Sewing Box Score!

I’ve recently set myself the challenge of doing one extra job each day… something I really need to do, but that gets put off the To Do List week after week. I’ve done really well at sticking to the challenge so far – a bag of used clothing and books has gone to Oxfam, a wall in the kitchen has been stripped of wallpaper,  etc.  And it seems that the gods must be smiling on my endeavour because look what I scored at the Tip (aka Waste Recycling Facility) when I was there recycling a small part of our mountain of empty juice cartons…

salvaged sewing box

It was very exciting! Just as I was just turning the key in the ignition, I noticed the guy in the car next to me getting this lovely thing out of his boot (USA: trunk!). Quick as a flash, I turned off the engine, jumped out of the car, and asked if he would give it to me rather than send it to its doom… He clearly thought I was bonkers, but was happy to hand it over… Hurrah!

I love these gorgeous cantilever sewing boxes, and this is a gem – the only thing I am a bit sad about is that it wasn’t full of fabulous vintage notions and buttons, but guess that would have been too much to hope for!

Speaking of gorgeous vintage goodies, I couldn’t resist this book at Rag Rescue.

It was a bit more than I’d usually pay, but I love the Golden Hands series, and I had feeling that it would be full of fabulous seventies fabrics and interiors. I wasn’t disappointed….

blue room

 Well, maybe not this one! Scary blue wallpaper and dead butterflies do not float my particular boat..

wonderful orange room

But this is more like it .. I love the built in bench, the cushions and the orange pendant lights. I could even learn to love the wallpaper and matching blind combo.

twin bed chic

Can you see past the mind-numbing fabric (that might be nice on ONE chair maybe, but not the WHOLE ROOM!), to the fantastic built in storage and those lovely blinds? And what a gorgeous couple – love the twin beds! If only there were a big white furry cat too..

lounging in style

I just want to flop onto these wonderful sofas. And the lamp is totally brilliant.

funky seating

Here’s another sweet bench that would look great in our hall – a fab place for getting boots on and off.

There’s some great patchwork ideas too…

A lovely velvet bedspread:
velvet patchwork Some pretty hexies decorating a floor cushion:

sweet hexies

And this fab bohemian table cloth in HSTs. It’s so bang on trend there’s something quite similar in the most recent issue of Selvedge:

folky table cloth

Very inspirational all round! Now I just have to stop looking at the pics and go and actually sew something…


26 thoughts on “Sewing Box Score!

  1. Well done you – the sewing box is great!
    The magazine pictures take me back – my mum used to have a stash of Golden Hands and Family Circle when I was little and I spent many a happy hour looking through them.

  2. What a great score! My mum has one of those boxes, she still uses it to this day! I love your challenge idea, it sounds like a really good way of motivating yourself. Mind if I pinch it? I need to get myself organised!

    1. Wendy, you are absolutely welcome to steal my motivational idea. The great thing about it is, if you are having a tough day, you can always give yourself a nice challenge. Yesterday I was so busy, so my extra job was to finally make my mind up about a stand alone unit for the kitchen and actually SPEND THE MONEY. So I enjoyed a little online shopping..!

  3. I used to have one of those sewing boxes but mine had legs (I requested it as a Christmas present in about 1982 I think!). I lined the compartments in green baize, but I don’t know where it is now.
    My mother used to get Golden Hands all the time – I wonder if she still has any 😉 Aren’t those pictures funny – that blue bed is so flat it looks like it’s made of cardboard

  4. Ooo, lovely find. As I said before, virtue rewarded.

    Ali, I don’t suppose you’d like a load of Golden Hands magazines would you? I found a massive stash (about 50) in a charity shop for a fiver, and whist they are fab, I think they need a more appreciative home.

    1. Oooh, it would be so great to have an excuse not to go… I HATE going to the tip (although I feel rather better about it now obviously). I like a nice tablecloth, but as you say, laminate might be better… don’t suppose you can do laminate patchwork, lol.

  5. I have the same sewing box but mine has legs and looking rather sorry for itself 😦 It belonged to my nan and was filled with lots of gutterman thread 🙂 My project for the summer is to strip it back and restore it.

    1. Hi Clare – yes, I was wondering about trying to spruce up this one a bit. It would be so nice to line the inside with fabric. Maybe if I get a minute I will think about it. Good luck with your restoration project.

  6. Lucky Girl (woman!), I have one similar that I took me 4 years to purchase, I kept seeing them in places like Brighton for £25 plus, but finally found one in Eastbourne – cheaper thrift shops for £14, I got him down to £10, plus inside was cute plastic thimbles, needles, and old cotton and zips! And yours is in BETTER condition.
    Maybe we should do a flickr sewing box looky!!
    WOW that green room, Mmmm any quilt pattens like this? make a super retro quilt top…. or cushions

    1. The green is barmy isn’t it… But as you say, it would make a fantastic quilt block wouldn’t it (but maybe not with matching carpet!). I’ve been looking at sewing boxes around the place for a while but never found anything at the right price – glad I waited!

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