Wallet winner

Wallet / Purse

Just a quick post tonight to announce the winner of the 200,000 Hit Wallet. Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment – we got pretty hungry reading all your Christmas dinner plans… And it inspired us to get our turkey ordered!

Now, the important part, the winner is:

wallet winner

Comment number 38 was left by Lynne who said:

We have decided to have Duck this year, with orange and sprouts with chopped parsnip, Roast Potatoes sprinkled with nuts and the usual sausage and bacon and veg… After for pud we are having christmas pud that has been cooked and chopped into fresh cream and then frozen…Just like ice cream..family love it!

Absolutely love your pudding idea Lynne – might try this with the inevitable pudding leftovers…

Purse / Wallet

Well done Lynne – I’ll be emailing you shortly. And thanks again to everyone who reads and leaves comments.. and here’s to the next 100,000 hits.

8 thoughts on “Wallet winner

  1. Love that wallet! I have been using some of that fabric myself, did you get it from My Fabric House? And also I wanted to reply to the lovely comment you just left on my blog (and all the previous comments) but you are an infamous ‘no-reply blogger’! Please change this in your profile settings so that everyone can reply to your comments! x

    1. Thanks for popping round! Yes I did get that fabric from My Fabric House – they have some ace stuff.

      The no reply thing is not in my control unfortunately… It’s because I use WordPress to blog – here’s a great blog post explaining it all:
      http://piecemealquilts.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/no-reply-no-kidding/ but in essence the issue is that anyone who blogs on a platform other than Blogger will always show up as a no reply blogger… So it’s Google’s fault, not mine..! Sorry… 😦

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