Scrummy Giveaway!

I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve joined up with the lovely folks from the DotComGiftShop for a giveaway to brighten up this grey February Monday (well, it was grey here!). I know that a lot of Very Berry readers are baking/cooking enthusiasts, so I wonder if anyone is up to win this gorgeous sent of kitchen storage tins?  Take it from me – they are very cute indeed. 

DotComGiftShop cake tin set

(photo © DotComGiftShop)

And as if that’s not enough, there’s also this lovely little pack of ribbons and trims:

6 Ribbons from the DotComGiftShop

(photo © DotComGiftShop)

The lucky winner will also get a little fabric parcel from me (because I’m nice like that!).

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is leave a comment on this post… Personally, I need a bit of cheering up (I am really fed up of winter), so if you want to, why not tell me about your perfect spring day?  Alternatively, you are quite welcome to just say – ‘Send me the prize please!’, and I wont hold it against you…!

Will post anywhere… and will announce the winner next Monday 5th March.

Good luck everyone! 

123 thoughts on “Scrummy Giveaway!

  1. I get butterflies in my tummy! Spring is certainly just around the corner, crocuses and daffodils popping up everywhere locally… Inspiration galore 🙂 Ohh I adore spring, my most favourite time of the year, everything around us so new and fresh. This is a fabulous giveaway, got my fingers crossed! Thank you xx

  2. The tins are so cute! Of course the problem is that I would have to fill them with yummy goodies!

  3. I love sewing and I love baking – but I have to limit my baking as mainly I like baking cakes but would end up the size of an elephant if I ate all the stuff I want to make!!

    It’s actually been very sunny and spring-y here in Birmingham for the last couple of days… but I haven’t been able to enjoy it as I’ve been poorly so a new set of tins would cheer me up no end!

  4. My perfect Spring day is…the first Spring day. The first day that gives you the belief that winter is over. Plus, I need that stuff in my life.

  5. Just seeing crocuses & daffodils make me think that we can look forward to some nice spring days, where if you are in the countryside you may be lucky to see some sweet little lambs, which always seem to put a smile on everyones faces!
    (Lovely prize, yet again!)
    Take care xx

  6. Warm, but fresh, lots of sun, a huge walk with the boys on the South Wales coast, fish and chips, drinks in a pub by a roaring fire, cause its still a little chilly!!! Perfect x

  7. My perfect spring day would be going for a walk with my little girl and looking at the daffodils. As it’s a perfect day, she’ll be wearing a handsewn dress made by me. 🙂

  8. We get Spring early here in Oregon. All of my snowdrops are blazing beauties. The crocuses , after being dug up by the dog last Fall, are miraculously blooming too. My Christmas Cheer Rhododendrons are particularly lovely right now.
    And to fully share how much Spring is on my brain, I bought lots of seed packets at the store yesterday – for when the ground dries out a bit more. Right now, I can plant my sweet peas, potatoes and sugar peas.
    The real sign of Spring is waking up and it is already light outside.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Just to cheer you up. It is Summer here in Australia and at the moment I am sitting on my couch listening to the rain on the tin roof and hoping that it will warm up a bit for tomorrow when my son goes to Kindergarten. At present it is 15˚C. Not very warm at all. Last week it was 40˚C so we just can’t win. It is either too hot or too cold. I would love to add this prize to my kitchen, as I love to cook but can never find enough storage for all the baking.

  10. I’d love to tell you about my perfect spring day… It was sunny and the crocus’ were poking up this morning – unfortunately tonight its snowing!

  11. Planting fruit bushes and tomato seeds, searching for hyacinth bulbs in those tall jars (can you still get those?) , seeing my cats sunbathing as they realise it’s getting warm again 🙂

  12. Please can I enter?
    I have just sown my sunflower seeds and looki9ng forward to watching them grow and planting them out to cheer up the garden in the warmer weather 🙂

  13. Spring is lots of flowers and the lilacs blooming! And lots of flower print fabrics too ! Very cute, thanks for the chance.

  14. Am I a little bit strange too? I do love spring, but love every season.
    They all have their beauty…
    It makes us dream, hope and wait.
    As do this giveaway…

  15. Much as I love my family, my perfect spring day would probably have to include a couple of hours in the sunshine on the allotment, on my own!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Last Friday my husband took us to dinner at our local outdoor mall here in Southern California. The weather was in the balmy 70’s with puffy clouds scattered here and there. I desperately wanted to jump in the car and head to the beach for spring break. It was heavenly. Thanks for the darling giveaway package!

  17. Oooh – the tins are cute, and I very nearly bought myself the ribbon pack last week.
    A perfect spring day is bright and sunny with a fresh breeze in the air. Birds chattering in the trees above drifts of snowdrops and crocus. Everything is starting to wake from it’s winter sleep – it’s perfect walking weather, lifting the spirits……with a reward of coming home to a mug of steaming coffee and a big wedge of cake!

  18. Growing up, I used to love the sight of purple crocuses peeping out of the snow. Much later in the year than here but seeing the spring flowers these past couple of days has given me hope and a spring in my step.

  19. The perfect Spring day… you awaken to the light breeze blowing through open windows, and hear the bluebirds chirping outside…. grab a cup of coffee and sip it as swing on the back porch.. you catch the aroma of newly blooming roses… the butterflies are already busy flitting from flower to flower… as you sit and drink in all the beauty of the new day, everything is right with the World.. and you are utterly happy… and completely at peace… 🙂 Can’t wait! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! Hope that you have a wonderful day! 🙂

  20. Truely a scrummy giveaway! I know I already have plenty of tins but these are so cute, the Quality Street tins have been fab but ooohh….. I have been enjoying these spring days recently, my kiddies are both able to go for a little walk now and we have been enjoying all the flowers springing up in the past few weeks, their amazement is infectious and I find us all saying ‘wow’ as we spot something new 🙂

  21. I love the tins! Despite the fact I’m on a strict diet which does not allow for cakes and biscuits… Hmm, how to cheer you up? Well, it’s only 2 months till Summer. Yep, summer, not spring. The last 4 or 5 years we’ve had the best weather of the year in April, I took note and got married in April two years ago, on the nicest day of the whole year! So don’t despair, summer is nearly here!

  22. Saturday was an amazing day… there’s nothing quite like waking up to blue skies and sunshine! Sorry that you’re not 100% – surely it’s nothing a cup of tea and a slice of cake won’t solve? x

  23. Actually – it’s grey here and foggy with rain expected. We don’t get a LOT of grey days – and spring is certainly just around the corner. So =- today would be a good day to begin thinking about what flowers you will plant for a pretty spring. I love the begonias, impatients, fern (I have a shade garden). I’d love to try some zinnias if I can find a bit of sunshine for them.
    And just go with the grey when you can’t beat it – or change it – just go with it. Maybe cuddle up for a little 40 winks cat nap.
    Hope your sunshine is beaming and sparkling and shining very soon. !
    🙂 SMILES

  24. The first day when I can get out gardening, and feel the sun on the back of my neck! Just a bit of tidying, pottering, pruning, sweeping away the cobwebs.
    Thanks for the chance to win – those tins are gorgeous!

  25. My perfect spring day starts with the children getting off to school 🙂 then I hang out the washing and head off for a walk. I live out in the sticks and am lucky to have miles and miles of country roads to wander along. Back home to eat breakfast in the garden and relax with a good book. Bliss!
    The addition of a scone or two with jam and butter is not unwelcome or unknown!
    When the kids get home we head for the beach with sausages and the camping stove, hubs joins us straight from work and we cuddle up with blankets, eating scaldingly hot sausage sandwiches. We get home tired but happy with sand in our shoes and the smell of the sea in our hair.

  26. My perfect spring day was last Sunday. Beautiful sunshine, a walk with my beloved and our two dogs across Dartmoor (our back garden!) and a stroll through the village. Lovely!

  27. My perfect spring day was over the weekend just gone! The sun was warm, the breeze was cool and the bird were signing… The scent of spring was in the air and I felt like singing. Although I am unable to sit in our back garden to enjoy the spring days properly (I can’t get up the ridiculously steep steps), I can sit by an open window and inhale the beautiful aromas of the new approaching season… Time to start baking bread and apple pies, methinks!

  28. Spring for me is when I realise that it’s still daylight after teatime, then the cherry blossoms appear and the drabness of the Scottish winter (it is sometimes bright and crisp!) fades away as the promise of wonderfully light long days fills my horizon. (Oh I feel better already after writing that! I’m in a similar boat to Emily having been burgled and then our boiler packed in at the weekend.)
    Thanks Ali for giveaway and getting me to look on and up!

  29. Perfect spring day? Blue skies and sunshine the trees out in blossom – being able to go out with sandals and light weight clothing and not feel cold. The smell of violets and primroses and other spring flowers on the air. Birds flitting about looking for mates, butterflies dancing on the breeze and the buzzing of a bumble bee as it bumbles about the blooms. A nice country walk then home for freshly baked cake and tea.

  30. Send me the prize please! Tee hee, prize aside, I agree that the winter can be very gloomy, and spring springing is certainly cheering me up. Sunshine, singing birds, returning green – my favourite time of year. I hope it’s less grey with you today, and you get some good old spring sunshine today xx

  31. What a lovely giveaway Ali! My perfect Spring day would be when the sun is shining and the sky is that beautiful blue colour – not too warm, just enough to be able to go out without a coat for the first time, and when all the trees are in blossom. Lovely

  32. My perfect spring day would be a beautiful sunny day, in a forest where the flowers are starting to bloom, watching my son, hubby and dog running round playing hide and seek. Just to see him running round with a smile on his face is perfect to me.

  33. I like it just sunny and warm enough to sit outside and knit or sew with a cup of tea and and something sweet to nibble nearby. I also like to take a gentle country walk to see the new-born lambs and signs of nature coming to life.
    Teresa x

  34. Ooh, how pretty!

    I like spring days when it’s not too warm yet, with clear blue skies and a cooling breeze. So that you still want to snuggle in your coat and scarf, but you know you’re not going to get too warm. There’s something about the clarity of the air on days like those that’s just perfect 🙂

  35. There are some ancient woodlands nearby at Ryton. A perfect spring day would include walking round to admire the daffodils or bluebells (spring can be so long!) then a hot chocolate against the breeze while the birds sing.

    Might have to go today.

  36. Lovely giveaway once again! My perfect Spring day – it has to be going for a walk with my family, especially when the bluebells are out in the woods. Just beautiful!

  37. Horse riding through bluebell meadows in Windsor Great Park last Spring was lovely – beautiful scenery, peace and quiet and the weight of Winter lifting off my shoulders!

  38. Hello,what a fab giveaway 🙂
    I love spring, my favourite day would be a nice walk with my little jack Russell followed by a little picnic of tea and cakes under a tree with a little sprinkling of spring rain….x x x x

  39. I guess I’m the only person quite happy with the fact that it’s not really spring yet. I still have quite a lot to do in the garden before the growing starts so I’m glad with the current in between state, gives me time.

  40. Actually, Sunday was pretty good – we cut up some plasterboard outside and put it up (inside!) with all the windows open, while the girls took their bikes round the garden and picked crocuses. Then we had the first outdoor icelolly of the year, and R in her strappy sundress declared ‘it’s only Spring, but it feels just like Summer!’. She was slightly purple round the edges though :). The daffodils are starting to come out, it is on the way!

  41. Probably I’m a little bit strange – I like these grey dark days because it gives you the opportunity to stitch, quilt,… without any guilt.You don’t need to work in the garden, you just can close yourself inside and be creative.
    These beautiful biscuit boxes would just be perfect to put next to you….
    Let us dream.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  42. Not sure you’ll send those lovely tins overseas! but it’s kinda grey here in New Zealand at the moment – we sure haven’t really had a summer this year at all. At the beach for the very first time in nearly 20 years I joined the library!!!

  43. My perfect spring day is the first one that I can hang my sheets out on the line; I love to hear the wind whip the ends until they’re dry. At night, I snuggle the sheets up to my nose and smell the first blossoms carried by the spring breeze. Then I fall asleep and dream of running through a field of poppies. This happens every spring for me and I look forward to it like nothing else on earth.

  44. Hi! I live in the country with two seasons … and currently it is pretty hot outside… but I love it more compare to rainny day. thanks for your sweettt… giveaway!!

  45. Sunny & bright, light winds blowing enough to make the wind mills spin. The temperature is mild, the windows are opened and the beautiful cherry & almond trees are in bloom. I am sitting in my sewing room enjoying a nice cut of tea watching the birds out my window. This is a perfect Spring day here in northern California.

  46. What a great giveaway! I’m also looking forward to spring, it’s just about noticable now that it’s on its way here in ol’ Blighty – a tad warmer, more birdsong and buds on the trees! I guess my perfect spring day would be one where it didn’t rain!! A really nice picnic somewhere in the countryside and maybe pony trekking afterwards!

  47. It was a lovely, sunny day where I live. However severe storms might develop tomorrow along a frontal boundary. I hope the sun will soon shine upon your face and that your garden will burst forth with colorful floral splendor. Oh, and send me the wonderful goodies, please. 😉
    acarp [at] swbell [dot] net

  48. My perfect Spring day is taking a long walk and watching the melting snow running down the street! That’s not happening for a while though! Thanks for a great giveaway. The tins are super cute!

  49. Those ribbons and tins are stunning!! My perfect spring day would be when the sun is shining but the temperature isnt too hot, so you can spend time outside enjoying it.

  50. Perfect day would be been able to sit outside and play all day in the sun With the kids.

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  51. Spring is trying very hard to arrive but the winter wind is still winning. My favorite season is Spring. When everything seems to come to life all at once. The trees are budding, the grass is green, floowers begin to pop out of the ground and the birds are singing. Oh I can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I love those tins and really really want them, Pleasssssssssssssse.

  52. I immediately thought of the film Miss Congeniality..where when asked what her perfect date was…. she misheard and said an actual date…
    I would also love to win anything from you, I love getting mail from you just to see what you have made now.

  53. My perfect Spring Day was on Saturday, sun shining, lovely long bike ride stopping off for a pub lunch with friends enjoying the countryside, followed by a lovely evening dinner with a glass of red!

  54. My perfect spring day lazy morning pottering around the house, windows open feeling all lovely and fresh having fun with my little girl then a pleasent stroll round the zoo. Heaven! xx

  55. My perfect spring day is one that starts with a little overnight shower being dried by the sunshine. Then a phone call from my grandchildren asking me to visit. Arriving to see their smiling faces at the window and going into the garden to play football with one, catching the ball with the second and skipping with the third. Followed by a lovely cup of coffee and a chat with my son and daughter-in-law.

  56. My perfect spring day would be sunny, not too warm and I would be sitting in my yard, hand quilting one of my many UFOS, gazing at my gorgeous tulips and hyacinths, eating dark chocolate! (SIGH)

  57. The perfect spring day would probably include my girls climbing trees in the park and then coming home to do a bit of baking. In fact they did just that today, although unfortunately the tree climbing was cut a bit short by rain.

  58. your frequent posts cheer up even my grayest day. Your ideas are inspiring! Love the tins and ribbon… glad I found your site…thank you.

    ps…hope I win those tins…very very sweet indeed.

  59. My perfect spring day is a morning at Columbia Road flower market admiring the huge bunches of tulips, followed by coffee and cake sitting outside in the sun then a trip to Beyond Fabric for some sewing supplies – bliss!

  60. Prize please thank you! As to a perfik spring day, kids on the swing playing and not hitting each other while I sit and have a nice cup of tea inthe garden, can’t beat a garden cup of tea!

  61. I just love those tins. My perfect spring day is a walk in the sunshine with my family and possibly seeing few lambs frolicking in the fields – the reality a walk across a muddy field getting sheep muck on my boots!

  62. I love the spring and summer but my husband is part vampire I think lol and his skin gets burned to a crisp when the temperature goes above 15 degrees lol. So those tins could hold all the lovely cakes I make to keep him quiet while he’s in a darkened room and i’m out gallavanting with the kids x

  63. Send me the prize please! (sorry, someone had to say it…lol)

    An ideal spring day would be somewhere with a forest and a river (so not up here) and a picnic in the sun and picking snowdrops and spotting lambs and calves in the fields… And chocolate. Cos nothing is ideal without it… But for now I’d settle for some sunshine and WARMTH…

  64. My perfect spring day, would be me alone in the house. Nobody to bother me for any reason. A sewing project laid around me. Sitting at my machine sewing to my hearts content. A plate of snacks beside me to save me from leaving the room.

  65. I love it when you look out of the window and just know it’s everything’s going to be happier because it’s sunny with crisp blue sky 🙂 and there’s always someone in daft shorts and flip flops despite it still being less than 10c 😉

  66. My perfect spring day would consist of a potter with my camera on the common with my Mr, a cup of tea and cake in our award winning local teashop, and a Madeinminch crafty evening ! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this gorgeous giveaway!

  67. Ohhh what a lovely giveaway!
    We had a pretty perfect Spring day yesterday, spent it at the beach chasing our twins around, then returned home to do some much needed gardening, although the kiddos smooshing the snow drops was a slight downer! The next few days are supposed to be brighter and warmer!

  68. My perfect spring day was actually yesterday as the weather was so fab. Put in a couple of hours at the allotment, cleaned up the garden furniture and almost lit the BBQ…Who are we kidding, it’s only February!!

  69. I think it’s time for spring: to sit outside in the morning, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper before going to work without my jacket on! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  70. The perfect spring day starts when you wake up to the sound of birds, open your window and smell the change. Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. Perfect spring day – mmm – sunny and warm (not too warm though, a tiny breeze as well would be lovely – just so that the daffodils would move a bit) – walking by a stream in the dales with sheep and lambs on the hillside. Blue sky with just the odd fluffy cloud – a promise of what is to come. Then stopping with a flask of tea and a wodge of homemade cake (or a rock bun – yum)
    Or working in the garden, with hardly any sounds except for the birds singing as if they would burst, the soil feeling warm beneath my fingers and the lovely spring bulbs and primroses providing cheerful splashes of colour ( oh – and the cup of tea and the homemade cake here as well!)

  72. My perfect spring day was replicated on Saturday!!! It was glorious sunshine and I went for a wonderfully fresh 8 mile walk in our nearest park/forest. The geese, ducks and all other flying animals were out in force and the birds were chirping away in the trees. It was beautiful!!

  73. Ooo I need this prize, we ran out of heating oil this weekend unexpectedly and can’t cook on the range, no heating or hot water 😦 then today my computer died (thank goodness for my blackberry!) So actually the antethesis of my perfect spring day!

  74. Oooo – I am obsessed with tins! And baking. And I lovvvve ribbon! Spring is in the air here (London UK)and the crocus plants have already bloomed with dafs soon to emerge all yellow and happy. Your giveaway and these other things are making me happy today.

  75. My perfect spring day is one where I get to sit in my back garden with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. Oh and winning a prize makes a good day too!

  76. i had a dream and it would seem
    id dreamt i won the lottery
    i wouldnt spend it all at once
    because im old and jottery
    id give a few quid here and there
    my winning fortune i would share
    and all good causes they would get
    a little share of my £1 bet

    written for my by my grandpa when i was a little girl xxx

  77. A perfect spring day for me is to have a lovely walk in the yorkshire dales admiring the views and the colours of the daffs and spring lambs in the fields and then to have a packed lunch sat on top of one of the three peaks and taking it all in and breathing in the lovely fresh air. After the walk down, this would then be followed by a lovely cup of tea sat outside a quaint cafe having a big piece of cake…..hmmmmmm….. luverly…oops.. getting carried away aren’t I Ali, thanks for the giveaway xx

  78. For me the perfect spring day is when I can take my coffee outside to our courtyard garden and shut my eyes to feel the sun on my face and hear the birds in the trees.

  79. I think yesterday was a perfect spring day. The sun was shining and it was a little warmer (my son even went out in a T-shirt!). Unfortunately we were back to rain and grey skies again today. The giveaway is lovely!

  80. Perfect Spring Day: yesterday, in the Cotswolds. Sunny, sunny, sunny and bright blue skies, children cycling about in the sunshine, baby pootling about babbling away to himself. Daffodils starting to blossom and birds chirping away. Sounds a bit cheesy, but it was exactly like that. The only thing missing that I love about Spring is the smell of freshly cut grass after a winter of letting the grass grow.

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