Pincushions new and old

A while back I got a request from a US-based cross-stitch magazine to use one of my pincushions in its ‘Fab Finds’ section. I was a bit surprised because this particular item and been languishing in my Etsy and Folksy shops for a good 18 months (if not longer…!) and I had fallen totally out of love with it (as you do!). Anyhow, I sent some high-res images off to the Editor and didn’t think any more about it until this arrived:

Cross-stitch and needlework magazine...

And here’s my pincushion on page 10:

...with my pincushion on page 10!

Almost the same day that magazine arrived, I sold the pincushion..! So I guess there’s a lesson there – never give up on something selling to somebody somewhere…

Meanwhile I have finished another pincushion and have been doing a bit more experimenting with my photos. I took this one using the RAW setting and used the software that comes with the camera to edit the white balance and the colour.

A new crochet pincushion

I also played with a few props! I’m quite pleased with this one, although I think I might have done a bit too much fiddling around with the tone. Once you sort-of-know how to do things with a camera and photo-editing software, it’s quite hard to know when to stop…

I don’t think I’ve shown you another pouch I finished recently.. Pouches are featuring large in my life at the moment because of the tute I’ve written for the 2nd issue of Modern Quilting and because I’m in the Mouthy Stitches zippered pouch swap. I’m certainly having plenty of practice at putting in zips… even attempting to explain how to do it!

Sunny blue bird pouch

I was really pleased with how this one came out, and even better, it sold the same day I put it on Etsy…

By the way, I wonder if anyone would like the cross-stitch magazine I mentioned earlier? I don’t do cross-stitch, and it would be great if I could send it to a good home. First come first served…

28 thoughts on “Pincushions new and old

  1. Well done on getting published, i’m sure it will lead to more sales than just the pin-cushion.
    Lovely pouch – I should get on and make some more now that I seem to have got the hang of it.
    Teresa x

  2. Well done Ali – I was both surprised and heartened to see you say here that you often lose confidence in what you have made – surprised because everything you make is so beautiful, and heartened because I often feel that too!
    Congratulations on going from strength to strength!

  3. congratulations! It’s always a good feeling to know that someone appreciates the time and love we put into making something. I hope the smile it put on your face finds a place in your heart!

  4. Love the pincushion and the pouch. Being published is awesome. You should have kept the magazine, in 20 years you will get a kick out of it. So, next time keep one as a record. You are an artist. One day you will need the information as a published Artist. To list when you are famous.

  5. Hi Ali, Well done with the magazine mention. I love the zippered pouch, I’m not surprised you sold it so quickly – lovely colours! (coincidently I was trying out my first zippered pouches today) Keep warm! E x

    1. Hope you’re getting on well with your zippered pouches Emma – once you find a method that suits you they are such a pleasure to make. It is a bit shivery isn’t it… feel like a bit of hibernation!

  6. I’ll have to get my mum to pick a copy up for me, I’ve just borrowed a book on modern log cabin and am attempting a block this week. I just love how you piece all your fabric together so pretty.

    1. Thanks Sasha – what’s the book? I love log cabin, because you can play around so much – and if you decide that the bit you’ve just sewn on is a bit rubbish, you can always unpick it and try something else.

      1. It’s called Modern Log Cabin by Susan Beale. I made two blocks tonight that I want to turn into cushions, I think I may unpick the last strip though as unsure of the colours. Lots of fun though and I’m enjoying playing around with the fabrics and not worrying about cutting to perfection.

  7. Would love the magazine! It looks great – the pincushion and the thing on the front cover is very appealing too!
    Am looking forward to the Modern Quilting mag coming out even more now x

      1. Yay! Thank you! I just happened to be in my inbox at the time the notification of the blog post came through and thought reading it would cheer me up after a rough day – how right I was in more ways than one!! 🙂

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