Treasure in the post

My prize for winning the Pings and Needles and Eternal Maker Japanese Scrap Pack challenge last year, was a years subscription to The Eternal Maker’s Japanese Swatch Club. It’s been so fabulous so far.. I can’t see how I am going to give it at the end of the year (or maybe I’ll graduate to the FQ club!!!!). Last week the package consisted of a selection from their new Yuwa fabrics, including these yummy snippets:

Yuwa fabrics from The Eternal Maker

Mmmm… ice cream!

And as a very kind little extra they sent club members a gorgeous typewriter from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining. Can’t wait to get some more of this!

Ruby Star Shining snippet... lucky me!

I was thinking it would make a pleasingly ironic print for a e-reader or laptop cover… Thanks to The Eternal Maker for all the lovely goodies.

Another bit of good fortune was receiving some Christmas money to spend on myself.. It’s not often I have spare cash, so I splurged a bit on books from my wish list:

New books

I’ve had a little look through them all, and am very pleased with my choices. There’s so much inspiration and loveliness here..

And finally, because I had such an excellent Christmas business-wise, I have money in my business account to spend on fabrics. I nipped round to Seamstar to get some linen (they had an offer on – over now I’m afraid), and couldn’t resist some lovely bits and bobs from Timeless Treasures and Monaluna. I had my eye on the lovely hatch fabrics for a while… doesn’t this make a lovely spring-like pile?

Fabrics from Seamstar

Very cheering on this slightly shivery Saturday. Hope you are enjoying a cheery day, whether or not you were blessed by the postie!

10 thoughts on “Treasure in the post

    1. I know Megan, they are so fab aren’t they! Can’t wait to use them in something… but have a stack of commissions I have to finish before I can really let go with my creativity loose..

  1. Ooh you must feel like a child in a sweet shop – absolutely scrummy, yummy books and fabric – enjoy xxx

  2. Yay! The Japanese scraps look fab!

    Those essential stripe dashed stripey fabrics at the bottom look wondrous!

    Love those timeless treasures crosshatches … Santa {me, myself and I} brought a little bundle for Crimbo.

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