A Christmas card idea

I’m meeting up with lots of friends down in London over the weekend, so I’ve had to get going on my Christmas cards about 3 weeks earlier than I usually do… Don’t know what’s happening to me this year – cards and cake sort-of-sorted before December. Deary me – It’ll be presents next!

Influenced by Kerry’s lovely Scandinavian tree cushion, I had an idea to do fake patchwork Christmas trees. And the good news is, they don’t need quilting, fake or otherwise..

Fake patchwork Xmas cards

I can’t call this a tutorial, but I’m definitely pleased enough with these, to share the idea..

So…. I cut some 1/2″ strips of bondaweb (using a quilting ruler and the rotary cutter I keep for paper) and and ironed them on some scraps of fabric. I played around finding some scraps that had starry shapes, just so that I could have stars for the top of the tree.  Then more playing – cutting up the pieces, and arranging fabric patches in triangle shapes on my blank cards. Such fun!

Now for the fiddly bit – peeling off the paper bits on the back of the bondaweb. I did this on the ironing board (who am I kidding – I did this on a folded up tea-towel..), so there was no chance of the bits being dislodged. Then I put a piece of baking parchment over the top and ironed the whole lot to fix the bondawebbed fabric bits into place.  Don’t have the iron on too hot or iron for too long because the card does get distorted…

Fake patchwork Xmas cards

I think they look pretty funky. And if you can’t be bothered faffing around with bondaweb and fabric (although it is a fab way of using up scraps), you could always do something really similar with washi tape, MT tape or patterned sticky tape.

14 thoughts on “A Christmas card idea

  1. I was thinking about next years art auction project and I remembered that you’d made these fabulous cards. How easy do you think these would be with children Ali and I’m also thinking of doing it on a larger scale and have them come up with a bigger design to have framed. Or maybe they could do individual ones and I make a collage with them.

  2. Spooky! Very similar to the design for my Christmas cards this year. As usual I’ve left it till last minute, but instead of using fabric scraps, I’ve used card scraps which I’ve put through my Cuttlebug and made up Christmas trees using different coloured card/paper. I’d put a pic on to show you, but don’t think I can….

  3. Funnily enough I was going to do something similar- I was going to sew my scraps together in a random fashion and then cut triangles out for Xmas trees out of the resulting patchwork and stick them on card 🙂

  4. They look great Ali and I can even see a small piece from our scrappy swap earlier in the year. I bet one of the hardest parts was searching through your scrap box. I can just imagine you flinging scraps all over to find the correct piece lol! Another idea would be to stitch the actual material to the piece of card and then cover the inside with some decorative paper. Alternatively, you could actually cut out elongated type triangles (longer in length than height) and stitch them on to the card at a wonky angle. Your friends will love them though – enjoy your weekend.
    Jane (aka ellabella all things crafty)

  5. Nice cards and good tips, thank you. I just bought blanks today and have a star punch at the ready. I used the ironing tea towel shortcut last week while fixing some fabric paint and melted my carpet..OOPS!!

  6. They are fab. Need to get cracking on my scrappy swap! Just one tip for doing stuff like this, I always find it easier to iron a big piece of the bonding stuff on first and then cut out the shape I want through the two layers of fabric and webbing. You can draw on the backing paper of the iron-on stuff, means only cutting out once. It does mean though that any scraps from this have stuff stick to the back of them.

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