So I’m plodding along with all the things I have to do in January, but with nothing finished to share. I’ve also been experimenting with my new camera – trying to get to grips with all its buttons and gizmos (and it’s not even a complicated DSLR..!), so I thought I’d blog some of my works in progress..

A friend has commissioned a wallet with a log cabin panel, based on this colour scheme over on Design Seeds. After some nervous wobbles (hate making for friends) I am feeling good about this one:

Wallet in progress

I have actually finished the hand quilting on my carrot cushion. Sadly I haven’t actually finished the cushion part of it – and it was meant to be a Christmas present. Don’t worry though, my sister got sloe gin instead, I don’t think she minded too much. I’m now telling myself that I’ve made a very early start on her birthday present, which is good, right?

Hand quilted carrot cushion
I’ve been experimenting with more log cabin colour combinations and practising with the depth of field on my camera (oh, I can talk a good game):

Log cabin experiments 1

Log cabin experiments 2

I’m not too sure about these – but I’m hoping that I’ll feel better about them once I’ve made them up into pouches. I’m quite pleased with the pictures though – it was a rather dismal day when I took them and you can see all the stray threads very clearly! Looking back over these pictures I’ve realised that I’m clearly incapable of making anything without a bit of Denyse Schmidt in the mix. Which is why I CAN’T WAIT for the return of Flea Market Fancy..

Finally, a very silly pic… we got a new sourdough starter going after Christmas and the first loaf we made with it was a bit lively in places…

Explosive sourdough..

Never can resist a prehistoric-erupting-loaf photo..

15 thoughts on “Plodding…

  1. Hey Ali, happy new year! This working lark is playing havoc with my blog reading, anyway, I love your fabric combinations on the log cabin, you have such a good eye for colour and pattern.
    And looking through what you’ve made over last year, those booties have to be a total fave, could you make them in an adult size 6?!!!!!

  2. These are all very pretty–well, except for the dough. But I’ll bet that was yummy. I like your quilting lines so close together–more work than I’ll do!

  3. Oh my Ali that quilting is just fabulous, I love all the stitching. You have such an eye for putting fabric together, it’s definitely a talent.

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished pouch for your friend. I love a brown/orange combo. I think ‘plodding’ is the right word for crafting in January. That’s what it feels like after the December rush!
    Just want to let you know too, that I bought Crafteroo mag Iss 2 yesterday then went home from work to find I’d received a prize in the mail from Iss 1. Happy times!
    Teresa x

    1. I have found it so difficult to get started again this year, which is ludicrous because I have several unpleasant deadlines for the end of the month. Ugh.

      So pleased you won one of the prizes! Excellent news. 🙂

  5. Hi Ali, loving your new heading and the delicious strawberry covered button – fab. It looks so juicy you could almost eat it. Your WIP looks great and the colours in the bottom photo are superb, the blue and white spotty material pops out of the page. One of the new things I want to get into this year its patchwork and I subscribed to the modern quilting mag following your post on FB so am looking forward to receiving that. Just wondered if you could recommend any suitable ‘patchyworky’ type books for beginners to help me along the way.

    Keep up the good work Ali

  6. Love your pouch panels, the quilting is fab. The quilting is also fab on the cushion, really love the circles 🙂 And even with erupting pustules I just know that bread is going to taste so good….. I’m gettin hungry….

    1. The bread was good! It was really nice to get back into the rhythm of making it too (well it was nice for Sandy – he made it, I just ate it!!). Thanks for being so sweet about my quilting. x

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