Giveaway – Resolved to Sew 2012

This giveaway is now over!


So – we made it! Thanks to the generosity of some lovely UK-based fabric sellers, Very Berry Handmade is proud to announce our biggest giveaway ever!

There are 11 prizes. Here they are in alphabetical order (by shop):

Fat quarter bundle (10 FQ) from Erin McMorris’s Summersault  from Backstitch


Fat quarter bundle (7 FQ) from Dan Bennett’s Premier Lord collection from Eclectic Maker


Fat quarter bundle (5 FQ) from Amy Butler’s Lark collection from Fabric with Love


A £40 voucher to spend at Fancy Moon)

Fancy Moon voucher


Fat quarter bundle (4FQs)  from Kate Spain’s Terrain collection from Gone to Earth


Fat quarter bundle (3 FQs) of polka dots from Lake House/Tanya Whelan from Quilt Me Happy


A fat quarter bundle (4 FQs) of Little Apples by Aneela Hooey from Quilt Me Happy


Crushed walnut shells for pincushion stuffing (3 prizes) from Quilt Me Happy


Fat 16th bundle (9 fat 1/16ths) from Peacock Lane by Violet Craft from M is for Make


I’m sure you’ll agree when I say….WOW!

The Rules

There will be 2 draws: The Bloggers’ Draw and The Main Draw.

The Bloggers’ Draw will be made first and the winner will get first choice of all the prizes.

To enter the Bloggers’ Draw, write a blog post (as short or as long as you like!) on the theme of Resolved to Sew 2012, mentioning the giveaway and then leave a comment on this post to tell us about it (with a link please) and let us know which prize you would like.

EVERYONE will be entered in the Main Draw, including ALL the Bloggers’ entries (so it’s possible that the Bloggers’ Draw winner could win in the main draw too). All you need to do is leave a comment to tell me about your sewing resolutions in 2012. If you want, you can tell me which prizes you like best (although obviously there are no guarantees).

The Main Draw will be drawn after the Bloggers’ Draw, and I’ll just assign the prizes randomly (unless you have specified something and it hasn’t gone to someone else), until there are none left.

If you are a ‘no reply’ or ‘anonymous’ comment-leaver then I’m afraid your entry will not be included in the draw – it’s just too difficult to track down winners when I don’t have an email address. If you want to be absolutely certain you could always include your email address in your comment.

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.

The giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday 26th January (UK time) and the winner will be announced on Saturday 28th January (at the latest).

This giveaway is now over!

608 thoughts on “Giveaway – Resolved to Sew 2012

  1. Hello there! One really big thing I want to do this year is complete a quilt for each of my children with the stash of old jammies, favourite Sunday dresses & rugby kits that I have been hoarding away over the years – I started one for my son 10 years ago & I really want to complete it & then do the others. Thanks for giving me a push in the right direction!
    PS I love that Peacock Lane collection

  2. I am a total newcomer to sewing, but have caught the bug! So, this year I’m planning to start my own blog, have a stall of handmade crafts at a couple of local fairs, and make my own clothes. Who knows, I may achieve it all. You’ve got to love a challenge! 🙂
    Oops, almost forgot. I would feel truly lucky to win any element of your fab giveaway. Thanks.

  3. Wow saw this giveaway on the off chance just as i was about to head offline actually. My 2012 sewing plans are to make some things for the home, quilts, cushion covers, throws. With the book I bought recently I plan to make quite a few things from it. Have been stocking up on fabrics to use. I’ve promised myself not to buy anymore fabrics after this weekend…lets see how that goes x

  4. Wow, I can’t believe I nearly missed your fantastic giveaway – what have I been doing with myself???? (Thank you Tracey for the timely reminder on your facebook page) Happy to say that sewing has kept me occupied some of the time (building houses from scraps, a shoebag, planning more quilts of course – speaking of which some new fabric would be awesome!!!) Love the Lark and the Terrain, thanks so much for the chance to win :o)) xxx

  5. This will be the year where I learn to sew I will start with a crayon roll for my little boy and a want to be making my first quilt by the end of the year, my decision will be what size to go for?!

  6. I am making a resolve to finish a quilt before I start another one… Or a least only have three quilts in the works at the same time. Wish me luck! Thanks for a generous give away.

    1. Forgot to mention that while the fabric is all gorgeous, I really want to try the crushed walnut shells for pin cushions. I did say that in my post, though.

  7. My resolution is to make scrap projects for gifts and home decor this year by digging deep into my over the top scrap fabric ‘collection’. It appears to be multiplying and taking over. I am now working on a scrappy quilt that has been fun and is portable… I have vowed not to buy any fabric to complete this project! Have a blessed day!

  8. This year I will continue the nearly insane blocks in red and white. Furthermore my dear jane in kaffe fassett fabrics and I will start a new quilt. Or maybe more than one!? So winning those beautiful fabrics would be very nice. Greetings

  9. My big sewing resolution of the year is to finish a quilt for my (now) 7-month-old son before his 1st birthday. It was supposed to be for when he was born, but I ran out of time and only got half the squares done. And, if I really get back into quilting and sewing and improve my photography skills (all of which are big goals while raising a cf baby), my goal by the absolute end of the year is to start my own quilting/knitting/sewing/crafts blog.

  10. Eu agora só penso e faço coisas para os netos,um casal.são tantas coisas começadas…e acabadas.

  11. My resolution for 2012 is to publish the patterns for the childrens sewing & knitting designs I’ve been sketching recently.. i’m just itching to make up all my samples! I’ve been lusting after Amy Butlers fabrics & many other lovely bright patterned fabrics & trims to mix and match with. I just need more hours in the day to get everything done! 😀

  12. It’s funny that you meet the same type of materials back……if you live long enough.
    I’m 85 now and my days are really to short to do as much projects as I would like to do.
    I’ve been handworking (all types of handwork) since my early youth (mostly autodidact) and I still continue learing new techniques.
    Pure happiness and I can advice it to everyone.
    Thank you for this give away and together with all the others, I hope in silence…

  13. It would be very pleasant if I could win something, but everyone hopes. So, good luck to everyone (and me as well).
    There are so many items on my programm, that it is difficult to say what I really want to do. The ideas grow while I’m busy.
    The most important thing is, that we continue being creative….

  14. Thank you for this very beautiful possibility.
    This invites me and put my creativity almost in overdrive. Handwork (patchwork – cross stitch – free handwork – …. ) absorbs me. Every free minute my hands are busy and my head is thinking the whole time, creating, combining colours….
    My resolutions for 2012: just continue….,

  15. Wow what a fantastic giveaway!

    I’m too embarrassed by my empty blog to post a link here, so one of my new years resolutions is to blog more about the things I make! Also my main two resolutions are – finish my UFO’s before starting new projects ( they take up a whole cupboard! ) and secondly, to not beat myself up over my not-so-perfect patchwork points. If it doesn’t look completely straight or match correctly, who cares! As long as I enjoy making it I’m not going to worry anymore!

    Thanks so much! Kellye!

    Ohhh one final resolution, enter more online competitions! This is my first one!

  16. I very nearly missed this one – what a wonderful giveaway! I spread the word here : [url=”″]Resolved to Sew[/url] and would love to win one of the fat quarter bundles.

  17. I forgot to place my goals for 201. I want to finish this year all the projects I started before and not to start anything new…….. If I do win a prize, I’ll be happy with anything, all the prizes are gorgeous. I will hold my fingers crossed. and good luck with picking the prize-winners!

  18. Wow, what a great giveaway. My sewing resolutions for 2012 involve more time making stuff for my own family, rather than other people, including quilts for my son and my husband, and other quilts for the house. My other big resolution is to take my time and enjoy the process more – sometimes it feels like a race to the finish, I want to spend more time getting the process right and not trying to do it all as quickly as possible.

    If I was so lucky as to win, I would love any of the prizes, but in particular the Erin McMorris bundle, the voucher for Fancy Moon, the Peacock Lane or the Amy Butler. Fingers crossed!

  19. Hello,
    thank you for this very beautiful give-away!
    I want to finish the “building houses from scraps” quilt, build 1 little house of 7,5 x 7,5 cm every day in 2012.
    Therefore I’m interested in the fat quarter bundles 🙂
    I also want to finish the mystery quilt from the Belgian Quilters guild, and different other projects 🙂
    Mieke E.
    My e-mail:

  20. my resolution for this year.
    finishing what I started last year; a grandmothers flower quilt stitched by hand.
    wonderful prices

  21. First thank you very much for hosting this give away. It is just fun!
    My resolution is not to buy any fabric this year and shop in my own cubboard, but ….I may win fabrics, So this is a change for that…..Further I will finish at least 3 UFO’s, that only need to be quilted. And I am building houses by scraps (look at my blog if you are interested, half of the Dutch quilters seems to do so!), I intend to “build” a house a day, till now thats going on fine.
    I love all your prizes very much except for: Fat quarter bundle (5 FQ) from Amy Butler’s Lark collection from Fabric with Love, those are not my colors.
    Thanks for this great give away, I will put a link at my blog

  22. We moved in 2011, so I am resolved to set up a real sewing area in the basement. The kitchen counter just doesn’t work so well! I am also making a quilt for my beloved niece who is getting married!!!

  23. in 2012 I’d love to finish every half-started projects and make those little things what I’m craving for weeks, months …upps 🙂 and maybe to learn knitting AGAIN :)!
    Every pieces of these bundles are super-gorgeousssss, bright and cheerful *-*
    I’m in love with Amy Butler’s Lark collection from Fabric with Love !

  24. Hello 🙂

    One of my resolutions was to start a blog so that I could share my crafting habits with other like-minded people, and because of that I managed to find my way here to your wonderful website, and (knock on effect) this lead to me to your generous giveaway (absolutely love the colours of the fabrics, esp Erin McMorris and Amy Butler).

    I have posted on my blog about your site and competition here, and I summed up my answer in an acrostic poem (I think working in a school has rubbed off on me!).

    Resolve to create and make and give, that’s what I want to do,
    Evaluate my stash and stocks and put them to good use,
    Sew, snip, scribble, sketch and stick things down with glue,
    Oh and don’t forget, I will enter the odd competition too!
    Love my crafts, whatever I make, and have faith in myself,
    Victoriously displaying any triumphs neatly on my shelf.
    Even when the going gets tough, and I could stamp my feet,
    To Brownie promise that I’ll share epic fails as well as treats 😉
    OK, I’ll use up what I have, the next time that I sew.
    Shouldn’t be too hard, what do you think? Sounds easy, yes, although…
    Even when over our stash pile, we can barely see,
    We always have room for more haberdashery 🙂

  25. For 2012, I made the resolutions to first clean up my sewing area (which I have already done!) so I could uncover “lost” fabrics, make a “bucket list” of all I want to accomplish this year which includes to practice, practice machine quilting. learn paper piecing, try to move out of my comfort zone and make a quilt using some of the gorgeous fabrics from the modern quilt designer that are available, and lastly make a quilt that is just for me. Wow, I guess I better add trying to find a whole lot more time in a day if I have any hope of doing half of this. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of those beautiful fabrics.

  26. Resolutions, huh? I want to learn how to English Paper Piece and Foundation Piece. I want to make a quilt for myself. I want to make atleast 1 quilt using my mini-stash of charm packs. And I have to make 2 quilts for my sister’s soo-to-be-born twins. Lots to do. But I’ll have so much fun.

  27. At the top of my list is to finish the two quilts I started last year and the 3 jumpers that are still on their needles…. why are new projects so alluring??? So far, I’ve only managed to alter two dog coats for my parent’s over weight poodle.

  28. Hello from Mountain House,CA. One of my new year’s resolution for this year is to devote more time for me to sew and complete projects in a timely manner. I really love making quilts, but my creativity leads me to some amazing places. I enjoy making dolls, pillows, cuddle budies and some clothing (out of neccessity). I am tall and most women pants are usually too short! I would love to win the Dan Bennett’s Premier Lord collection. I was filled with inspiration once I saw the fabric. Thanks for the wonderful chance to enter you give away.

  29. I need to finish everything I start, I have way too many quilt tops that are just sitting. I also need to start putting a dent in my stash!

  30. My resolutions for 2012 are to start sewing a quilt for my little princess (with far far away 2 from Heather Ross) and sewing some close for the new baby brother due at any time now! Hopefully with some new fabric form that wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. I’m just learning to sew so I am resolving to try as much as I can and not be scared. I would love any of the fat quarter bundles.

  32. Wow, what a fab giveaway! My resolution is just to start sewing! I’ve always loved gorgeous fabrics, but didn’t have the skills or tools to do anything with them. My parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I’ve since made my first cushion and started on a quilt. I’ve started a blog to help me get going – my theory is that if I have putting up new photos as motivation I’m less likely to give up when I get frustrated. Another resolution – being more patient!

  33. Last year I managed to acquire not one…..but THREE Bernina Nova 900’s…2 are broken and 1 needs attention! It is my New Year’s Resolution to get at least one up and running and start sewing ALOT. At the moment I am stuck in knit/crochet mode. It’s time to change direction.
    I would love to be in with a chance to win some of the beautiful fabric from your amazing giveaway…..fingers and toes crossed!

  34. Wow, what a lovely give away! All the items are beautiful and who can’t use fabric!?! My resolutions are to finish more UFO’s and to make more of my gifts this year!

  35. I want to learn how to make patterns that don’t look home made. I also want to use up some of my stash before ordering new fabric. I am resolved to do some sewing every day I am at home.

  36. I really want to try and sew a little, if not every day, then at least a several days a week this year. They say slow and steady will win the race.:)

  37. THANKS for this perfect idea! If I win (the Fabric by Love) it will help me keep one of my intentions of buying a lot less fabric this year!!! I really appreciate the timing of this because it helped me remember to be open to all the possibilities of this happy happy new year!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  38. Oh my!!! So many lovely ladies playing here! I LOVE it! Which is why I would love the Amy Butler Fabric with Love! Which would help with one of my intentions to buy a lot less fabric this year and work on what I have (or win!!lol) I really appreciate the timing of this as it helped me remember that this year is what I choose to make it!!! THANKS!!! Here’s to a happy new year filled with lots of possibilities!

  39. I want to make more time for me-sewing more and getting healthier!
    This giveaway is great and I would be happy to win any of the prizes! Thanks!

  40. I have made a resolution to take more time for myself in 2012 and that means more sewing time!! I also want to get healthier!
    As for the give away, all the prizes are fabulous and I would take any one of them !!! Thanks for the chance!

  41. Thanks so much for hosting this contest. I love the Kate Spain fabrics but I’d be happy with any of the prizes. I am a new blogger and I’m having fun showing what I’m working on. This might motivate me to finish a few more projects.

  42. I am resolved to start and finish my quilts this year. I have too many quilt tops sitting waiting to be sandwiched. I bought a second-hand quilt frame to help me finish my old quilts. I love Kate Spain fabric but I would be happy with any of the prizes.

  43. I would like 2012 to be the year I finish at least one project a month (I have to add most of mine are small) A mix of yarn and cloth projects. I also hope to be able to shop my stash more and sort out my sewing store room.
    Love all the give aways but have to love the Amy Butler fabrics best 😉

  44. Hi – I re-discovered my love of sewing & fabric last year & have since been building up a stash of fabric & bought a new to me Bernina sewing machine. So my plan for 2012 is to actually make some lovely things with aforementioned fabric & machine, instead of just lovingly cooing over them 🙂 big fan of Amy Butler, & her Lark designs are gorgeous! thanks! Emma

  45. My resolution is to make my first kid clothes (Easter dresses for my daughters) and to make my first quilt (lap-size or bigger).

  46. My sewing resolution is simple… make time for more sewing. I love it and love the feeling when I have a finished project.

  47. What an amazing giveaway – and a thought provoking theme – I’ve blogged about it here. So my main resloution is to sew and not fear the outcome, and also to reduce the pile of WIP/UFO’s – and that includes the knitting UFO’s!
    Whilst I would be more than happy with any of the fabulous prizes, if I were able to choose I think it would be the Fancy Moon voucher (well, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

  48. Every year I resolve to be more organized and start my Christmas crafting early so I’m not stressed out about the arrival of the holidays. Maybe this year I will actually accomplish it!

  49. This year I resolve to sew more clothing for me and my kid, finish the HST quilt I started a while ago, and make a quiet book!

  50. What an amazing giveaway, I wouldn’t mind winning any of these prizes, but I have bought some lovely fabrics from fancy moon before now 🙂
    This year I would like to buy a new sewing machine so I can pass the one I have at the moment onto my daughter 🙂

  51. What a great give-away. This year I want to finish some of the many WIPs I have stashed away and also make a quilt with a design that’s more complicated than the simple squares I normally stick too!
    Fingers crossed -my e-mail is

  52. After years of plucking up courage last week I started a quilting course. Why did I leave it so long? I think I am already hooked so will need lots more lovely fabric!

  53. I’m diligently working on my sewing resolve for 2012, finishing a quilt block swap with my Fire Team friends. They’ve all finished their blocks (at least 6 months ago.) I finished my second set of blocks for the Puzzler Quilt in batiks and just started cutting out my last block’s pieces. Once done I can play with making zippy pouches, can’t wait. I also resolve to start my own blog.

  54. I just want to start regularly making clothes for my daughters. I see so many wonderful designs and patterns out there and I always think, “I could do that!” So, why don’t I…?!!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  55. What an awesome giveaway! This year I have finally starting embroidering family names on an “autograph” quilt. The squares are handsewn and were put together 61 YEARS ago by my grandmother and her sister. I will finish the embroidery and then sandwich the quilt, and will hand-quilt the full-size quilt. I plan to give this to my parents for Christmas this year. I know my Mom will be surprised–i have had the squares at least 10 years, planning to do it for her! I am sooo motivated!

  56. My sewing goals for this year – to not feel guilty about time spent sewing, when there are other things I really should be doing, and also to teach my little girl to sew!

  57. my 2012 goals – finish two picnic quilts. Make an i spy quilt for my nephew and hopefully sew some clothes for my daughter and I. We want some jean skirts! thanks for the lovely giveaway. I adore Terrain and lark and of course the walnut shells would be nice or the gift cert!

  58. i am going to finish a jelly roll quilt top that I started this past summer! And I want to make a skirt – I am a new sewer and college student so right now that is enough for me to plan. I love the Terrain and

  59. In addition to my increasing love of crochet, I want to be more adventurous with my sewing machine and have a lot of projects lined up for this year, including cushions, cutlery rolls, quilts, wall hanging tidies and attempts at appliqué, not to mention my new passion for doll-making. The most important thing for me is to enjoy what I’m sewing and to have a lot of fun with each and every project. I would be honoured to win any of the prizes in the giveaway.

  60. My resolutions are pretty boring …to make a dent in my stash before buying new fabric, to finish off some of my 20+ UFOs, and to spend less time on the computer and more sewing! I love the polka dots…

  61. what a fantastic collection of prizes!

    My resolutions are listed on my blog – with my main resolution being to keep up with my 52-week craft challenge which is raising funds for charity.

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’m sooooo tempted by the Dan Bennet fabrics, but I could use a top up on notions and equipment – so I’ll have to choose the Fancy Moon vouchers!

  62. My 2012 resolutions – to attempt adult clothing. i am comfortable making children’ clothing but have been a little timid when it comes to making items for myself.

  63. That’s a great giveaway! During 2012 I’d like to make a baby quilt for my boy, learn how to sew curves and reverse applique and another fun stuff, I need to do more paper piecing and write few more tutorials. If I could choose a prize I’d go for any of fat quarter bundles.. but I love especially Erin McMorrison, Amy Butler, Aneela Hooey and Kate Spain. Thank you!

  64. Ciao! I’m Barbara from Italy. I have a lot to do in 2012. A baby applique quilt for M. Luce, another baby quilt for my nice who will born in may, a stitched pillow for Grazia and an applique pillow with dolphins for my nephew Francesco. I’m very happy to participate and I’d like to win fabrics. Thank you for the chance.

  65. Hi, I plan on keeping up with all my crafts not just sewing. I want to be able to combine all of them into one project sometime this year. It may take awhile because I do paper crafting, bead crafting, and rock tumbling I have made several thing with the gem stones. I would like to incorporate all this with quilting. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

  66. Now that I have two girls and another on the way, I resolve to sew more suitable clothings for them. I want to make quilts for them and their dolls and teddy bears :-), sew up pouches and bags for their accessories and their other needs.

  67. My 2012 goals are: learn more and practice more FMQ, make most of the gifts I give handmade and make a photo quilt (hopefully using some of that great give away fabric!) Also, I would really like 2012 to be the year I finally learn to knit.

  68. my resolution is simply to be brave and try more … I have all sorts of projects and tutorials saved on pinterest or bookmarks. I just need to “bite the bullet and give them a go. Practice makes perfect right?

  69. Wow- this is an amazing giveaway! And what a fun way to be inspired to sew. I love hearing what everyone plans to sew this year. As for me…I’m determined to Swoon, finish quilting some tops, and do 2 bee quilts. That’s what is on the list for now but it being only January, I’m sure more will be added! That gift card would be just the ticket to ensure some great sewing supplies, but I love the fabric too, especially the Erin McMorris and Butler! Thanks!

  70. My resolutions are many but the main one is to try new techniques during the year (Cathedral Window, Dresden, etc.) and to get out of my ruts of safe sewing. In addition that means I really need to get moving on things (i.e., procrastinate – think I’ll start tomorrow) and try to stay off the computer where I am learning from all of you. Thanks.

  71. In 2012 I hope to start my Christmas gift crafting now, and try to finish one “gift” every month. I also want to make a quilt that I keep for myself (a 1st for me) Love the give away and adore Erin McMorris…Happy New Year!

  72. Congratulations Ali! Your Giveaway is a run away success – although it’s not surprising, it has to be Giveaway of the year – already! I have Blogged my sewing resolutions here In brief, designing my own doll, weekly sewing projects, designing fabric and tutorials. My ‘first prize’ choice would be the Fancy Moon voucher, my favourite UK fabric shop. Thanks for the chance! E x

  73. My resolution is to finish my WIPs. I don’t have very many, so it’s do-able. Also, I would like to get binding and labels on all projects. Lastly, ans most likely the hardest, I should give quilts as gifts. I feel like a hoarder with all my completed quilts. It’s hard to give them away though because I love each one so much.

  74. This year I’d like to make a “proper” quilt – something like Swoon or a chevron quilt. Probably something with HST’s or perhaps even a sampler. Just a quilt using actual technique rather than just framing some fabric and calling it a quilt.

  75. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much! One of my 2012 resolutions is to quilt a few things for me. It seems I always make a lot of gifts (which I love), but I want to look at and cozy under some of my creations. I have Swoon on my list, along with a tumbler quilt, twister quilt and some table toppers!

  76. What a wonderful giveaway. My resolution is more to do with the house than sewing itself. I’m resolved to make a pair of curtains/blinds for every window in the house. I’m re-upholstering a sofa and will be making quilts for my little men.
    I want to get my fabric “stash” up so I always have some at hand for a mini project, and I want to turn the spare room into a sewing room.

  77. My 2012 sewing resolution is to finish more than I start … but yesterday I started something new at a guild class – so I must finish two projects soon! I love all the prizes in your giveaway, but dots and Kate Spain are my favourites … thank you!

  78. WOW! What an amazing giveaway!
    I’m newish to quilting having only just completed my first solo quilt in 2011 along with 2 quilt tops. This year I MUST complete a baby quilt for my newphew’s baby boy (I have it started), a wedding quilt for my friend’s daughter (for June), a vintage handkerchief quilt for my own daughter, a mannish quilt for my own son, and a vintage handkerchief quilt for my friend’s baby granddaughter. Since I’m a beginner and work full time, I think my goals are quite lofty. On top of that, my Mom is coming in to stay with me for a week bringing all the scraps from all the clothes she made us four kids when we were growing up. We plan to make them into a scrap quilt. Hmmmm … It’s going to be a busy year.

    Of course there are other quilts I dream of starting on and I even have fabric for some of them. There’s just not enough time.

    I especially love the fat quarters you’re giving away of Erin McMorris’s Summersault. I have some of that line already but in a different colourway. I would love to mix them together into something … maybe that wedding quilt.

  79. I have semi retired two years ago, since then I have had a little more time to start some sewing projects. I hope to make a couple of quilts in 2012, and some homemade gifts for Christmas gifts.

  80. I would like to make a “Spring baskets quilt” for my little daughter and something for my son. I think about long project like quilt-a-long, but still couln’t find the pattern I like.

  81. Oh dear, I am more than slightly in love with this giveaway but so are over 400 other people, so my chances don’t look good! Still, it’s a lovely way to set a sewing resolution and I have found some rather lovely online fabric shops through checking out the giveaways, so I’m happy even if I don’t win! Post written here: and I’d love the £40 voucher from Fancy Moon please (with a cherry on top).

  82. I Love Amy Butlers Lark…
    This year I want to go from a Blog Lurker to a Blog doer…which means sewing as much as possible so that I have something to blog about!

  83. Amazing giveaway! In 2012 I have resolved to finish all my half completed sewing projects (2 quilts, a pair of flannel PJs for my little boy, and several cushion covers) before starting anything new! I always need more fabric though, and the fancy moon gift certificate or Lark fabric would be my dream choices (although all the prizes look great!) Thanks for the chance to win! Claire

  84. I just had my third baby in September, so my first resolution is to continue to try and sew, even if I’m tired at the end of the day. The sense of accomplishment I get from my completed sewing projects is EXTRA important when the day is so chaotic and crazy.

    I also want to spiff up my Etsy shop and add a few new designs to my accessory lines.

    thanks for asking 🙂

  85. hi – i am semi new to quilting, i learned to sew when i was young, now i am loving to quilt, again and love the giveaway here! i resolve to learn how to bind my quilts (they are sitting in a pile because i am afraid i will mess them up, lol). also i resolve to join a quilt block swap or bee. there are so many things i want to do this year, i though i would mention a few more…..i want to start my own blog, finish all of my ufo quilts, take a quilting class, make a quilt for a charity, join a flicker group, to mention a few. i would love to win any of the fabrics! however, my favorite would be Erin McMorris’s Summersault!
    my email is
    i blogged here

  86. Hello there I found you through the sewing directory what a yummy site you have!!! Love it! I ahve done a wee blog post here
    Thatnx for kiving my a cyber kick up the ass, what a great idea sewing resolution huh!! hope you like the post … almost as much as I love the Little Apples by Aneela Hooey thanx so much for the chance and for helping me find more of my mojo!!! 🙂

  87. I really need to use up some of my stash, so I guess that is my stitchy resolution for the year. I also want to sew more gifts and quit smoking (they go hand in hand I guess can’t smoke and stitch at the same time)
    Also I need to finish quiliting the one I made for my daughter

    Tracey (stitchinwolf(at)

  88. Future plans for 2012 consist of making a table runner for my dinning room table, a few wallhangings, of course many quilts to give away and a few pay it forward presents.

  89. To use the fabrics I love to make quilts I love for people I love, not just stash the fabric…if I got to choose: any of the fabric bundles

  90. I resolve to learn to quilt and not to be frustrated by it. I promise. I plan to dive in and go swimming full force. I blogged about all of my resolutions on my blog.

  91. i have resolved to finish 2 ufos before beginning any new project: that way i still get to roll my enthusiasm into newly found projects. here goes 2012. thanks for sharing

  92. Hello, just found your blog. I have resolved to finish my Grandmothers flower garden paper pieced quilt. Love the handwork, just taking lots of time.

  93. I am resolved that this year will be all about making things, not buying things. A quilt for my son tops the list, but the list is a mile long. Your fabric is fabulous, thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I resolve to buy as much fabric as my budget will allow. Doesnt that sound like a good resolution?

    My most major resolution is to finish up some quilts before I start on the one I have been yearning to start. It will be such a reward when I finally can do it. O

  95. I used to be a keen quilter, life and general chaos got in the way, but I have decided life’s too short, I can’t keep saying “when I retire…” if I love fabric.. and I do…… If I love sewing… and I do, then I have to find time for it now.

  96. Just found Backstitch, love all the fabric. 2012 is the year I am going to make a heritage patchwork quilt to pass on to my granddaughter – just looking for inspirational fabric – think I may have found it here.

  97. I resolve to make a quilt for each of my 14 grandchildren this year. That ought to keep me busy and out of trouble don’t you think? In addition, I am trying to work in a few more charity quilts – because everyone deserves to be warm.

  98. My resolution was to go on a “fabric diet” but I went shopping in January, LOL. But I’ve also completed one quilt and one UFO, so I guess it’s not too bad.

  99. What a fabulous giveaway! For 2012, I have signed up for a couple of online projects, a first for me. I’m excited about them. Secondly, I absolutely must finish up some projects this year!

  100. My seeing resolutions for 2012 were to work my way through my list of things I want to make for my daughter, including a patchwork quilt, a rag doll and some dress up costumes, and to make more for others, which has begun by participating in a Pay It Forward project. 🙂 good luck to everyone!

  101. How lovely. I only started sewing (entirely by hand, and very slowly) last year, and only managed to finish one patchwork cushion (of a pair) and half a dozen lavender-filled birds. But I ended the year with 5 WIPS, and loads of other ideas for things I want to make. So my sewing goal is to end up with less WIPs by the end of December. And hopefully not the same ones!

  102. Hi, I have written my blog post about my resolutions and then realised that taking a few courses should be on there also. Especially now i have found a long arm quilt course in the south that i could do…

    Thanks for arranging the giveaway! The prize I chose was the FQ bundle of Little Apples from by Aneela Hooey from Quilt Me Happy

  103. Wow Ali, what a response! I’ve blogged some of my resolutions here,, you’ll be pleased to know I left my ‘love-handles reduction plan’ out of it. If I’m lucky enough to get a choice I’ll take the Fancy Moon voucher please, it’s my favourite fabric shop by far!
    Thanks for the fab giveaway! xx

  104. Thank you for this giveaway. I am brand new to sewing, so my resolutions for 2012 are to complete the sewing class I’ve signed up for and, ultimately, to make a skirt for myself. I’d really like to get into dressmaking, but I’ve got to start somewhere!

  105. Wow, thank you for this wonderful give-away! This year I want to make a quilt for my brothers wedding. And I would like to join a BOM. I love Summersault and Lark the most. Thank you again for this chance. Rineke.

  106. My sewing resolution for 2012 is a) to sew more and b) open and Etsy shop. A) seems to be working out well thus far but Canadian winters facilitate staying inside and sewing. Summers, however, are the polar opposite.
    Sewing more is a huge challenge for this working girl as I live in the suburbs and work in the city so I have a 1 hour commute and I’m away from home 11 hours a day. With dinner and cleaning up, there’s not much free time left during the week.

  107. Fantastic giveway!!

    Funny that this is theme, I have been slowly going through my fabric, giving some away to Rags and Bags for their charity quilts, reminiscing over other fabric that I had forgotten about.

    I want to make more quilts this year and start stretching my skills by learning new techniques.

    Thanks again


  108. I have planned to finish all my ufo’s this year – imagine!! Even going to write a list!!! and tick things off as I go. I have already spent the Christmas holidays re-organising my sewing room/home school space in the garage. It is all ready to go just as soon as I finish painting the bathroom!! Wining some materials would be fantastic – they are all beautiful – what a fantastic giveaway.

    Karen –

  109. Greetings from chilly Canada! My 2012 sewing resolution is to do more of it and to finish a quilt this year: I bought some lovely Japanese fabrics back in about 2003 in Cambridge (UK) and finally managed to put the top together only in 2011. Hopefully, it won’t take another 8 years to finish!
    I’d love Amy Butler’s Lark collection from Fabric with Love if I win the prize draw.

    1. Hello, some days are just not as good as other when trying to blog. I was so excited about entering your exciting giveaway that I gave you the wrong blog address. So, I’ll try again Bet that band will be really suprised if they won Erin Morris’ fabric summersault, huh. I did blog about the giveaway and I hope I might be one of over 400 who you see what I said on my blog. Wow, that is alot of people entering your giveaway. I will be happy when 10 follow me and 1 leaves a comment. This is really hard to learn. I learned to quilt so I will learn to blog.

  110. Wow! I’m at a loss for words, but my resolution is to sew,sew,sew. I also want to encourage others to take up sewing so any fabric stash would be great for my classes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. Resolution for 2012- um and ah less and make more! Oh yeah and FINALLY sort out my cupboards so I can actually find stuff.

  112. My resolution is to learn to master zips!! Also get better at using my sewing machine.
    I would love any of theses fab prizes 🙂

  113. Thank you for this fab giveaway.
    My sewing resolutions for 2012 – finish the curtain valance in the conservatory, make new cushions for the bedroom chair, recover the kitchen chair backs, make a new quilted jacket before next winter and make 2 new pouffes.
    My favourite prize would be the fancy Moon voucher (I’d love to buy some of their cactus fabric)

    1. Oh I’d be happy to win any of these beautiful prizes 😀 My sewing machine got rather dusty towards the end of the year and I need to get going again

  114. Pretty new to sewing but one of my resolutions for 2012 is to make my first quilt. Thoroughly enjoying the challenge so far. No preferences on which prize I’d prefer, I’d be happy to win anything!

  115. Hi. Already failed on my 2012 resolution to use some of my current fabric stash before buying more! The January sales were just too tempting. Adding to my stash through your great competition wouldn’t count though as I wouldn’t have bought it!!….

  116. I’m a textile design student, getting ready to choose between either print or knit as my specialism, and I often fall into the trap of only ‘being creative’ within the realms of uni work. I desperately want to expand my creativity outside my desk at uni, and I so, so badly want to take up quilting. My BFF is constantly working on new projects – alongside being a full-time student and working, and I hope to take a leaf out of her book!

  117. This year, I’m planning to learn more hand embroidery stitches and make a couple of finished pieces, and to do more free motion and applique ‘pictures’. And to make myself some clothes.

  118. Well, my husband bought me Kaffe Fasset’s Quilts in Sweden for Christmas – and my family keep nudging me towards attempting the one on the cover – lots of stripes with striped fabric too! – would love Erin McMorris’s Summersault collection in the giveaway to avoide stripe overload!!

  119. Having changed my job last summer I found myself with more time on my hands. What a delight and something I had always dreamed of. This inspired me to rediscover my creative side but this time learn a new skill. Armed with a hand-me-down sewing machine (older than me) and a few blogs and books I am now well on my way and enjoying every project. Handmade toys for Christmas presents has been my fave so far. So at the dawn of 2012 I decide that my next step was to learn to quilt. Last night I started my quilting journey with the help of Millie Moon in Frome, Somerset and am now ready to go go go!

  120. Hi! I would like to end some of my UfOs, and I would like to sew some preemie-Quilts for those little-little children (it’s a campaign I’ll join in). And there is so much fabric to sew … But not enough: If I win, I would like to get the Polka Dots!
    Thank you

  121. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! I especially like the Summersault, Terrain, and Little Apples FQ packs. My resolution for 2012 is to be more productive. I hope to spend less time thinking about what to sew and more time sewing! Sometimes I get hung up just deciding which beautiful pattern or fabrics to use next, so I resolve to just pick something and go with it!

  122. Wowsers – what a fab start to the crafting year ahead!! Fab fabric, from some really fab crafty suppliers……… sensing an over use of the word fab here!!!!

    Off to blog & share on FB right now! (can’t keep ‘fab’ news like this to myself, even though it might help my chances of winning!! 😀 )

    P.S. would love any of the givaways!! **mind boggles with many possible ideas!!!**

  123. Aside from the usual resolutions – finish up all my UFOs – my biggest resolution is to take time from making everyone else quilts and to make one for our bed! I’m thinking stars. I love the aqua/red/white color scheme and it will work well in our room, so that’s the direction it’s headed in.

  124. What a fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter! And thanks to the UK sellers for those awesome prizes, I really love those Kate Spain FQ’s! I’ve just blogged about my sewing resolutions here
    It really made me stop and think about what I wanted to achieve this year and by clicking on some of the entry links I’ve discovered some really lovely blogs. What a bonus 🙂 Good luck everyone!!

  125. I’m teaching myself sew and in 2012 my biggest aim is to make friends with my sewing machine. So far I have learnt to thread it up, wind bobbins and do a straight stitch. Next I must practice getting the right tension on fabrics – it’s all so hard, but I’ll get there if I persevere. My biggest inspiration to keep going is all the lovely materials available and I love the pictures above from Backstitch, Fabric with Love, Gone to Earth and M is for Make – yum! I hope I’m lucky enough to win one!

  126. What a wonderful giveaway! Loving the Kate Spain FQ’s! My resolutions this year are to make a quilt (my first!), try whipping up some handmade bags and just get better on my sewing machine in general

  127. Wow, It’s a really special giveaway
    My resolution for 2012 is : to design and sewing bags with old jeans, and with old fabrics too.
    If I win I’d be happy to recieve the prize you can send to me, Thank you

  128. My sewing resolution for this year is to use up fabric before buying more for my quilts and cushions. And my second resolution is to attempt to make the minoru jacket with lots of tips from the sew-along on the sewaholic blog. It will be my first attempt at garment sewing so hey ho!

  129. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to get to know my sewing machine a lot, lot better! I have massess of cut up shirts,skirts,jumpers etc which I have bought at charity shops thinking to myself “I’m sure I could make something good with that”, so this year that is what I am gonna do – promise brownies honour!!! LOL:)

  130. Wow, huge giveaways – and lots of entries already!
    In 2012 I aim to build on last year’s sewing – mostly gifts: bags, phone covers, baby items – and also make some garments for myself – I made the Colette sorbetto last year and some fancy dress. I have already made a tea cosy and my first ever curtain this year: floor length, blackout-lined and everything, and have 9m of fabric and lining waiting to make another floor-length pair soon.

  131. I am totally new to sewing, so my 2012 sewing resolutions are modest 🙂 I would love to make some clothes for myself, my baby, and my hubby. It woul be lovely to be able to see some gifts this year. If I am chosen as a winner, I would love the Premier Lord collection!!

  132. I’ve always loved making crafts and really want to get back into it this year after a break over Christmas. I love sewing and fabrics and these competition offers look fantastic. I’ve got two craft fairs coming up this year so I’m looking for inspiration – I had an amazing book on crafts inspired by Alice in Wonderland for Christmas and can’t wait to get going on a few projects. (email:

  133. I have resolved to start upcycling all the denim items I have collected and stashed away during the last year. Two messenger bags made since Jan 1st and lined with pretty fabric and embellished to my hearts desire. Sewing every day!

  134. Resolved to finish is my 2012 motto – I started way too much in 2011! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  135. What an amazing giveaway! Found your post via trufflepiglet 🙂

    My 2012 sewing resolution is to finally spend some time to sew! I’ve started so many projects over they years but never get to finish them! Well not anymore! Just yesterday I made myself a little brooch and purse set, not a lot but it’s a start!

  136. I have resolved to spend more time on sewing, knitting and general crafting, with an aim to start selling things I make. Nothing makes me happier than whiling away the hours at a sewing machine, and browsing fabric is a pure joy!
    All the prizes look fab, but especially the Erin McMorris and the Kate Spain.
    Fingers crossed…

  137. i really to spend 2012 finishing all the things i started making in 2011. That will leave me free to make new things in 2013 🙂
    Love the giveaway, if i had to choose, it would be the Erin McMorris range. Love the colours!

  138. I love all your prizes! I like Gone to earth, backstitch and fabric moon! My NY sewing resolutions are extensive!!! I want to learn machine button holing, smocking, quilting…to name but a few!!!!! I am obsessed with fabric so I am trying to sew as much as humanly possible!!!

  139. 2012 is the year that I am going to spend more time crafting lovely pressies for family and friends and less time playing games on facebook, then having to spend stupid money on ‘oh how lovely’ gifts at the last minute.

  140. I so want to start quilting my quilts by machine I have sent all my big ones off to the quilter and I want to use my stash and finish all those quilts!

  141. I am resolved to leanr to love my sewing machine! Am slightly intimidated by it but this year I want to get to know it and confidently make my own piece of clothing. These lovely prizes will enable me to practice, practice, practice!

  142. I’m aiming to keep up with the quilt alongs I start. I want to use up my stash rather than buy more fabric and I want to learn as many new techniques as I can!

  143. Yes, I’m resolved to sew in 2012. More so than in 2011 I hope to finish soooo many projects. No honestly. I’ve only got 7 projects on the go or nearly ready. It should be easy peasy!

  144. My resolution is to organise a sewing room (in the process – room decorated and carpeted today!) and to make or complete something each and every day and to photograph and blog about it!
    The prizes are fantastic and any would be wonderful but the ErinMcMorris Summersault really sings out ‘take me I’m perfect’.

  145. My sewing resolutions for this year include getting all my Christmas presents done on time…so that I don’t have to spend next January working on Christmas presents like I am this year! I also want to successfully finish everything in the “follow a long” that. I blog about each quarter!

  146. I have made a list of UFOs I plan to finish this year. Two are well under way.
    I also plan to look in the fabric cupboard before the fabric shop when starting something new. Last but not lest to got through my bookmarked projects and make or delete.

  147. My Resolved to Sew in 2012 is three-fold:
    – get as many flimsies as possible quilted!!! (24 in my closet!)
    – finish up at least one UFO a month (too many to count!)
    – start a “NewFO” at least one a month so I can stay excited and inspired and don’t get bogged down in “old” projects!

  148. While I am certain that I will still spend lots of time on the computer, my resolution for 2012 is to sew more and surf less! Happy New Year!

  149. My sewing resolution is to do more sewing and spend some time during each month trying new things or learning a new skill.
    Like improving my binding skills, trying quilting and getting my french seams perfect

  150. (1) Get a designated sewing area set up;
    (2) Sew some at least 4 days per week (to whittle down that oversized stash of mine! : )

    Great giveaway, and thanks for hosting and thanks to the donors. If lucky enough to win something, my choices would be in the following order: (1) Fancy Moon; (2) Summersault; (3) Little Apples; (4) Amy Butler; (5) Kate Spain; (6) any of the giveaway prizes! Oh, and just in case, my email is ljhlaw[at]cableone[dot]net.

  151. In 2012 I want to become a better seamstress – able to confidently create clothing and alter ready-made items to fit me and my loved ones better.

  152. I want to finish several projects that are ready for quilting. I also want to try different techniques in quilting ~ get outside of my box.

  153. I want a organized and dedicated sewing space i want to get a serger and learn to use it. I want to build up a stash of solids and patterns. Makencurtains. Pincushions, softies and dolls and a duvet and pillowcases!

  154. I resolve to get all my fabics organized, make a quilt, build up my stash and learn new sewing techniques…i have a list of projects i want to make also.

  155. What a generous give-away! Such amazing prizes and so many great comments already. I think that my most pressing (ha!) resolution is to spend more time in my sewing room. That will involve less internet time and some straightening in my room before I feel like I can do much in there, but it will be worth it! I always feel like I’ve had a spa break when I spend time sewing.

  156. Such a great giveaway! This year I want to concentrate on learning a few new techniques for sewing – curves, more FMQ and zippers for example! And as I have had the pattern here for a while now, would like to make a Swoon quilt – I have made a “practice” block already:) Love the AB Lark!

  157. This is the year I’m going to finish all, well most of my UFO’s and have resolved to get started right away. You can read my progress report on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric.

  158. As usual:) to finish the projects I’ve started and use up the materials that I already have (fabric, yarn, other). Thank you for organising this fabby giveaway!

  159. Here’s me Ali I lost the first draft which may have been a good thing as it went on a bit. I love all the giveaways but I think the Little Apples fat quarters are my favourite but only because I’ve seen a fab little tote for the girls and this would be perfect. Keep up the good work Ali, I’m only now beginning to understand the hard work you all put in to keep these blogs up to date, I barely manage my little family one. Oh and another reason I love this giveaway as you’ve given me lots more fabulous blogs to discover and read, thank you.

  160. Well then now my new sewing room has been finished I am trying to get up there sewing everyday and have just sewn the binding on a Laura Ashley single bed quilt so nows the hard bit hand sewing the binding sore thumb coming up i think.
    So i need to start buying some new fabrics to mix in with what ive got because fabric is like shoes you can never have enough.
    The Peacock Lane bundle is great

  161. Sniff, sniff….unfortunately for me, I’m moving March 1, so my poor sewing supplies and stash are about to get all packed up in boxes! BOO! But we are hoping for a new place were I will finally have a proper sewing room, so my resolution is to get organized into the new space and finish up all my WIPs!

  162. my resolution for 2012 are
    – finish my amitie and MO BOMs from the last years (the tops are done)
    – use my scraps
    – organize my fabrics
    and finally do some charity quilts for Victoria from bumble beans

    just in case my name is drawn, here my faves: lark, the voucher and erin mc morris

  163. Thanks for the giveaway! I really like the Peacock Lane by Violet Craft but there are so many choices its hard to choose one. I am new at sewing but this year I wanted to try my hand at sewing a quit.

  164. 1. Don’t get stressed out over swaps! As much as I love to do swaps I spend too much time worrying if my partner will like what I make.
    2. And part 2 of the above is DON’T join too many swaps so that I won’t get stressed out.
    3. Remember my word for 2012 is Surrender…so I have to realize I cannot do everything and join everything that sparks my interest.
    4. Finish my Rockin Robin quilt. It just needs to be bound.
    5. Learn to put fabrics together. Jeni’s BOM is really helping me to get comfortable with choosing and mixing fabrics from different lines and designers.
    6. Try to design a quilt, all by myself, no outside input. This is a huge thing for me because I am NOT creative. I am a copier!
    7. Join a modern quilt bee and try to get some local quilting friends.
    8. Use as much of the beautiful fabrics I have in my stash as possible.
    9. 3 of my dearest friends are all celebrating their 60th birthdays (along with me) this year. I want to make each of them a quilt.

  165. I’ve blogged my resolutions here, but I forgot to mention that I want to balance my desire to justify my stash by making gifts with my desire to give people what they’d actually like, which might be something bought. 😀

    I love the Peacock Lane bundle, but all of the prizes are fantastic. Thank you for this generous giveaway! 🙂

  166. Wow, great give-away with some lovely fabrics. My sewing resolutions – to attempt to draft my own patterns and make my friends three bridesmaid dresses which I promise I won’t leave to the last minute!!

  167. For 2012, I am resolving to keep my sewing room organised and make sure that I clear up after every project. I want to plan my sewing. Make more clothes and learn to be a bit more adventurous. I can see lots of lovely bags being made out of all of these lovely fabrics. Oh yes and I want to make a quilt!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  168. For 2012, I want to start being organised with my sewing room and also start planning my sewing. I want to sew more clothes for myself and I can see lots of lovely bags being made from all of these gorgeous fabrics. I love them all.

  169. I re-startet sewing a couble of weeks ago, since this kind of crafting passed me by the last years:) I want to sew a new cover for my overlock and for my sewing mashine, and some smaller crafts like napkins, dish-placements, baskets. I love the Amy Butler fabric! All the giveaways are just awsom, I belief, thanks for the chance to win.

  170. Love the giveaway but I don’t blog and my sewing commitments for the year is to do more for friends and rellies rather than for ” work ” 🙂 good luck with the giveaway thou x

  171. I resolve to return to sewing this year!!! After three painful years of FMS I am finally being successfully treated and I am able to sew again!!! I am just happy as a lark and going crazy with fabrics here! This month I am sewing 20 super hero capes for my little one’s birthday. . . I think I’m off to a great start 🙂

  172. WOW! My resolution as well as to sew as much as possible expanding my range, is to encourage as many people as possible to start sewing so they can see how much pleasure and satisfaction there is to be gained. Any fabric stash would be great to use for this purpose at my next sewing course. Thanks

  173. Wow what a lovely idea – This year I have made a pledge not to buy any clothes so I will be doing more sewing as I mend / upcycle clothes into new items. I am really looking forward to the challenge and doing my little bit to reduce /reuse / recycle and save our beautiful planet.
    I would love the voucher but anything would be fantastic if i was lucky enough to win xxx

  174. What a fab giveaway! I am a beginner sewer I made a blind for my kitchen last weekend and am starting a quilt tonight. My plan for the year is to always have at least one WIP 🙂

  175. What a great giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!
    My resolution is just to keep practicing and not to get too het up with making things look exactly as they should – practice makes perfect after all!

  176. This year I have two plans for sewing. 1. Start sewing clothes (this is going well – I have almost finished a skirt). 2. Make more quilts. (not so well but it is early days).

    Fingers crossed!

  177. I only started sewing again in the autumn and hadn’t done any since school but I’m so, so enjoying it. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas so my resolutions for 2012 are to learn how to use it properly (stitching is a bit wobbly at the moment!) and hopefully get a bit more confident using the machine, and make some pretty cushion covers for my daughter’s room.
    I’d love to win any of the prizes as my sewing stash is rather small but I particularly like the Erin McMorris bundle from Backstitch.
    Fabulous giveaway – thanks for the chance to win such lovely goodies!

  178. I make memory quilts for Gold Star families. That has occupied all of my spare time for months. It is such a fabulous feeling to honor these families and their sacrificies and say “thank you” in this small way. Unfortunately though, this has left little time to make gifts for family and friends. My New Year’s resolution is to find a way to make time for these additional projects without compromising my dedication for honoring our fallen heroes. I’m so accustomed to buying patriotic prints that I have forgotten how to blend fabrics outside of that genre. This will be a great kick start to help me out. Thank you!

  179. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to learn how to use my new sewing machine and give everyone a handmade by me birthday present this year. Am very

  180. forgot to say in my previous message, I would totally love a voucher for the drool-worthy fancy moon fabrics…. wow I can spend forever on that site just oogleing the designs, dunno if i’d ever spend it or just spend a lifetime trying to decide which I wanted…

  181. Totally resolved to sew this year. I’m in a tight spot as I’m living with the in-laws at the mo, and nothing distracts from tense atmospheres like a good old-fashioned project. One of my new sisters-in-law has even asked me to teach her some craft skills, so I’m considering a multi-family quilting project…. yay!

  182. Super giveaway! I love everything except the walnut shells and that’s only because I own a walnut tree.
    I am hoping to sew more for me instead of giving it away as gifts. I also intend to conquer knit sewing.

  183. Wow, wow, wow!! Faby giveaway! I would pick the Erin Mcmorris I think, though they all look good!
    I have so much to do this year! I have just signed up to 3 different Flickr swaps, plus I am already in the Do Good Stiches Charity Bee. I have to make a crochet blanket for a friends 50th in April and a quilt for another friends 50th in December. I have to finish 2 quilts and make lots of new projects for my craft classes! And that’s on top of a full time job – sigh…

  184. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to make things for myself and use up some of my stash. Last year I just made things to sell, but this year I just want to use some of the lovely material I have and complete all those projects I plan but never get around to. So far I have made a hand bag (Sew Hip pattern) and a Kindle cover (my design). Now I’m onto the first quilt of the year for a friends baby, due soon.

  185. I resolve to try and do some more difficult quilting! I usually just do easy fat quarter quilts, but I would like to try to expand my skill-set!

  186. What lovely prizes… My resolution for 2012 is just to start sewing again, haven’t sewn anything since school (back in the dark ages when we had to do it by hand).

  187. What a great bunch of prizes. My resolutions this year is to make more small projects. I slogged in 2011 on 5 quilts, 3 of which I finished and gave away. In 2012 I am going to finish the last two, both of which are for me, and I’m going to make more bags, zippy pouches, wall hangings (or mini quilts!) and hopefully try my hand at some clothes!

  188. I’m planning on finishing two quilts – a mariner’s compass and ‘square in a square’. I’ve also joined an online bee to make blocks each month for the other participants – guaranteed to regularly keep me at my sewing machine all year. Thanks for the chance :P)

  189. I plan to sew more clothes for my boys. And I want to learn to sew with knits. I also am going to finish my first quilt. Thanks for a chance to win any of these wonderful prizes. 🙂

  190. Oh pretty pretty fabric. I have resolved to make all birthday presents this year (not necessarily sewing although a lot will be) and to use up fabric from my stash in every project and only buy fabric I need to complete a project. This is giving me palpitations so winning some pretty fabric would make me feel better!

  191. fun contest, thanks!
    i’ve joined my first bee, so i want/need to stay on top of that. and i want to finish an improve log cabin quilt i started in september or october. i got off to a running start on it, but then i stalled once i was so happy with what i had that i became afraid of messing it up. and then there are countless more quilts i want to make…

  192. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I am just drooling over those Erin McMorris fabrics. I have made two quilty resolutions this year: to finish 12 projects in 2012, and to always be on time with my bee blocks!

  193. Love me some Kate Spain…and who can resist Aneela’s cute fabric lines! This year I want to tackle tasks I have been afraid to do…like using zippers, paper piecing, etc.
    Thanks for the chance!
    alibear167 at gmail dot com

  194. I have a few sewing resolutions for this year.
    1. Make a quilt. I’ve never made one and would really like to try.
    2. Participate in a swap or bee. These look like so much fun!
    3. Make this clutch that I have had the design for in my head for over a year. I think it would turn out really cute and it’s something I haven’t seen a million people do before.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I am in love with Terrain and that purpley eclectic fabric is awesome as well!

  195. One of my main goals is to use up at least one large plastic bin of fleece. I made bathrobes for 9 for Christmas and that excess fleece has to be good for something. I’m making baby blanket and throw sizes. Some I had already seamed on my serger so I need to baste and quilt those so the seams won’t show. Others I am sewing a decorative stitch to anchor the pieces together. Before Christmas I made 4. Since then I have finished 9. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the bin getting all the empty so I may be doing this for awhile yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  196. I have resolved this year to complete one (at least) sewing project each month. This is a big deal for me because I have the tendency to start a project and get burnt out halfway through and then just leave it until… well, I usually just leave it and don’t come back to it. But, not this year! I’m determined to have at least 12 completed projects to show by the end of the year.

  197. FABULOUS! Marvelous selection of fabrics; I would be pleased to win any. My biggest quilting resolution for 2012 is to become comfortable with FMQ. I joined the FMQ Challenge and so far I’m on track with my research and practice. I usually don’t go wild with resolutions – one is enough for me to tackle at a time. Happy 2012!

  198. I think my sewing resolution this year is to just enjoy my sewing. I have lots of WIP’s to finish and new projects to take on and I want to enjoy working on them.

    I would love to win Summer Sault or Terrain if you draw my name.

  199. I’ve resolved to work in colors that are out of my comfort zone this year. I adore Summersault, Lark, and Premier Lord, but any prize would be exciting and so very welcomed!

  200. wow! what a good idea & fab prizes! i’ loving those summersault & terrain FQ bundles. this year I’d like to learn curved piecing and make a pouch/bag with a zipper.

  201. I resolve to enter more giveaways! Ha! But seriously, I read about them all the time and never enter… I wonder why? On an even more serious note (not all that serious) I have a 2012 Studi-O-rganization challenge going at my blog right now and I resolve to do a good job!

  202. i’d like to master zippers! plus make myself a bag, and a skirt. also, continue to make pants for my boy, some patchwork pillows, and start start start on my first quilt-still deciding on a pattern and narrowing down my fabric choices…
    thanks for the super generous giveaway!

  203. I am determined to learn a variety of sewing skills this year, mainly more complex ones like curves and free motion quilting.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these generous prizes!

  204. Yikes! What lovely prizes!
    My 2012 sewing resolutions include finally making a Christmas quilt for my mum (it’s been on the list for about 3 years) and a quilt for my own bed. I also want to light the love of sewing in my daughter. She’s made baby steps; it’s time to immerse her once and for all!

  205. WOW! What a competition!

    Well, I am teaching myself to sew (and lot’s of other crafts) primarily to give as gifts, I don’t think there is anything nicer than receiving a homemade gift, that you have put thought and time into. My mum and I have been talking for some time about starting to make quilts, but have never actually done anything about it. So this year we have decided to stop talking and start doing! My Mum has arthritis in her hands and can’t do much with them now, so I am starting to learn how to do all her crafts, so she can still delight in them but I do the hard work for her. I have also been diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition and have had to retire from work permanently at 35! Being at home all day and not doing anything is driving me mad, so I have been handed the opportunity and the time to learn these amazing crafts that I never have had time for, but always thought about wistfully. Since I have stopped wishing and started doing, I have realised what I have missed out on. I have started a love affair with fabric and pattern and never knew what joy buying a piece of beautiful fabric would cause. Stash building takes a long time and we nearly have enough now to start making a quilt for the first time (for me anyway), so winning some of the amazing fabric would be perfect for us!

    I particularily like Amy Butler’s Lark collection.

    Aine O’Beirne

  206. Corrr! amazing giveaway, thanks for the chance…I wrote down my sewing resolutions a couple of weeks ago – they are to a) decide on a direction for the mini sewing business that I’ve started, b) make time to take risks and be more creative for me, hopefully designing my own quilt c) learn to screen-print my own designs onto fabric and finally d) write shorter blog entries, but more often! Not much progress yet, but the screen printing course is booked for 31st Jan!

  207. my first part of my sewing resolution was to go through my stash and giveaway anything I am not likely to use. I filled a big box with fabrics and I will send them today to an organisation that is making sewing kits for the survivors of the Tohoku quake/tsunami.
    Now that is done I can see the fabric I have and plan to sew more for myself this year.

  208. My 2012 resolution is to learn to use a sewing machine. I have a fear of them and have failed to learn twice. Its about time I learnt I am addicted to buying sewing pattern books and fabric. My very talented and patient friend has agreed to teach me. This is the best of both worlds not only will i get to learn a skill I will get some quality time with my best girl 🙂 If I win a fabric prize I will of course share it with her.

  209. Ahhh… I love giveaways!! My aim/goal/wish/hope for 2012 is to finally get my blog up and running – and to be brave and do pebble free motion on my next quilt. I have all my fabric organised and a list of ‘to buy soon’ so I just need to keep the momentum going!!!

  210. Hey Ali, what an amazing giveaway – that must have taken some work! My sewing resolutions this year, well, I keep promising Adam that I will make some clothes for his fave bear, which will be a nightmare but I have to at least have a go, also I would love to make a blouse from one of the collette patterns, but that will be a massive leap into the unknown for me, but who doesn’t love a challange!
    If by some miraculous quirk of fate and I acutally win… any of the fabrics bar the spots would be beyond wonderful!

  211. My 2012 sewing resolutions:
    Make a quilt for my big sister (my only sibling that I haven’t made one for yet)
    Make some more sewing tutorials for my blog
    Start a king-size quilt for myself
    Continue making handmade birthday and Christmas gifts
    Donate some quilts to charity
    Sew some clothes for my kids, especially for my little guy

    THANKS for the chance at these generous prizes! I especially love the Summersault fabric, the Fancy Moon voucher, the Terrain, and the Lark fabric.

  212. My resolution would be to get some WIP finished, some ‘mental’ WIP finished (where I have planned the project, bought the fabric but not actually begun any kind of ‘work!’) and to try new skills. I’d love the fancy moon voucher (love them!)

  213. I have 3 resolutions for 2012:
    * More time for sewing (ie me time)
    * Make more charity quilts for my local refuge
    * Finish more UFOs before i start another project……..
    …….perhaps achieving 2 out of 3 will suffice.

    Lots of lovely fabrics to win, but my faves are the spots, Little apples and terrain. Thanks for the opportunity. Abi x

    abiiwilliams at aol dot com

  214. I want to finish my quilted height chart and make more clothes for my daughter. I also want to make large numbers of bags.

  215. My resolution is to learn how to use my fancy new sewing machine I got for Christmas! And I particularly love the Amy Butler bundle and the fabric moon voucher!

  216. I really want to finish up WIP’s in 2012, I have so many unfinished things, and i am tired of looking at them, honestly. I am about to have a baby (between now and next week) so I am trying really hard to set realistic goals, but I would really like to make my boys clothes in the next year too!

    marcijdebetaz (at) hotmail {dotcom}

  217. My resolutions:
    Finish a small quilt for the guild show
    Stop starting a new project every time I’m stressed
    Switch my sewing room from the one small, dark room to a sunny one I need to modify to use
    Continue with my new art group, and not worry about whether I will like it – just go with it!

  218. Wow, what a stack of prizes you rustled up! My resolution is simple. Make stuff for myself. I started off brilliantly, with my first 2012 finish for me, but now I’m right back at it making for others. Jeez! Thanks for the kick in the pants to stick with the resolution. I’m going to try very hard. I just love Violet’s collection, and Erin’s, too. Hey, if I win, I’ll make something for ME!

  219. Wonderful giveaway! This year, I resolve to actually SEW stuff with my fabric stash!! Some of my fabrics are just too pretty that I haven’t had the heart to cut them up before. But I’ve been cleaning and organizing my stash and have realized that it’s really silly to save them. I promised myself that I WILL be making stuff for my new baby, too!

  220. For 2012 I am aiming for more FMQ, finishing UFOs, and I have joined some bees as planned! Would love to do a tute on my blog and design something from scratch!

  221. I just blogged on my TQS member blog about the giveaway. My resolution is to complete at least one UFO for every new quilt project I start in 2012. I’d like any of the prizes, but could use the Crished Walnut Shells. To read my blog you must be a TQS member, which is free for basic members. You can reply to me via my blog or via my Flickr account at

  222. I resolve to use as much stash as possible during this year’s quilting. I have close to 10 quilt ideas kitted and waiting on me. There’s no excuse to buy more fabric. I also want to make at least 3 quilts (already planned and kitted) for my home. Normally, my quilts are commissioned or sold and I want my home to better display my love of fabric crafting. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  223. Wow, what a great contest and great prizes. Unfortunately I won’t blog, so I will take my chances on the main draw. I would love the walnut shells the most.

  224. My sewing resolutions for 2012 are to make at least one quilt for me. I have been sewing sporadically for several years, and much more steadily for one year. But I have always given away my quilts. Then made them for family. I want a quilt that is all about me. (Selfish, I know, but its the truth!) I also want to get better at fabric buying. So that what I buy fits in with what I have already in my stash, use what I have and not hoard it, and then buy some more. And I want to get braver in the quilt designs I attempt to do and not stick to the tried and true. Oh, and I want to start my Christmas sewing before the middle of November so I am not an exhausted wreck come Christmas Day again!!

  225. My simple aim in 2012 is to get more stitching done than I did in 2011. Which means finding more time by procrastinating less.
    I’d be absolutely chuffed with any of these prizes if I won, and just couldn’t choose between them. Thank you so much for organising this – there must be an awful lot of work involved in something like this. Here’s the link to my post about the giveaway; I hope it works because I haven’t put a link in a comment before.

  226. Thanks for such a great giveaway. My resolve is to finish a couple of UFOs, I have already finished one; do a charity quilt and do one new quilt for myself. I would love to win the Amy Butler collection.

  227. What a wonderful giveaway! This year I would love to finish my insanity quilt, which has been driving me insane for about 3 years now. I’ve also just bought a knitting magazine, and might venture into doing a bit more of other crafts…

  228. My resolution is to keep on sewing!! and one of the things that will keep me sewing is to win the “summersault” fabric – I know just what to do with it. I just have one more quilt to finish (at last) and I can start on another.

  229. My goals are to finish up my already started projects and to use up more of my stash. So far I am off to a good start! I also have three new baby quilts to make for three grandchildren expected in 2012.

    I would love to win ANY of the fabulous fabrics.

  230. 2012 is my ‘year of giving’. I stitch for World of Charity Stitching and I will be creating more and more quilts, totes, pillows, etc to bring lots of smiles. Did you know many people in nursing homes are forgotten on Valentine’s Day? At WOCS we decided to make cross stitch Valentine Day Cards for the nursing home we sponsor. Cross stitch hearts are coming in! Make some for a nursing home near you! And you could make quilted hearts to give. Make this your year of giving too!

    Dona or FB

  231. Hello,
    Just posted the message on my own blog.
    What a fantastic give-away! I just started sewing. I’m malking softie’s. Butt I have the book SEW by Cath Kidston and i’m planning to make some projects out of this book. Butt first I need to learn to handle the machine al little bit better. So the fabrics you are giving away would be perfect to expand my knowledge.
    Greeting Sharon

  232. Wow, what a massive giveaway! Who wouldn’t love £40 to spend at Fancy Moon?! I’m drooling over the Summersault bundle too 🙂 I’d be seriously delighted to win any of the lovely prizes on offer – thanks for the chance!

    In 2012 I’d love to improve my sewing skills. I’d like to join in a swap or two and have a couple of QALs in mind. I’m also determined to finish some of the neglected WIPs that I have lying around – I hereby resolve to spend less time online and more time creating!

  233. What lovely fabrics, my aim this year is to Learn how to sew and make dresses for my little girls. I hate them looking the ‘same’ as everybody else with high street clothes and want them to be unique

  234. What a great giveaway. Last year my goal was to master zippers and I really did a ton of them and am no longer afraid in the least! This year, I would like to so more free motion quilting, more fabric printing, and tackle curves a bit. Basically, I want to continue to sew what I love and not worry about what others are into at the moment.

  235. What a colorful giveaway. I would choose the certificate at Fancy Moon. I resolved to make the he Zigzagged pattern and see two donation projects to the end.

  236. My aim for this year is to finish all the projects I have started! I want to make a big lap quilt and bring some colour into my home! Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite is Amy Butler’s Lark design.

  237. During 2012, I need to finsh more projects than I start. I think I might be addicted to sewing, got back into it last year. Love all the fabric and reading all the blogs – a whole new world. Have a good one!

  238. My resolution is just to sew. I have long been a wannabe quilter/sewer, but this is the year I will do it. I have so far had my sewing machine tuned up, have actually sewn a special cloth for wiping the dogs feet when they come in wet, have signed up for a hand quilting class, and next up (hopefully next weekend) some bibs for my nephew! Thanks so much for this giveaway, it’s empowering to get my resolution down in type!

  239. Oh wow!!! Thanks so much- I’d “flip” over the summersault bundle, or I’d love any of it too 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh yes, I completely forgot my resolution, I was so excited about fabric 🙂 hehe! I want to finish 7 quilts- all have recipients already, and work on my paper piecing skills 🙂

  240. My resolutions for 2012 were 1) to finish up as many of the 20+ UFOs I’ve got and 2) not to buy any more fabric till I’ve made a noticeable dent in my stash. Yeah right.

  241. With or without prizes, I love the idea of resolving to get things done in 2012 AND put it in writing! Top of my list is a Swoon quilt, and I took the first step by ordering the pattern! I also want to do some hard work on improving my FMQ skills this year. I have joined several challenges, but have yet to start any of them…*sigh*. Guess I had better get busy. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway and the opportunity to win.

  242. I would love for 2012 to be the year when I really make a dent in my fabric stash and follow through on some of my many plans. Even if I could get just 2 decent sessions in a week that would get me moving. Thanks!

  243. Oh Wow indeed – that is an amazing collection of giveaways!! My sewing resolution is to properly get to grips with my sewing machine and learn to quilt… I’ve only ever tried once (on my own) and it was pretty much an unmitigated disaster!! So I’m going to learn from a professional this time round and go for it! I’d adore any of the prizes – but I especially like the Amy Butler fabrics 🙂

  244. projects lots of them, first finish two oliver and s dresses that are cut and ready to go, then a small quilt using a charm pack and lots of white. gradually eating into my box full of scraps, up cycling old clothes and biggest resolution is not to spend any money on shop bought clothes this year.

  245. My goal for 2012 is to practice the FMQ {I’ve bought a the book and cd, so I’m half way there} and I also wanted to try some block swaps or find a quilting bee to participate in – I’m signed up for one and will participate in a couple that don’t require sign ups. My main goal is to get organized enough to know what I actually have and keep it organized. I’ve bought some of those comic book boards, so I’m hoping to get the organization goal started soon too!

  246. Lovely blog – just started to follow after I saw you on the Craft Blog UK FB Page 🙂
    2012 is the year I decide whether my craft business is going to go full-time or if I’m happy to just keep plodding along & keeping it as my hobby.

  247. What an amazing giveaway – thank you. I am trying to sew a little everyday this year. I have been limited by ill health last year but am aiming to do 15mins sewing everyday, it is amazing how much you can actually do in that short period of time. Happy quilting.

  248. This year I want to get good at free motion quilting and complete my first quilt that I started last October so that I can move on to making all of the other ideas floating around in my head. Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. I have resolved to get in love with my overlocker. So much that I finally booked in for that free lesson they give you when you buy one (however, I think (based on the voicemail I received) that they would rather give it to my husband as he purchased it for me as a gift… Let’s see how that one goes!!

    Oh, and I have resolved to see something’s for myself. I always see for others and I fall to the bottom of the heap, with nothing left for me. So far, I have started with a new bathrobe… And rather nice. I can’t decide what to see next… A dress, pants, a top, a quilt… Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

    (that being said, I have just made my recently pregnant sister 12 new bibs and a few muslin wraps….) Ahhhhh, the generosity!!

  250. WOW, what a fantastic giveaway. I would love to be lucky enough to win any of the prizes, though I adore Amy Butler designs so would be honoured to recieve some of her fabric.
    I make many things for other people, including my children. This year I am going to make an item a month JUST for me…….it’s already 17th Jan though and haven’t made a start so I had best get a moove on.
    Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.
    Good luck everyone

  251. My resolution is to clean up and reorganize my sewing room, so that I’ll have an easier time getting more done. Everything takes so long now because I have no room to work and often can’t find things! All the prizes are great. I’ll take whatever is the luck of the draw.

  252. 2012 will be a year to sew more and eat less, and hopefully one will encourage the other! I love embroidery but feel that I have neglectgd my sewing machine, so the FQ bundle from backstitch will probably get my sewing mojo back to a GREAT start for 2012, have a zillion projects in my head so let the creativity begin!

  253. Nice! I want to make more and better quilts in 2012. I want to improve my skills. I want to listen to the little voice that tells me if something isn’t right the way it is now, it won’t get better if I keep on sewing!!

  254. 2012 is all about learning for me. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to learn how to use it, experiment and use lots of pretty fabric! It’s an expensive hobby to start so I am a way off of having lovely fabric but I aim to expand my collection after payday! I love the Little Apples by Aneela Hooey bundle…they’d make pretty things 🙂

  255. To finish things, to create consistently, to practice FMQ, to participate in a swap or bee, to participate in a quilt along. I am also working on some personal resolutions as well which include becoming a healthier person overall! Love all the fabrics!

  256. Wow. Sounds great! I am new to selling handmade items and am really into patchworking. I have started FloraLilly, handsewn items and pearly jewellery. 2012 will be my year of sewing, sewing sewing! Reading your blog inspires me to begin my own sewing blog too. I love the polka dots or the bundle from lovely BackStitch.
    Lynn, of FloraLilly. @FloraLilly on Twitter!

  257. What lovely prizes. Especially the summersault fabric bundle.

    I resolved to try following more patterns… I’m scared of them!

  258. 2012 is the year when I will change my life through sewing. I have booked a craft fair and started making lots of stuff to sell. My hope is that I will sew and sell and therefore reduce my hours at work so I can stay at home more with my 3 year old and husband. Fingers crosses!

  259. What a great giveaway! I resolve to finish more of my older projects. They are not getting done by themselves, unfortunately! Those polka dots would make me happy. 🙂

  260. Oh what wonderful gifts you have to offer. Aside from that i have yet to put in writing any sewing resolutions other than the ones in my head so here goes. I bought a Vera Bradley book to serve as inspiration. Then I took pictures to add to it for further ideas. So all I really have to so is take action on my planned out quilt that is floating around in my head. Taking action is my resolution for 2012

  261. I have resolved to try and be a tidier sewer and have started by organising myself a little more…but moreover this year is the year I’m gonna give free-motion quilting a bash…No more straight lines for me!!!! Thanks for the chance to enter such a great giveaway. I love all the prizes but the Amy Butler prints really make my heart sing!

  262. Oh my, what fabulous prizes. I would be happy recieving any of the prizes. My resolutions for 1012 are to learn how to free motion quilt so I can finish all these tops I have. I also have joined in a few follow alongs for the year to use up my scraps. I am trying to get my scrap system under control…WHAT?…LOL. Will that ever happen? Oh and one more thing. I need to finish the quilt I have made for my dad, he has cancer. So those are my resolutions. Thanks for letting me join in the fun for the drawing

  263. I guess my biggest resolution is to use up what I’ve got – all those scraps and larger pieces of fabric sitting in the cupboard – and to try not to add to the stash too much! I’d also like to try and push my boundaries a little and try some new techniques – paper piecing and fabric printing are high up on the list, and maybe even some garment making too, if I feel brave enough! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  264. I have the usual list WIP, UFO and PhDs to complete but my main resolution is one word: Patience. Patience with others, sitauations and myself.

  265. Hi! I am now to your blog… found it via facebook! This is a fantastic generous of everyone. My aim for sewing in 2012 is to learn how to use my new sewing machine (other than straight lines!), and to oil up the old Vickers manual machine I just got.. it makes a lovely noise! :)x

  266. My resolution is to sew more, create more and to hopefully open an etsy shop and maybe sell at some craft fairs. I think 2012 is going to be an awesome year!

  267. Well, I don’t have a lot of sewing plans for 2012 since I”m expecting a baby next month and I already have a toddler. I’m just hoping to make it to the sewing machine at all! 🙂 But I think mainly I’m going to be more easy going about my sewing this year. I was very planned out last year and I’m going to go with the flow this year.
    All of the giveaways are fantastic!

  268. I’m going to do a blog post later, but my resolutions include making the two wedding present quilts I promised the two friends that got married last year, as well as trying new patterns in quilting, and finishing off making the new messenger bag for my husband that I promised at Christmas (it’s half made now)… That should keep me busy for a few months at least!

  269. 2012 will concentrate on FMQ skills. Hopefully I will be using many scraps to create scrappy quilts and finish a few UFO’s. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. I LOVE the Backstitch FQ bundle! Kate Spain’s Terrain would be my second choice to win. Happy 2012.

  270. for 2012 I will start a blog ,and try to finish all projects , same as last years resolutions, but this year will keep lindsey

  271. I’m intending to clear out my crafty corner and organise my stash. Hopefully that way I will be able to see what I’ve got and what UFO’s are lurking. Phase two (multi-phase resolutions!) is working my way through the UFO’s. But maybe before that, I need to make myself a ‘sewing room set’ – machine cover, pin cushion, needle case, snips catcher in some lovely coordinated fabric that makes me feel warm and happy to be near it.

    Something like the Eclectic Maker bundle would be perfect!

  272. Aaaah! Not only resolved to sew (that pile of fat quarters that was supposed to be a quilt for my baby daughter really needs looking at, well, before she starts secondary school…) I am now resolved to tidy up my materials stash, also known as the chaotic pile in the corner of our living room, before it takes over the rest of the house and swallows us up. And if looked as pretty as these stashes, who knows what wonderful ideas I might come up with?… 😉

  273. Hi, I am resolved to complete some of the 23 UFO’s and not be distracted by new projects. If I want to start another one, then I have to finish one. I have done 2 already,without starting a new project, so small steps!
    And I would just love any of the the beautiful fabrics, I can see a new project in several of them…………………. 😉

  274. I have already started by organising my fat quarters which were in an uglypile! Now they are all sat together beautifully in colour order and I can see what I’m going to sew. My first projects are to get through my WIP’s which are few but niggling at the back of my mind. Then I am going to sew my first quilt and also a minoru jacket (I’m a bit late for the sew along but it doesn’t matter).mghen I have a few tops lined up which I have had planned since last year. I resolve to keep my fabric organised so that I can see what I’m going to sew!!

  275. What at great giveaway! If I won I’d resolve to sew a quilt for my daughter for her to keep! I make many quilts but sell or give them away, seems a little unfair on her! It’s her 2nd birthday at the end of Feb so I need to get cracking to finish her one for then!
    I’ve just discovered your blog via M is for Make so will be popping in often, fab blog 🙂

  276. My sewing resolutions are to first and foremost finish what I start. I have a terrible habit of beginning everything I’d love to do right away which results in many half finished projects and few finished ones. My second resolution is to make more time for my craft, with a very busy schedule it’s usually one of the first things to go but it gives such a sense of satisfaction and well being that I’ve vowed I *will* make more time for it this year 🙂 my favourite prize would be Amy Butlers lark collection but all the prizes are so lovely that I’d be happy just to win 🙂

  277. Hello,
    What a lovely give-a-way! I always work with lists! Even every day to-do lists! I have a long list of long-term projects I want to make. It keeps getting longer, as I add to it every time the new Ottobre kids comes out! With 3 small children, I know I won’t be able to make all the projects on that list this year, but that doesn’t matter! I make an annual to-do list from this list! I do how ever first want to complete a few projects that are left over from last year, After giving birth it took a little longer to get back into the swing of things, than anticipated ! I then plan to make some matching shirts and trousers for my sons who are 4 months and 5 yrs, they haven’t had anything made in a while. For my daughter, a few more frilly dresses including a knot- dress with an apron and at least one more Feliz by studio tantrum. I’ve also promised my husband a new dressing gown, and 2 dresses for some little girls we know. I hope to top off my list with a tunic for myself made from some Swiss cotton which I’ve reserved for that project! I also am participating in a pay-it forward promise, although I haven’t finalized what I plan to make, it may or may not be sewing related….still brainstorming on that!

    1. Oh, in my enthusiasm I forgot to mention, my first choice is the Amy Butler FQ bundle “Lark”, thanks, for this fabulous give-a-way!

  278. My resolved to sew in 2012 would be making a phone cover as i just got a new phone on christmas and wanting a cute fabric as the phone cover and wanting to learn how to sew properly and make a cute apron, cushion cover and the big project would be a patchwork quilt cover and a curtain!

    Thanks for hosting a fab giveaway!

    Susan (

  279. My sewing resolution is to turn my quilt top pile into a finished quilt pile 🙂 I’m aiming for 12 finishes in 2012. I’m currently renovating my house, so I’ll have my own sewing room soon, which I hope will make me a more organised and productive quilter. I also want to master machine quilting in 2012, so far I’m only confident with hand quilting.

    I’d love to win any prize, but I’m particularly in love with the Lark bundle.

  280. This year I’ll start a new project with a friend. We’re going to make our own bags collection! 🙂 And we need some beautiful fabrics to start with, so this draw is perfect for our little project.

  281. HI, My sewing resolution is to sew 1 thing per week and to learn to crochet AND to start my blog (which is a year overdue!) But now I am doubly inspired to start the blog, as there is that tempting prize dangling infront of me! Love the Fat quarter bundle (7 FQ) from Dan Bennett’s Premier Lord collection from Eternal Maker. But, of course, I love love everything. Sharon

  282. I am resolved to finishing a few WIPs that are annoyingly old! I am also resolved to trying new techniques and some different free motion quilting designs – I tend to stick to the tried and true, but I want to get more adventurous!

  283. My resolution is to reduce my WIP pile and sew some of my precuts into quilts. ANd I finally want to make a quilt that I keep for myself.

  284. I’m going to spend more time sewing in 2012 YEAH !!! I’m going to finish some of my UFO’s as I’m participating in Finish a long’s…I need to get a charity quilt done, I really want to concentrate on learning to quilt on my frame and after a year of little wall hanging projects, this year I want to get a large quilt started and at least to flimsy stage

    Sounds too much when I write it down lol…

  285. My resolution for 2012: have the same fun while sewing like back in 2011. I don’t want to change a lot 🙂
    I would pick the A £40 voucher to spend at Fancy Moon. But anything else would be fine too. All the prices are great.

  286. Congratulations and thank you for organising such a huge giveaway!
    My goals for 2012 are
    :: make a quilt every month,
    :: develop new patterns,
    :: write down the how-to of my Aita Pleated Bag.

    1. Ooops, forgot to mention: I’d love to get the voucher from Fancy Moon.
      My email address is sardana dot creations at gmail dot com

      PS: please ignore the link on my previous comment above, it leads to anything with gravatar, I have no idea what it is.

  287. I was actually ‘resolved to learn to sew’ in 2011. It Went from something I just wanted to try because I loved looking at the fabric in John Lewis to something I’m actually quite good at! I thought I was the least creative person in the world (my younger sister makes wedding cakes and is so talented!) but As it turns out I’m not, and now I can look at a piece of fabric and know exactly what I want to make with it. So my ‘resolved to sew in 2012’ is to really hone my techniques. I am working on a shoestring because I’m at home with my 4 month old baby at the moment so to win such a beautiful set of fabric would be wonderful. I have recently joined the ‘cyber craft’ world, and am so inspired by all the crafters on twitter and blogs. My head is bursting with ideas and inspiration, I just need some fabric! As I’m new to all this, just this competition has opened my eyes to new fabric designers, I would love to win the Erin Mcmorris bundle, although I have to admit I wouldn’t know which fabric to use first, they r stunning! Great competition! Fingers crossed!

  288. So many things to finish… Started projects in the Oliver and S book, little things to sew, like the satchel which I need to finish, a queen size quilt for our bed, a queen quilt using Hills n Hollers afternoon for some friends mountaineering friends who are marrying, a crib hilt for our second baby who is due in May, and generally just using up some fabrics which have been sat on my shelves for a while and deserve to be used! I love all the fabrics, and win Erin McMorris, Dan Bennett or Amy Butler.

  289. In 2012 I want to learn more about longarm quilting, and hopefully start up a business quilting… Right now I nworking on finishing some UFOs, and other projects that are on the go.

  290. I am determined to finish a few of my PHD’s ( projects half done) LOL this year. In fact I joined a blog here in Australia, called Sew It’s Finished and I recently listed all of my unfinished projects on the sidebar of my blog. Your giveaway is extremely generous. I have signed up for your newsletters. Sandy. 🙂

  291. What an amazing stash of goodies, I almost feel guilty at entering this because I’m a newbie to sewing so my resolution is basically just to learn how to use my machine. I’ve gained some inspiration by reading other people’s comments about their projects and so I can’t wait to get going and make my first item.
    Good luck to all the crafty sewers out there :0)

  292. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to get through the fabric that I have. Sure, there’s some because I bought for a project and changed my mind, but I have a serious problem with purchasing fabric and then I’m so fearful of making something ugly, I refuse to cut into it. Also, my heart feels so good after I donate something, I really want to do more of that! it’s spiritually uplifting! OH, and a tutorial, definitely at least one. This is turning into a blog post so maybe I’ll do one of those anyway! thanks for the fab prize gallery!

  293. My goals are to learn how to hem pants (already working on this!), and to make a small quilt for the first time.
    I really like the Premier Lord collection and the Kate Spain collection.

  294. I need to , literally, tie up all of those loose ends! Seriously, my WIPS are piling up . It will feel oh so good to get things finished….and then I need to start collecting more beautiful fabrics (I love fat 1/4’s) and start all over again!

  295. I am resolved to sew new projects every month. I am unable to design but I can craft from other’s tutorials. I have not touched my sewing machine in over 15 year, until this past Christmas. Finally have time and space to leave it all out. I realized how much I missed it. I started my own blog just to babble on about my new found love of sewing. I love the prizes but the Dan Bennett and Amy Butler collection is awesome.

  296. Thanks for the great giveaway – what beautiful fabrics! Quilty goals for 2012 are mostly related to my UFO pile…must get that beast under control! 😀

  297. How exciting that I could win something because of my new year resolution to sew more. My machine has been very lonely lately and I have all kinds of projects rattling around in my brain. It is time they became reality. I’ve started a 12 month project to finish a quilt-2 different blocks per month. So fun. I really hope I get picked. The Amy Butler fabrics speak to me.

  298. I have lots of goals, but my main two are to make at least 4 quilts for charity and to learn to FMQ. I hope I can accomplish those (and more!) this year. Thanks for the chance…all of the prizes are fantastic!

  299. Well I am resolved to sew up a few UFO’s. Today I began to gather them up and do some organizing. I took pictures for a photo file. So this is part of my resolution to sew. 🙂
    I love all the prizes – they are all beautiful!
    WOW – this is just the best giveaway! 😉
    Cathy Byrd

  300. I’m so glad I heard about this giveaway! And Oh how I love Kate Spain’s fabric. My resolution for 2012 re: Resolved to Sew 2012, is to get organized & complete the 4 charity quilts to donate to the children’s hospital.

  301. Wow, amazing giveaway. I want to write up more of the designs that I create into patterns and tutorials. I also want to make more for me and my family, it felt like I spent 2011 making things that were given away, which was nice but my family needs some love!
    All are great prizes but id love the voucher or the peacock lane the most if I was to win

  302. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to get some quilt tops made! Small, large, I’d like to do all sizes. I’ve never done one completely by hand before so that’s also another goal.

    Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway!

  303. What a great giveaway! My 2012 sewing resolutions are to learn how to paper piece, finish one project before starting another and make my husband a quilt! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  304. My resolution for 2012 is to try some curved piecing, as everything I’ve done to date has bee straight lines. i should probably try a y-seam as well…

  305. It’s such a great giveaway! My resolution for 2012 would be to actually finish some of the quilts lying around. I like the prizes from Backstitch, Gone to earth, Fabric with Love and all the others.

  306. Sewing resolution, 2012, Practise FMQ more! I need to get to a stage where I feel reasonably confident I will not make a complete hocker of it! Half a hocker would do!
    also, actually get aproject done, with the fabrics selected, before I use them for something else!

  307. My resolution is to start (and complete) a new project each month. A twelve month challenge and would love to win any of the fabric – my preference amongst the o so lovely fabric is (10 FQ) from Erin McMorris’s Summersault.

  308. What wonderful prizes- loving the Little Apples, but it all represents what great fabric collections are around now!
    I’ll be honest, my 2012 sewing resolution was to finish everything I’ve started, cut out, or sketched for myself, but, as most of my projects (the ones I complete!) are for other people, I’m sure some beautiful fat quarters wouldn’t go to waste in my sewing stash! 😉

  309. Fabtastic giveaway! 2012! New Year, first and second granchildren due, I have some fab ideas for nursery projects! Some have been started and others are still in my head. It’s going to be a very stitchy year.

  310. My sewing resolution is to complete all the UFOs I have floating about. I just keep getting distracted by all the other pretty things I see…

  311. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to knuckle down and create some of the things I’ve been planning – I will not use the excuse of making things for others but will have both ongoing. I don’t mind if I don’t finish, I just need to push myself to actually start!

    Sorry, I forgot to thank you for organising such a wonderful giveaway. Also, I really hope the lady wins who is sewing to help with her grief over the loss of her son.

  312. my aim is to sew more clothes – both for myself & the kids this year!
    although that said, i also need to make a few quilts for babies due this year too & would certainly have my eye on the erin mcmorris FQ bundle,

  313. My resolution is to stop being afraid of making mistakes. I worry about “ruining” fabric and I need to get over that. There will always be more fabric!

  314. Hello there…I thought I would give this a go…..I have lots of fabric but always need more…there are so many out there that I want and not enough hours in the day. My resolve for 2012 is to make all birthday presents for friends and family. I have already made a doll and doll quilt for my niece and a cushion made mostly from recycled shirts for my brother (This has turned out really nice). Any chance of any of the above would be great..many thanks

  315. Wow, amazing and generous giveaways!! I wanted to complete the GFG quilt I started last year this year! The progress is very slow, I hope I can speed up this year. Thanks for the chance to win, if I am the lucky winner I will pick Fat quarter bundle (10 FQ) from Erin McMorris’s Summersault OR fat quarter bundle (4 FQs) of Little Apples by Aneela Hooey

  316. Thanks for the chance! My goals as a semi-newbie are to finish my 2nd quilt and to do as many quilt alongs or BOMs as i can to improve my skills.
    Preferences: lark, terrain, summersault

    Lwghosts at yahoo dot com

  317. Wow what a great incentive to quilt more. I am going to schedule my quilt time more this year. I saw one blogger who was going to make 15 minutes a day part of her day. I could do that! I took alot of classes last year and want to apply all that expensive knowledge before my leaky old brain loses it all. Thanks for showing that fabulous fabric by Amy Butler, if I dont win, its on my shop for list for sure!

  318. What a great giveaway! I’ve got a lot of things on my 2012 sewing goal list. Winning one of these packs would definitely help me achieve my goals! Thanks so much!

  319. lovin the inspiration everyone! i am new to all this but this year i just really wanted to do something for me, as 2011 was a tough year for myself and my family. i would love to put my mind into learning new crafts and the pleasure of being able to make items for friends, family and myself will be so rewarding. m is for make have a lovely vintage look which i love! thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  320. I’m going to finish one UFO before I start a new project!! but I’m not resolving not to buy more fabric! that’s just a step too far!

  321. Entering for my 2nd chance to win– I entered for the Blogger’s Draw a couple minutes ago! Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your awesome prizes!! Giveaways are such fun! My biggest resolution for 2012 is to get organized– de-clutter! I definitely need to do this in my sewing room– finish up some of those UFO’s— but in truth, my whole house could use it! “Simplify” is my *2012 WORD* ! Thanks again!

  322. I gave birth to twins last year so sewing has had to take a back seat. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to keep is simple and accept help, both with the twins and with the sewing!!

  323. Two sewing resolutions for 2012. Finish, finish, finish…(big surprise!). And to move out of my comfort zone with colour. There are some great colour combos out there (see the prizes) and yet I always end up playing safe. So here’s to an unsafe 2012…if you know what I mean.

  324. This year I want to sew at least some of my summer wardrobe myself – just need to conquer my fear of doing it ‘wrong’ somehow (also need to design the right pattern and master darts)! I especially love the Erin McMorris/Kate Spain/Amy Butler prints.

  325. I have a quilt basted that I will be working on this year. It is a king sized bed quilt so it is going to take me a while. The other thing(s) I want to sew are various bags that I can sell either on etsy or at local stores.

  326. Amazing giveaway! I have blogged here – (although it is the quietest blog in the world- sorry!) If I won it would be a very difficult choice, but the Fancy Moon voucher is very tempting. I remeber looking at their stand at the knitting and stitching show two years ago and wanting to buy everything! Thanks!

  327. For me 2012 is is a time of healing. I am using my sewing and quilts to work through the greif of lossing my Son. My Blog DanNy Boy Quilts is dedicated to him. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway

  328. I have lots of resolutions for 2012 as I’ve just taken up with my sewing machine again after a long time of neglect, it is all thanks to all these wonderful sewing blogs. I started with bunting, now I want to do a cushion cover, and a bag and a pin cushion! All the fabric looks amazing, I would be happy give any of it a home!

  329. Thanks for the FB giveaway, and for focusing my mind re plans for 2012.

    If I can finish TWO projects for each ONE I start, I will be very happy!

  330. I’m trying not to buy any more quilting books until I’ve made something from each book I already own. Hmm, not sure how long I can keep that up! Do magazines count? Oh, and I’ll be going to the Festival of Quilts for the first time. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love the Lark fabrics or the voucher for Fancy Moon.

  331. My resolution is to get the sewing machine that my Grandma gave me serviced and learn how to use it, so that I can help my girls develop their current interest in sewing. They are 8 & 6.5 and currently making lots of badges out of felt, buttons and safety pins.

  332. Wow what an amazing giveaway and all those lovely fabrics are very appealing, I have many ideas for all of them. I have only been sewing for a year, but have already been bitten by the bug. My resolution for this year is to make my summer wardrobe and after mastering some Amy Butler patterns last year, I think I am feeling more confident. I also would like to learn to crochet and make a blanket. More than anything, I want to continue enjoying making beautiful things.

  333. Wow, what a great giveaway!
    For 2012 I want to push my quilting a bit further with larger projects that I actually finish – I think I have a low boredom threshold so usually have a few things on the go – this year I want to finish things!
    I also think I need to sew more and surf the net less, but don’t we all!!
    If I’m picked I’d be happy with any bright fabrics 😉 just saying!!!

  334. My mum taught me to sew when I was young but I’ve always been sloppy and impatient. After a long break from sewing my gran bought me my own machine last summer and I love it! I think my resolution for 2012 is to improve my skills: sew straighter, create a nicer finish, learn how to do zips, pockets, etc etc.

  335. All the prizes are wonderful! I really need to finish about 10 started quilts before I start any new ones, except current quiltalongs that I am keeping up on.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  336. what a super- fabby giveaway!! my plan is to have a great stash, lots of finished quilts and get better at fmq. phew! busy year ahead

  337. Wonderful prizes! My resolution is to spend more time sewing than I did this year; I have so many projects I want to finish this year! So far I’m keeping my resolution, let’s see how the year goes and if I can keep this rhythm.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  338. What a brilliant giveaway! I have written a blogpost about what I’d love to accomplish during 2012 and you can read it here…

    I would love to win any of the fab prizes but would especially love to win the Fancy Moon voucher as I’ve been eyeing up some gorgeous fabrics on their website and that would go a long way to helping me with my sewing projects.

  339. I resolve to make more time for sewing. I sew a lot for customers, but I just don’t have enough time to do everything I want. I will find a way! Even if I have to move my sewing machine to the bedroom and lock everyone out for an hour! Lol

  340. I want to sew only what I really love. I want to do one project at a time and not have half finished items around as that is both sad and depressing.

  341. What a fabulous giveaway – thanks so much for organising it and thanks also to all the lovely suppliers who’ve kindly donated the prizes. My main sewing resolution is simply to sew more – I’ve just learnt how to use my sewing machines (thanks to some lessons from my mother) so I have a whole host of projects lined up.
    Thanks again!

  342. My plan for 2012 is to sew what I love but only do one project at a time. Half finished items are no use and sad to see.

  343. I MUST finish all the projects I started last year (and even the year before!!!).Your prizes are wonderful. Veronica.

  344. Thanks for all your hard work arranging such an amazing giveaway. I got my first sewing machine a couple of months ago, so fully intend to learn everything about it in 2012 (yeah, right!). I also wrote my first blog tonight, but as it took me hours to work out how, I haven’t the energy left to blog about your wonderful post (no clue how to link to it either! Any hints?). Will try and have a go in the next few days, so keep an eye on Any tips/hints/comments welcome….

  345. What a great giveaway! I’ve resolved to finish my (many) WIPs, perfect my smocking and make quilts this year. I made my first last year and I’ve been bitten by the bug!

  346. What a great idea to get us to focus on what we’d like to achieve in the next year. I’ll definitely be doing a blog post about this as I’m thinking nailing all the things floating about through my mind and being able to refer back to it would be really useful!

    If I do one thing though and one alone it’s to master some paper piecing. I have the freezer paper and the fabric plus a great pattern or two…I just need to get started.

  347. What amazing prizes!! I resolve to make quilts in 2012 – sounds obvious right? 2011 was the year I first got involved in swaps and bees and quilt-a-longs so I seem to have produced lots of blocks and a few minis, even a couple of baby or small lap size quilts. So 2012 is the year of the Queen!! I have the patterns and fabrics ready to go so I need to stop myself getting caught up too much in the bee/swap or quilt-a-longs that will take me forever!!

  348. What a wonderful giveaway – all of the fabric is fabulous! I’ve finally made space in the living room for my sewing machine to be brought out of hibernation, and I have my eye on a cupboard that’s full of junk which will shortly be moving to make space for – well, all the other sewing paraphernalia required! My 10 year old daughter has been showing an interest in making, and my only resolution this year was to make sure I do more creative things with both my girls, so that sorely neglected 21st birthday present is going to get the shock of it’s life!

  349. Beautiful, beautiful fabrics, I really wouldn’t know which to choose! My sewing resolution for 2012 will be to actually make something out of my lovely fabrics I have been collecting! I can’t bear to cut them as they’re so gorgeous and I’m scared I will get it wrong! Could be a problem …….

  350. I have a particular love of patchwork, I’m currently working on my first quilt, started in 2011 so really need to beat my fear of the actual quilting part and get it finished, and it would be fantastic to win a fabric bundle to get the creative juices flowing for my next patchwork project, here’s hoping 🙂 x

  351. What a fantastic idea, I will be blogging about this anyway so definitely up for linking it. I would love to make a quilt for my children so plan to start small with a dolls quilt first. Really though my main resolution is just to do it so thanks for the motivation!

  352. Wow. What amazing prizes!! I’d totally love the walnut shells!! … Or the peacock lane … or the fancy moon … first place I bought fabric online …

    My main resolutions are to conquer all my sewing fears!! From zips to FMQ … And not to over commit to online sewing swaps to the detriment of other projects …Heh.

    Thank you for organising such an amazing event … will write blog post when not so flu-y …

  353. What a great giveaway. I think my resolution which will probably be broken, is to try not to take on too much this year, but with so many temptations it will be hard.

  354. What a wonderful giveaway!

    This year i am resolved to sew more for my home and my daughter and me. I want to make some clothes for us in beautiful fabric. And I want to make some cushion covers and there is an old chair i would like to cover.

    So I would like a brighter home and clothes, handmade by me.
    Alix of Bigbluebed

  355. Wow what a superb giveaway. My sewing resolution for 2012 is to start making clothes and soft furnishings, perhaps even a quilt for my first child which is due today!!! eeek

  356. Fab prizes. Thank you Ali for doing this. My sewing resolution is basically to get some done. I have loads of ideas/plans that were supposed to be done last year but never got started so am determined this year.
    Any prize would be lovely.

  357. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway. This year I want to finish some quilts I have planned and have already bought the fabric for. A Hope Velley Quilt, a Solids/Linen/Marimeko Quilt and a Echino Bird Quilt. And I want to spend less money on fabrics, so I would prefer the voucher. Or the Erin McMorris, or Amy Butler, or Kate Spain.

  358. Oooh I love all the brightly coloured fabric! In 2012 I’m hoping to use more lovely fresh bright colours in the things I make, and to try making more actual items rather than just the quilts and cushion covers I usually end up doing. I’m also hoping to just successfully finish some sewing in, with baby number 2 due any day I can see my sewing time disappearing for a few months!

  359. my resolution is to create more keepsakes for my three children and to teach my eldest who is 7 to sew just like my nanna did! im also going to be an auntie twice this year so have the opportunity to make lots of cute baby bits and bobs xx hayley(dot)mortimer(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

  360. Oh what a treat to have such a big giveaway!!! How great are all these sponsers! Mmmm I just want to be able to keep finding time to try new projects out and have fun sewing…when it becomes a chore, I’ll stop. Fabric bundle…any I love them all!!!!!!!

  361. My sewing resolution is to finish the MASSIVE hexagon quilt I am making and make some clothes for the kiddos. thank you so much for the chance to win! I absolutely love Annela’s fabrics and Erin McMorris’ fabrics, too.

  362. I’ve just sewn my first mini quilt and am about to try some hand quilting. This is the year I stop thinking about ‘doing’ (and preparing to do!) and just get on with it! All the fabric is inspiring but I especially like the Peacock Lane colours.

  363. oh my goodness I love that fat quarter bundle form backstitch the bestest!! and the little apples and the amy butler! sooo pretty!
    I want to do some more personal sewing this year and start and finish a quilt for my daughter and her big girl bed she will be moving into.

  364. I just want to keep on sewing whatever inspires me. I have seen lots of quilts on different blogs and I want to make some for my family. I have also just learnt to crochet and have started a blanket inspired by the fantastic blog Attic 24..What an amazing giveaway!

  365. I don’t have a blog but would love to be entered. I’m a beginner quilter and made a couple of baby quilts last year. This year i plan to make my daughter a quilt from all of her baby clothes. I also want to make some cushion covers and maybe a lap quilt for my lounge 🙂


  366. Last year I bravely attended a sewing class for the firat time since I left school and made myself a skirt, which I proudly wear from time to time! Inspired by seeing some of the lovely things people make, I decided to try and make a few things myself! I have started small and used fat quarters to make little pouch bags and coin purses as well as lavender bags for Christmas presents. This year there are three babies due in my extended family and I am going to be trying a range of baby things, and maybe something for the mums too!
    I esp like the blues and greens and pinks in the Backstitch collection of fat quarters. Or the beautiful colours in the Gone to Earth selection. 🙂

  367. Wow, congrats on putting together such an amazing giveaway!! 🙂
    This year, I really want to tackle fitting a darted bodice. I have such trouble with darts as the FBA I have to do really messes with them. So I’m going to keep trying until I get it 🙂
    Ashley x

  368. 2011 brought great ideas and supplies!
    2011 will be to finish all UFO’s and follow through on all gathered ideas , with existing stash , no purchases to be made as money is tight… Any extras need to be given or swapped or something recycled or…… WÖN !!!
    Psst – Resolved to Sew 2012
    Let’s get crafty:)

  369. Ahhhh they all look fabulous… Just started quilting & making small trinkets for friends & new babies (experiencing a bit of a baby boom with friends & family!!) these would be perfect!!

  370. I have one sewing resolution, and one only this year. I am not going to buy any more kits, material or books. I am going to FINISH all of the kits I have started. So far it is going well, and I have done more sewing this year than in the first half of 2011! Here’s a link to my blog post on the subject: If I am lucky enough to win the giveaway, the Little Apples FQ bundle is my favourite.

  371. What a Fantastic giveaway! I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew for quite a while, and I was (finally) fortunate enough to get a sewing machine for Christmas. I’ll be filling 2012 up with tons and tons of sewing projects–particularly making my own clothes. I’ve already started on a few pieces, but I can’t tell you that it’s been successful just yet! With that said, Erin McMorris’s Summersault collection is absolutely beautiful! I could definitely use those in my wardrobe collection.

    Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway!….Going to blog about it now!

  372. My only resolution is to sew more! Think less, do more 🙂 I’ve started well with a christmas present for my best friend but need to keep that up… Also to organise my new craft room properly. Oooh I hope I win the prizes are all lovely but the first one is especially gorgeous – I love love love bright prints!

  373. Firstly, I want to learn to be a better sewer. I fancy making some big floor cushions, I also want to sew lots of lovely gifts for friends on my new sewing machine. Xx

  374. Wowee, what lovely prizes! Thanks Ali and the suppliers. I’m aiming for handmade gifts for all my friends and families in 2012. I’ve made one zipped bag so far and have two more to finish tonight. I’d also love to make my first quilt (for my boy’s 1st Birthday in April) and some clothes, I made my first girl’s dress last year. I have a secret blog (sssh!) that I started on 1st Jan but I’m not sure about going public yet….the lure of fabric may be enough to entice me to out myself though! ☺

  375. I cut down my hours at work, so I would get some time besides the studying to be creative – so maybe I will finally finish a Quilt, and not only bags, and cushions … (if I keep my aimes low I can’t get too disapointed).

  376. Wow, these are great prizes – I especially love the first five as I’m a sucker for lovely bright prints like the Amy Butler.
    My resolution is to do more and really get stuck in! I got a machine two years ago and want to build on what I achieved at Christmas which was a cute little needle case for myself. Next aim is a pincushion and then a bag for a friend who has a big birthday in April. There’s an exhibition in May I want to put something in to and then my sister’s wedding in September – it would be lovely to do something for that though I’ve no idea what yet.
    All best wishes to everyone for 2012 x

  377. I must, I must, I must ….. Complete the Kate Spain quilt kit I bought in 2011. And I promise to finish the Amy Butler weekender which I started last February. But most importantly, I must remember that buying fabric isn’t an end in itself and that once bought it needs to be made into something even more beautiful – although sorting it, stacking it, matching it and just looking at it can be a very fulfilling hobby in it’s own right!

  378. I actually have two! Firstly I want to make more things for myself and secondly I want to learn to make clothes- and I’m on the way to that one as my dressmaking class starts next week. Hopefully I will move onto the lingerie course in March after that!

  379. Wow! stunning fabrics! 2012…I want to make a lovely new quilt for my husband and me and really work on improving my sewing technique!

  380. After being tired for the last 4 years with small children my sewing ground to a halt. Now new year and a flying start! Two children sleeping though the night and a sewing machine on the go. So far I have made a dress and two tops for my little girl and a PE bag and astronaut costume for my boy. So I would love to win a prize to inspire me to make more – maybe even something for myself!

  381. Drat and double drat, I don’t have a blogspot!!! Never mind at least I can try for the main draw. My sewing resolutions for this year are to develop and learn as with regards to patchwork/quilting and to continue getting to grips with crocheting. I also want to try and aim to get my topstitching as perfect as yours Ali!! I just love all the prizes – what a super giveaway xx

  382. My plans for 2012 are: to make a quilt to celebrate my 40th Wedding Anniversary, make 3 tartan scrap rugs/quilts, experiment with stitching and puckering fabric, make a quilt for my younger daughter and one for her parents, plus the other stuff left over from last year!
    If I was lucky, I would be delighted to receive any of the giveaways – thank you!

  383. Amazing! What a giveaway!! My 2012 sewing resolutions are basically to sew more and procrastinate less! I’ve got a slew of great patterns and a stash fit to burst but I’ve been lacking the motivation. Out of all my patterns I think I want to try making bags and I plan to master the art of fitting a zipper!

  384. I want to buy less fabric and start using more of the fabric I already have. I don’t know if I can keep that promise, there are so many beautiful ranges of fabric to discover each day…..sigh… 🙂

  385. I really want 2012 to be my year of engaging more with different craft activities (that will be mostly sewing and knitting for me). In addition to stuff for home and gifts for friends, my daughter and I plan to recycle old clothes to make bags to sell for charity. There’s going to be a lot of sewing going on!

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