Turning Fugly around?

I’m joining in with Lucy’s Fugly Party (the fun starts tomorrow) and will be hosting a very small Fugly fabric swap with a few volunteers, of which more tomorrow… In the meantime I got to wondering how easy it is to turn Fugly fabric into something not quite so Fugly. So I started with this:

some fugly fabrics

And ended up with this..

trying to de-fugly

Not sure what I think of the experiment..! It’s slightly disturbing see dismembered birds in there (but maybe that’s just because I know they are there), and also perhaps they wont be so noticeable when it’s quilted.  I was wondering how this would look as a panel on a pouch (it only measures 6″x4″), but then as I was editing the pic, I started to wonder how it would look if I added another row, and added a plain border to make a proper square quilt block. What do you reckon? I’m not sure at all, but I AM very sure that there’s a place for every scrap, no matter how nasty… I have a feeling that more careful positioning of the fabrics to create an underlying pattern is going to be the way forward.

Something that I know WILL be good is the next issue of Crafteroo magazine that’s now in the pipeline – check out the preview. It wont be out until the beginning of April, but if you’d like to buy issue 2 (a bargain at £1.50), which is chock full of amazing projects, just click on the magazine cover:

Crafteroo front cover - issue 2

7 thoughts on “Turning Fugly around?

  1. Yeah, really not fugly, sorry- I have some beauts, but I wasn’t going to send the REALLY bad stuff, I have definitely useable ones in small pieces but as a big piece they’re a bit of an eyesore. I should blog them TBH just to guage people’s reactions!

  2. Those are so not Fugly! I gave away stacks of fuglies in the summertime and they were truly hideous, testament to why you don’t buy your FQs in a lucky dip 25 for $25 sale.

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