Wonderful washi paper

I love washi paper, especially the gorgeously colourful patterned kinds that you can get from places like Roze (a great shop – check out the buttons..). I am a sucker for reds, golds and greens, especially for Christmas. We’ve been making bauble Christmas cards today – all you need is washi paper, card, a glue stick and a cookie cutter template (or draw your own bauble template):

Washi bauble cards - ingredients

Washi bauble cards

I’ve also been making some woven hearts (sometimes called Danish hearts) – I love doing these, but I always find making the first one supremely tricky (they have that in common with pancakes!). If you fancy having a go, here are some very clear instructions. They are a little bit difficult, but it’s one of those practice makes perfect situations.

Washi paper woven heart

These are lovely on the Christmas tree – especially because they open out and you can put little treats inside..
Washi paper woven heart

One year, when we were spectacularly well organised, we sent some of these instead of Christmas cards – with little notes inside. A lot of people have told me that they have kept them to add to their collection of decorations – which is a lovely thought…


All being well, I am off to London for some revelry for the next couple of days, so, hangover permitting, I will be back on Sunday with a fabric update. Have a fun weekend!

8 thoughts on “Wonderful washi paper

  1. Have a fab weekend, after your frentic posts about all your making over the last few weeks I think you need it!
    p.s thanks for your comments re my job, I am still SO excited!!

  2. Love this post! One snag, I’ve been trying to get hold of some washi paper in reds and greens for weeks, and failing miserably! The search continues and If I suceed I’ll order an extra sheet or two and give these a go.

  3. Ooh I have been wondering how to make those hearts/baskets since reading about them in the Bullerby books, thanks for the link! They made 72 in an afternoon if I recall, sounds like a challenge…

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