These are a few of my…

Inspired by Lynne’s post about her favourite things, I thought I’d share a few of mine…

My most favourite part of my sewing kit is my needle book. This is one of the first things I made after I started sewing again, 3 or 4 years ago:

Liberty Paisley needle book

Excuse the rubbish pic, just goes to show, my photography skills have improved a bit since then! It’s made with a little scrap of my favourite Liberty print (Bourton) and pure wool felt, and it has got to be the most useful thing I have in my kit.


My favourite sewing inspiration is Suzuko Koseki. I love the fact that she blends traditional and modern styles so effortlessly without compromising either, and her use of colour and print rarely fails to intrigue and inspire. I was just searching for a nice link to her lovely books – Playful Patchwork, Natural Patchwork and Patchwork Style, and happened to find this interview with her at Sewing Under Rainbow – she sounds like a lovely person. Here’s a pincushion I made using her pattern in Playful Patchwork.



My favourite sewing tool is my wonderful pair of Janome Soft n Sharp Dressmaking Scissors with micro-serrated edges. I bought them about 6 years ago, and I have lost count of the times when I have accidentally cut paper or felt with them, but they are still as sharp as ever. They’re so comfortable to use too. Love them! I just wish they came in a better colour than Germolene pink.


My favourite, never be without it, utility fabric (can’t think how else to describe it!), is Vilene G700 medium woven cotton iron-on interfacing. Some interfacings can leave fabric with a nasty ‘crunchy’ feeling, which means that they crease easily and just don’t feel right. Because G700 is woven cotton, it works with the fabric, instead of against it, and converts quilting cotton into something approaching a home dec weight whilst keeping it soft and flexible. Brilliant stuff.


I’ve been wondering about whether to try and pin down my favourite fabric line or designer, but that’s utterly impossible… I can tell you the favourite fabric I have in my stash just now though…

Free as a Bird from Cut out and Keep by Heather Moore

It’s the gorgeous Free as a Bird from the Cut Out and Keep Collection by Heather Moore. I bought it in spring last year – still haven’t cut it!


I’m trying to avoid chocolate at the moment, so I wont follow Lynne’s example and name my favourite chocolates (they’re by Paul A. Young if you want to know… woops I said it!), so instead I thought I’d tell you about my favourite possession instead. I love it with a passion and can’t wait to get it out from under the stairs very soon. No, it’s not the hoover…..

Our glorious tent

It’s my beautiful Yukon River 4. Can’t wait for the spring to come!


Tell me about your favourite things… you know you want to…

14 thoughts on “These are a few of my…

  1. I like to camp, your tent is so BIG, jealous me has a 3 person that fits the sleeping bags and us. I love your pincusions, each one looks like it should be in my house. Like that, me too. I love chocolate and peanut butter pie. I also love my stylist, its that stick to push stuck fabric under the needle, it looks like a rubber ice pick. Cannot tell you how many times I almost stuck the machiine needle through my fingernail. Now it doesn’t happen.

  2. I have tent envy – I’d love to get one, the lovely Kiwi is dragging his (not small) feet. I know, I thought they were universally the outdoorsy type too! This is a fun post, I love the pin cushion. I don’t have a needle book – maybe I should make one!

    1. Good grief I thought it was obligatory for New Zealanders be outdoors 80% of the time…! A lovely girl from New Zealand I worked with years back made me giggle when she talked about her ‘tramping’ holidays. Took us a while to establish she meant hiking..! Needlebook is essential, but still doesn’t mean I can ever find the right needle for the job…

  3. We bought a new tent after our ‘indoor shower’ experience last year and have plans to use it for the first time in June!! It’s about the same size and shape as yours and it’s just for the 2 of us!!!
    Teresa x

    1. You will be living in luxury Teresa – lucky you, it’s always great to have more space in a tent. Although I am currently trying to convince Sandy that we need to buy another smaller tent for weekend trips…!

  4. Fun collection of favourite things! My tent got out in the glorious weather last April, and hasn’t been out since :o/ Combination of bad weather over the summer, and being elsewhere meant I didn’t get a chance. Maybe this year…

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