First decorations of the season

We managed to get out and about yesterday for the first time in ages – we’ve had another set of colds (where do these germs come from???) – this time even the boys got sick, which is a very rare occurrence. It was very chilly but we had a fabulous walk at the Trentham Estate – here are the boys, still looking a bit pale, but on the road to a noisy recovery! Seeing them wrapped up in their cosy scarves reminds me of the rush I had to get them crocheted last Christmas…

The boys at Trentham

This morning we decided to relax at home and do some crafting together. The arrival of a snowflake paper punch from Cox & Cox got me thinking about making snowflake lanterns. So lots of glue, glitter, tissue paper and jam jars later….

Christmas lights

These are officially our first decorations of the year – we don’t tend to decorate the house until the week before Christmas – but we couldn’t wait to get these all lit up! Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones to leave it until so near the actual day – is there anyone else out there who doesn’t have their tree up?


The other celebratory note of the day is that Very Berry reached the milestone of 600 likers on Facebook. To say a big thank you, the next 6 people to buy something from my shop will get a little something extra in the parcel.


14 thoughts on “First decorations of the season

  1. We haven’t put up our decorations yet either. We also tend to do it the weekend before Christmas or later. When the children were small we put them up on Christmas Eve as my parents also did. I think it makes the day even more magical for children. They stay up until 12 Night or, as near as possible. I’ve usually had enough of them by then and how bare everything looks when they come down (but I shouldn’t be thinking about that yet!).
    Teresa x

  2. You bet!We don’t have our tree up or even cut down yet. We always wait but oh, after Christmas we leave it all up until my husband’s birthday Jan 14, unless the tree is getting gold instead of green. My son and his family put it all up Christmas eve, and sometimes the kids wake up to it on Christmas morn. Fun fun.

  3. I have my Christmas koalas out, but the tree will be at mum and dad’s and that’ll be just a few days before Christmas – it’s always a real tree too, so there’s less needle issues if it’s not there all month!

  4. I try and put the tree up the weekend closest to 12 days before Christmas, which was this weekend, but I invariably run a few days late. We used to honour Twelfth night when I was a girl but since I got married on Epiphany I usually have the decorations down by then.

  5. We’re Christmas Eve tree-ers here too. My maternal grandfather’s family came from Germany, and I think it’s a vestige of German Christmas celebration.

    This year we’re going away for Christmas, so we’re not going to have one. But we did harvest a load of windfall evergreen branches from the local park, so I think we’ll make a Christmassy display out of that instead.

    I LOVE your lanterns. I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist putting them up now.

    1. A Christmassy display sounds great Zillah.. I think that Sandy is going to make a kissing bough (he has hopes obviously!), and we plan to forage in the garden for a bit of holly and ivy. I always wish I had time to do one of Sarah Raven’s amazing floral decorations for Christmas, but only ever manage a few hyacinths in vases!

  6. Love your tea light jars – very festive! My tree is up but is currently naked – I’m hoping to get the lights on this evening and the decorations on tomorrow…I’m one of the last (if not the last!) in my street to decorate a tree! Hope the colds disappear soon!

    1. A little bit of me would really like to do that Linda… but I just can’t wait that long! It was tradition, when I was growing up, to put the tree up on my mum’s birthday (the 18th) so I try to carry that on. It’s a lovely memory of my mum too.

  7. Don’t worry Ali, we haven’t got our decorations up yet. Hoping to do it later this week or if not then, definitely at the weekend. I’ve been soooo busy, but to be honest I don’t particularly like putting them up too early, I think it is more special if you do it later anyway! Well done on your 600 likers.
    Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year


    1. No, I don’t like putting them up too early either. That’s partly because we are very keen on the tradition of Christmas ending on Twelfth night – so there’s no way I want the Xmas tree (real!) in the house from early Dec to the 6th Jan!

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