Some completed commissions

I’m all done with some commissions. First up, lovely Joy of Pixie and Joy, asked me to make a crochet hook wrap and matching pouch. Joy asked me to use one of my favourite fabrics of the moment – Dandelion Hatch from the Just Dandy collection by Josephine Kimberling.  I’ve used a very pretty linen by Valori Wells for the trim and lining of the pouch, and the lovely spotty linen is a Life in Japan polkadot.

Crochet hook wrap


I hope you like them Joy – they should be with you tomorrow!

My friend Emily and I have been talking about her birthday commission for months now. She is a great customer because she knows her mind so well, and it’s been a pleasure chatting with her about getting things just right. She fell in love with the Dandelion Hatch too (but preferred the pink version) and the fabulous Heath (Farmdale) and asked for a wallet and a matching pouch.

Wallet - outside

Wallet - inside


I’ve used the brilliant tutorial by Fabricaholic (who very kindly allows limited commercial use) for the wallet. I think you can just see in the bottom photo that the it is heavily quilted with straight lines – fun to do!

Em also asked for a crochet hook wrap made with fabrics in her favourite browns & pinks, with a natural feel. We finally decided that something from Nel Whatmore’s Sleeping Beauty collection would fit the bill. Here’s the inside:

Crochet hook wrap: inside

and the outside:
Crochet hook wrap: outside

Sophisticated isn’t it? As I was making it, I was thinking that it would make a lovely clutch bag!

Happy Birthday Em!

23 thoughts on “Some completed commissions

    1. Thanks Teresa… The wallet is complicated yes, but the tute is very clear. What’s tough is getting everything lined up nicely, getting the closing tab in the right place and doing the awful topstitching! But in my experience, topstitching is always bad!

    1. Hi Helen, yes, you can make them really robust if you use lots of interfacing and/or some home dec weight fabric. Tricky though, I should warn you…! It’s tough to get a really good finish because by the end you are sewing through about 6 layers of fabric plus interfacing – it always gives me the collywobbles…!

  1. Oh I love these! I’m looking to make a crochet hook wrap for a friend too, but struggling to find a pattern. Any ideas where I could find one?

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