Knowing where to stop..

I’ve been looking forward to using this lovely fabric – Buoyancy by Anna Maria Horner from the brilliant River Fabrics – and thought it might work really well with this Japanese woven fabric that I picked up at the Festival of Quilts.

Spirally pouch

I like how they look together, but thought I’d try and pull them together a little more with some embellishment. I decided on lovely pink ribbed spider wheels or spider’s webs because they fit in so sweetly with the spirally Loulouthi print. But now I’m back to my usual problem with embellishment – knowing when to stop… I’m thinking a couple more spider webs would be good, but is it just because I REALLY like sewing them? What do you reckon?

8 thoughts on “Knowing where to stop..

  1. Hi Ali and Sandy,

    Your work is really lovely.

    We are working on an E book with illustrated tutorials of 200 and more stitches. We want to feature some samples from our readers as well. You had pinged back to our website. If it is okay with you, we would like to consider using the image in this page to feature in our E book. All due credits will be given. Please let us know.

    Best regards,

  2. Less is more, though they are very addictive. Best to make another purse and then you can do some more. But then what do I know, my tendency to over embellish is well known round these parts!

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