2011 Round Up

It feels good to look back over a productive year.. and as I don’t have an operational camera at the moment, it seems like a good time to do a round up of some of the stuff I made in 2011.

There have been needle books:

2011 - needle books


2011 - pincushions


2011 - booties

If you remember me making the original booties (the bottom two pairs in this pic) for the Eternal Maker/Pings and Needles Japanese Scrap Challenge, you might also remember that my original inspiration was my 2 pregnant friends. You’ll be glad to hear that baby Jack arrived safely on Nov 23 and baby Eleanor on December 18 – they are now both proud owners of some very funky booties!


2011 - pouches

and all kinds of wallets and wraps.

2011- wallets and wraps

As well as the satisfaction I get from actually doing the creating, it’s also been my best business year so far, so a huge and grateful thank you to anyone who has bought from me in 2011 – it means a lot because it allows me to be at home with my boys.

Here’s to loads more lovely creating for all of us in 2012…

12 thoughts on “2011 Round Up

  1. These all look so lovely. You have such a good eye for design, and the colours of these are beautiful.

    Hope you have a happy and creative 2012 🙂

  2. Great news that Jack & Eleanor arrived safely! And wonderful that you had such a successful year – it is truly deserved your work is excellent.

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