Treasure from Meggy Magpie’s Fabrics

If you love the big bold colours and patterns of 1950s-1970s designers like Lucienne Day, Jaqueline Groag, Tom Mellor and Robert Stewart then Meggy Magpie’s on Ebay is a great place to look for glorious vintage fabrics.

The good news for us is that Meg, the owner, is going to give Very Berry readers a 10% discount on a permanent basis! Hurrah!  Whilst we sort out the practicalities of the discount, Meg and I thought it would be great for me to introduce her and her shop, and to have a little Christmas giveaway of a scrap bundle from Meggy Magpie’s.

Here it is:
Meggy Magpie's scrap fabric bundle

Gorgeous or what? There’s 20″ square of fabric all together in the bundle, and it includes Cadenza by Lucienne Day, Flowerpots by Tom Mellor for David Whitehead, and Aquarius for Jonelle by Jacquline Groag.

Meg opened her shop a couple of years ago, partly as an outlet for fabric collecting habit, partly because of her enthusiasm to share these brilliant designs and partly because she wants to do her bit to help us all reuse, reduce and recycle. So her customers get the opportunity to be green as well as get their hands on some fantastic designs. Doing your bit has never seemed so easy!

The giveaway will run until midnight (UK time) Sunday 18 Dec and I will make the draw on Monday morning. Meg has promised to try and get the bundle into the post on Tuesday if we have the winner’s details, so you could get a rather tremendous little Christmas treat… To enter, just leave a comment telling us what you love about vintage fabric, or what you would do with the bundle if you won it. And…

Good Luck!

28 thoughts on “Treasure from Meggy Magpie’s Fabrics

  1. I love these fabrics – so cool and original. I would use them to make so something for me (because I’ve spent all year making for others!) Maybe a funky lined make-up bag or iPhone case? Or filled with lavender to make drawer scenters?

  2. Oooh- how gorgeous! I’d probably make some cushions with these lovely prints adding some solid fabric borders to make them go further!

  3. well i am currently planning a new quilt for my 2 year old – I made her a play quilt which she is obsessed with but its too small to lie under – so i would be great for that

  4. I love thr thought that some-one also wanted the same piece of fabric as me, all those years ago. I love the history behind vintage fabrics.

  5. The dandelions blue/green print is STUNNING. Absolutely wowed by that. If I won, I’d probably used that one print as the focus for a quilt, as the only printed fabric along with some co-ordinating solids (maybe even *gulp*… black. In a quilt!) in a big, blocky, graphic style. It’s just beautiful, I love it!

  6. le bags for I love vintage fabrics, because… well just because :-). I would make little bags for lots of little girls I know.

  7. Ooh, that’s gorgeous! Love vintage fabric, and these patterns are something special. If I was lucky enough to win, I would probably just look at it admiringly for a bit 😉 and then it would be perfect for adding into the patchwork quilt I’m making, and I might get a few little rosette brooches out of it too. So many options…

  8. I love this kind of fabric- got some metreage of a Jonelle fabric that’s brown with yellow flowers on that I have used for loads of stuff and I found it for a couple of quid in a vintage haberdashery sale 🙂

  9. I love vintage because I am vintage myself! I lived in lots of houses because my father was in the RAF and I quite often recognise fabrics from my childhood homes! Now I have a beautiful daughter who loves vintage fairs and a VF quilt would be just the thing for her!

  10. Hello,

    Firstly, your fabric looks gorgeous!! Note to self – buy, buy, buy in 2012!

    If I managed to get my hands on this bundle it will go towards the patchwork quilt I’m making for my best friend’s first baby.

    Thank you, merry Christmas 🙂


  11. Oh my mind is racing, cushions? notebooks? heart garlands? embroidered collage? patchwork something? oh oh oh! too much choice! Beautiful fabrics, fantastic idea, thank you for being so organised and generous.

  12. Vintage patterns are a lovely way of revisiting the past and bringing it into our present-day lives. I’d like to mix them with some silk sari samples I’ve just got and create something different to anything I’ve made before.

  13. I like that there is always a story behind vintage fabric, even if it’s not shared! It’s nice to create one of a kind items as it’s likely that there isn’t going to be much of the same fabric around.
    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway! I think I’d probably make a cushion and maybe a zippy pouch or two if I were the lucky winner 🙂

  14. This is fate! I’ve been searching for a 1950’s (specifically 1952) fabric for the last two days to make a cushion for my mum’s 60th birthday in two weeks.

    Please please let me win! Then I can start sewing over Christmas!

  15. What a great giveaway. I love the fact that vintage fabric has history to it and wonder what it was used for in a previous life and also the fact that it is going to be so different to current trends. I would probably make some cosmetic purses or brooches, not sure, but would definitely use it wisely.

  16. I love vintage fabrics for the same reason I like old chairs – they have a history, a patina! I would use the scraps in a cushion or a bag if I was lucky enough to win!

  17. Oh what a fab wee retro bundle, thanks for the chance to win. It’s funny, I’m not sure I can embrace an entire vintage sheet, but wee scraps like this can just set off a project nicely

  18. I have sseen Merry Magpies on ebay, she has lovely finds. I just love to revisit the old patterns that capture a design era with vintage fabric

  19. I love getting vintage fabrics. Really makes you wonder if there is any story behind them. Plus it’s definitely not something you will see on someone else! If I won this, I would use for a small bag, or I’m thinking maybe a tuxedo ruffle down the front of a top, or some frayed rosettes would look nice too. Many options!

  20. Quality vintage fabric is just pure treasure! I was lucky to get access to some amazing vintage fabric a couple of years ago. It’s great to have something different and feels brilliant to upcycle or indeed give life to something that wasn’t fulfilling it’s potential. I think I’d make some zip purses/bags if I was lucky enough to win!

  21. Just what I didn’t need, more temptation to spend on fabric! I love the fact that vintage fabrics are often rare and enjoy turning them into something ‘new’. thanks for the great giveaway

  22. No idea what I would do with it. Just love it for abit. Vintage fabric is great, nothing better than s spot of old stuff

  23. Oh no – #1 – I love vintage fabric because it has been pre-loved by someone else and then I like to think it has come to the surface again to be transformed into something else…and made useful, needed and loved once more.

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