A Fugly Fabric Party

Charm About You

Did you spot my Fugly Fabric Party button over there on the left? It’s been sitting there for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t got round to writing about it yet! Lucy of Charm About You has had an excellent idea to help us get rid of recycle the fabrics in our stash that we don’t love any more.. Lucy explains the idea better than me:

Here’s the idea – show us your fugly fabric! Ok it doesn’t have to be really ugly – it could be any bits that you don’t want anymore, you know you won’t use it, you’re sick of looking at it or you think it is actually ugly. Maybe you have a piece of fabric leftover from a quilt that you don’t really need and can do without. Write a post and give it away!!

You can have a giveaway, a competition, a swap, offer to send it to anyone that will pay the postage – whatever you choose. I’ll have a linky party and you can all have a look around other people’s blogs seeing what fabric they have to offer and maybe find some gems! One person’s trash is another’s treasure (I hope!!).

As always, I’m drawn to the scrappy side, and wondered if anyone was up for a Fugly Scrap Swap? I haven’t got time to organise a full-on swap, but I would be very happy to make up 3 or 4 Fugly scrap parcels (just enough to fill an 18cm x 27cm jiffy bag) and get a few in return – what do you think?

I promise the fabrics wouldn’t be too awful – just those that I’ve fallen a bit out of love with (or don’t look as nice as the picture!). I’m also going to write up a Fugly Fabric tute too. The Fugly Fun kicks of next Tuesday (7 Feb) – maybe you can think of a way to get involved? Lucy’s going to organise a Linky Party (don’t know what one of those is?  Check here..) so it should also bring some lovely new visitors to your blog too.

Granny at the Pictures pincushion

Oh, and I forgot to say, I did a quick draw for the pincushion, and the winner was number 15 – Elisabeth, who has a lovely blog  just here.

11 thoughts on “A Fugly Fabric Party

  1. Always up for a fugly bug ball! I’ve just started a madly scrappy quilt that will require as much variety as possible and I know you must be desperate for some of the leftover Thomas fabric from my wee man’s quilt 😉

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