Zippy Swap

I’ve been resisting joining in any quilt-alongs or swaps so far in 2012 (some achievement!), but couldn’t resist a zippy pouch swap put together by Hadley, Susan and Cindy. I love to making pouches, and as I’m writing a project to make one for a new quilting mag – Modern Quilting – it all seemed rather serendipitous.

When the first requirements for this one is to put together an inspiration mosaic… this is mine:

Mouth Stitches Pouch Mosaic

1. pretty little pouch front…, 2. Pretty {little} Pouch Swap, 3. PLPS – Round 2 complete!,4. pouch for pretty {little} pouch swap, 5. front, 6. glasses pouch side 1, 7. October 2011 160, 8. p{L}p swap, 9. Grey Linen Pouch Rainy days, 10. Pretty Little Pouch Swap, 11. Another logcabin pouch, 12. For Jen (BettyCrockerAss) – PLPS3, 13. pouch pictures found, 14. Little house pouch, 15. Hexagon Pouch, 16. orange pouch 1, 17. PLPS3 – Finished Front B, 18. Patchwork for Ladies with Secrets, 19. Pencil Pouch, 20. PLPS Received

Unbelievably, until I pulled these together, I didn’t realise how addicted to linen and beautiful bright colours I am. And gorgeous textures too. Sadly, sign-up is closed now, but you can see all the beautiful mosaics that the other participants have put together just here on Flickr. It’s going to be fun…!

Over the weekend I am going to be working on a pair of booties for Justine’s forthcoming baby and starting work on my Modern Quilting project. Would love to hear what you are going to be up to…

2 thoughts on “Zippy Swap

  1. Fab mosaic! I held out for this round (before head or sewing machine exploded with overwork and underpay!) but hope I can get into the next round 🙂

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