I need your help…

How shall I quilt this? I just can’t decide – it’s disturbing my sleep!

Not so little hint...

It’s the front panel of the pouch that I’m making for the Mouthy Stitches zippy pouch swap.  I am thinking of making closely stitched square spirals on each of the drunkard’s path blocks, and on the plain linen blocks too, like I did in the centre of this block:

Log cabin experiments 1

but am wondering if this would be just too much. I really don’t want to mess it up because the tiny curves on those DPs were HARD, and I don’t want to start again…  Another option I’ve considered is doing some straight horizontal lines of quilting across the DPs – certainly a less dramatic options. Hmmm. Any suggestions gratefully received.


And finally as promised, the winner of the Sweat Shop book giveaway is:

sweat shop giveaway winner

Comment number 9 was left by the lovely Hadley of Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle – a very sensible woman who likes a cup of tea and a slice of strudel to be on hand when she is busy at the sewing machine. Well done Hadley, will be in touch!


32 thoughts on “I need your help…

  1. Hi there, the pouch looks lovely those circles are hard to do! I think I might be tempted to be fairly minimal with the quilting, maybe a small circle inside and outside the circles (just to emphasise those perfect curves!) and a couple of lines on the linen above and below the patchwork? I’m sure it’ll look fab any way you do it! x

  2. It looks stunning! I always quilt in the ditch, so not one to advise anyone… I liked the previous suggestion of printing out photos and practising the lines on them!

  3. A friend showed me random diagonal lines the other day which I thought looked really nice. She just draws the lines at different different widths and slightly different angles, I thought it would be too modern for me but it looked good. I’m sure whatever you choose it will look fantastic as always Ali.

      1. I’m giving it a go today on Jonah’s pillow, not sure how it will turn out but I’ll never learn if I don’t try. I’ll let you see the results however they turn out 🙂

  4. I like the idea of spiral circle in the circle then in the ditch for the blocks and lastly horizantial lines above and below. To much for such a little space? I love the block, maybe you could show us how? Good luck, I am sure whatever you choose will be beautiful.

  5. Blooming heck, Hadders always wins! (well done bird!). I think straight lines will work well, cos I love what you’ve done here and I wouldn’t want tolessen the impact with too much quilting x

  6. Really? Hadley AGAIN?! That’s it, I’m moving down there so I can rub her head for luck 😉 Maybe instead of spiral squares, just a regular spiral instead?

    1. Lol Katy. I can see that Hadley is building up some resentment!! I am very scared of sewing continuous curves – so that’s why I’m slightly against the regular spiral idea. These decisions are so hard to make, and I really need to get this right. 🙂

  7. There’s me racking my braincells on the purse, then I spotted my name!! Woo hoo – thank you Ali xxx
    I think maybe 3 lines of quilting on the linen above and below the DPs, and maybe one square inside the 3 DP blocks – it is so stunning I don’t think it needs more xxx

    1. Thanks Jen – I did consider quilting in a spiral, but wanted to use my machine, and I am officially useless at sewing machine curves (I hand pieced the blocks!). I know that shouldn’t stop me, but I really need to get this one right first time, lol!

  8. Congratulations hadley!
    I agree that you don’t want to take sway from the beauty of those blocks. If it were me I’d simply outline the circles once, handquilting would look nice and then do horizontal straight lines on the linen. I know it will look great whatever you decide! X

  9. I wouldn’t do the square spirals, it seems too much .. maybe just 3 circles inside the circle, and two part circle lines in each corner. And the same on the blank squares, there you could add another circle where the “ditch” is in the colour block… (Does that explanation/idea make sense?)

  10. Could you do opposite triangles and opposite corners leaving the alternate shapes unstitched?… I’m not sure that even makes sense or it would work… Good luck with ur sewers block xx

    1. Quilt the linen and not the DPs? Congratulations to Hadley, though she is so consistently lucky I’m going to start haning out in her post box!

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