A big thank you..

The enormo-giveaway is still open to entrants until Thursday (the winners will be announced on Saturday), but I thought it was about time to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken part or blogged about the giveaway. Most important of all, I want to say a huge

Thank you!

to all the lovely shopkeepers who have been so generous with their support, and most importantly with their prizes.  Running a small business in today’s business climate is no small thing, and I hope Very Berry readers will repay their generosity by taking time to visit their shops and their blogs, and to follow them on Twitter and Facebook where possible.

So, in alphabetical order, here are our very generous giveaway sponsors:

Backstitch logo

Backstitch Blog

Backstitch on Facebook

Backstitch on Twitter


Eclectic Maker logo

Eclectic Maker on Facebook

Eclectic Maker on Twitter


Fabric with Love logo

Fabric with Love on Facebook

Fabric with Love on Twitter


Fancy Moon Logo

Fancy Moon on Facebook

Fancy Moon on Twitter


Gone to Earth logo

Gone to Earth blog

Gone to Earth on Twitter


Quilt Me Happy logo

Quilt Me Happy blog

Quilt Me Happy on Facebook

Quilt Me Happy on Twitter


M is for Make logo

M is for Make blog

M is for Make on Facebook

M is for Make on Twitter


All fantastic shops which deserve your support and fabric love!


12 thoughts on “A big thank you..

  1. Thank you Ali – and I find your list of UK fabric shops (and the sunday updates…) a fantastic resource. I am forcing myself not to go look at the moment as it is the Ardingly Quilt Show this weekend and I don’t want to go with no money to spend!
    The Shops have given some amazing and very generous prizes.

  2. A huge thank you from me too, firstly to Ali for organising the giveaway and also to the wonderful shops that have donated the prizes. Gosh, what fantastic prizes they are too!

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