Very Berry Scrappy Xmas Ornament Swap

It’s time to have a little round up (hopefully this is part 1 of 2) of the Christmas goodies people made for the Very Berry Scrappy Ornament Swap.

I love these from Gail Made:

Scrappy Swap Baubles

They must have taken quite a while to make – and they are so fantastic, love them.


This fantastic wreath was made by Deborah of Sew Here Goes for Jane at Hooked Yarn.

xmas wreath

It’s such a lovely idea – really effective, Christmassy, and just a little bit different.


The cute little half-eaten gingerbread man and gingerbread house were made by Leah of Sew to Bed.
Very Berry Scrappy Christmas Ornament Swap - Bitten Gingerbread Man

Very Berry Scrappy Christmas Ornament Swap - Gingerbread House

I can’t decide which one of these I like best, but I especially like the heart button tiles on the roof of the house – so adorable!


There’s more felt from Jenny at Gingerbread House – there’s no surprise about what she chose to make!

So very cute!

This ethereal angel was made by Karen of Creative and Faithful for Jenny. Thanks to Jenny for these two photos.


It looks like Linnhe of Wee Mindings and Flaming Nora have had a lovely swap… (photos stolen from FN’s blog…thanks Jane!).

Pine cone Christmas boy by Linnhe

Pine cone Christmas boy and Christmas tree by Linnhe

A lovely Christmas tree and pine cone Christmas elf by Linnhe. I love that elf’s mischievous expression!

Snow garland by Flaming Nora

Reel Christmas token by Flaming Nora

A very fabulous snow-themed garland and a Christmas Reel token by Jane. How great is that little button?!


Thanks to everyone who to everyone who took part in the swap – I’ll be back with a few more pictures early next week, once I’m over my New Year hangover…!  Sandy and I will also be celebrating 21 years as a couple tomorrow – another excuse for a celebratory drink or two (and for those of you doing the maths, we were VERY young!!). Back tomorrow with my first fabric news of 2012.. hope you enjoy any New Year’s Eve celebrating that you plan to do.


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