Cranberry concoctions..

Sandy and I are deeply committed to the science (or is it an art?) of adding fruit to alcohol. You might have noticed that already if you’d spotted our recipes for sloe gin, damson gin, and blackberry and apple gin/vodka! We’ve been waiting for fresh cranberries to arrive in the shops for a 3 or 4 weeks now so that we could try making cranberry vodka, as described in Sarah Raven’s Complete Christmas (one of our favourite Christmas recipe/style books). Here are the cranberries, washed and waiting for their bath.

Cranberries waiting for their bath

You need 100g of cranberries to add to 1 750ml bottle of vodka. Prick the cranberries a few times (boring but there’s not too many to do), and put them in a 1 litre clip top jar (Kilner or Le Parfait). Empty the bottle of vodka in on top, and then stir in a tablespoonful of runny honey. And that’s it. Leave the jar for 2-3 weeks, giving it a shake when you think about it, and then strain into a clean, sterilised, screw-top/clip-top bottle. Here are the cranberries bathing in vodka (what a thought…), you can see that there’s already a little bit of pinkness infusing the alcohol:

Cranberries bathing in vodka

Obviously we can’t tell you what it tastes like, but, it’s got to be worth a try, right? With the rest of the cranberries I’m making some cranberry and juniper jelly to have with our turkey on Christmas day. Yum.


Some of you might remember… I’m meant to be off having lots of jollies in London but had to cry off because I have such a bad cold – I’m so sad to be missing all my friends (I had so much lined up!). Leave lots of nice comments please – it doesn’t have to be about cranberries, but can involve alcohol, if you like…

12 thoughts on “Cranberry concoctions..

  1. I’m sorry to hear your plans have been scuppered by the dreaded germs. There are lot of them about at the moment.
    I have a friend who makes sloe gin and raves about some spiced rum drink, but I’m afraid it’s all lost on me. I’m not a great drinker and am considered rather strange when opting for a coffee rather than alcohol on a our weekly night out with friends. I stick to my guns though and they don’t try to pressurise me into having vodka in my tonic so much as they used to. Oh, and I just remembered, I had mulled wine at a Christmas Festival yesterday.
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    Teresa x
    Teresa x

  2. Thats so unfair Ali, the best laid plans of mice and men eh! A hot toddie, a roaring fire and lots of cuddles off your boys should ease your pain, good luck and a speedy recovery xx

  3. We have raspberry vodka on the go. It will be in my hip flask on Christmas day on the ski slopes of Meribel :0)
    Think of the money you have saved by not going to London and treat yourself to a bit of Internet shopping, it’s bound to make you feel better!

  4. The best made plans of mice and men!! Never mind Ali, you can always catch up in the New Year. To me your health is most important so hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy a nice snuggle on the sofa day with a hot toddy!!


  5. Oh dear sorry to hear you’re poorly, hope you get well soon. This vodka looks good. I made a cranberry sauce that my family raved about last year so will have to get shopping x

  6. Aww, sorry you’re missing your London getaway 😦 Now I happen to love cranberry juice *with* vodka, so this seems to be a great way to cut out the middle man 😀 May have to give this a go…

  7. Sorry to hear you’re missing out on a jolly – sometimes life is just not fair. I’ve spent the day at 2 Christmas fairs and it’s my birthday, but now I have a gin and tonic and husband cooking dinner! make the most of your weekend at home!

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