Kim Porter of Worn and Washed (you can also get them direct from Worn and Washed).


Shaukat and Company

I discovered this shop a few weeks ago when I was trying to find the name of a discontinued Liberty print that I particularly liked. I haven’t used them yet, but fully intend to. They have the current season’s Liberty prints and a lovely collection of classic prints available at £16.50 per metre (they are listed at £13.75, but that’s without VAT). They also have a special little department for quilters – where you can buy bundles of 4 FQs in a particular colour or by remnant pieces for a pound a time.

Love Liberty Lots (Ebay)

This fab Ebay seller has some excellent buying options that make it a lot easier to buy smaller pieces of Liberty fabric. There are options to buy pre-selected charm packs (there’s even one called Very Berry!), and pick and mix selections, as well as larger pieces of fabric. Some of the fabrics are auction rather than Buy It Now, so there’s even the possibility that you might pick up a bit of a bargain.

Liberty Lawn fabric 6" Patchwork Squares *VERY BERRY*

© Love Liberty Lots

Liberty on Etsy (UK)

I’ve also found a couple of Liberty sellers on Etsy. Annie’s Patch has a collection of sweet charm packs for quilters and Miss Elany (great name) has a selection of small single pieces.


My usual fabric news post will be appearing later on this evening…

13 thoughts on “Focus on… Buying Liberty Tana Lawn

  1. I have a couple of Liberty lawns that I swooped for from a remnant table at my local fabric shop. They were a bargain – but they’re too precious to cut into! The best value Liberty I know of at the mo is still the V&A shop – their Liberty/V&A collaboration fabrics are still on special for £8.60 per metre. Thanks for the links!

    1. Thanks Hadley – that’s another one I knew about but couldn’t remember the name of (senior moment after senior moment) .. I have been searching on “Liberty and UK” on Etsy to very little avail! I’ve even chatted with Jo before on Twitter.. doh…!

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted to use Liberty’s but have never quite managed to part with the pennies!…. when Im in London, we always have to visit the store and gaze at the window.
    I will definately be investigating the links, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Jan – thank you so much. I saw these guys at the Festival of Quilts, but couldn’t remember their name, I knew it was something to do with flowers, but it was the end of a very long day at the NEC. I can see that I need to update my first draft of this list…!

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