Celebrating 200,000 hits!

Please excuse a little moderate celebration… Sometime yesterday we made it to 200,000 hits (and no, I don’t keep pressing refresh, the stats don’t include our visits!). It took 9 months to reach the first 100,000 hits and just over 5 months to double that figure, which is a really pleasing thought.

We want to say a huge thank youΒ from me (Ali) and Sandy,Β to everyone who pops round to Very Berry for whatever reason, whether it’s for the recipes, the crochet patterns and tutorials, to chat about sewing, crochet, books, gardening, music and tents (!), or to join in the swaps or the giveaways. It’s been a brilliant year-and-a-bit of blogging at here at Very Berry.

So I’ve been rushing around this afternoon finishing off a little thank-you giveaway prize, before it got too dark to take photos of it! To be honest I could have done with a bit more light, but I hope you’ll be able to see how cute this little purse / wallet is in spite of the slightly dodgy pics.


Giveaway wallet

The cute flowery fabric is from My Fabric HouseΒ and the green polkadot is from Fabric Inspirations.

This is the first prize… no doubt I will include some other goodies in the parcel too. There will also be 2 surprise runner-up prizes… All the prize winners will also get a 10% off voucher for the Very Berry shop.

All you need to do is leave a little message telling us what you’re planning to eat for Christmas dinner (we can’t decide…!).

I’ll make the draw on Wednesday next week.

Good luck!

and thanks again from us both.



84 thoughts on “Celebrating 200,000 hits!

  1. Wow – congratulations on getting so many hits! I’m not surprised though – your blog is lovely. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the photos.

    Christmas dinner for us will be (as always) turkey and all the trimmings and, although none of us are vegetarians, we have a cashew nut roast as well which is just scrummy. Christmas pudding and cream for afters as well. I’m afraid I believe that the sign of a good Christmas dinner is having eaten so much that you feel a bit sick afterwards!

  2. Hi, Great blog, I came here from money saving expert, but i’m adding you to my favourites, it looks like such a good read. Im vegetarian, and i’m really lucky that my step mums a great cook. She usually cooks me something special and exciting. I’m not sure what it is this year, but last year it was a filo pastry parcel, filled with mushrooms, blue cheese and chesnuts (I think!)
    and of course, all the trimmings xx

  3. Not being big turkey fans, we are going to do a Chicken and a beef joint, crispy roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, stuffing balls, sprouts with bacon, and yorkshire puddings

  4. Ali, that is gorgeous!! Massive congrats too xx
    Xmas is a bit of a nightmare round here, Rich always works it so is sick to the back teeth of turkey and trimmings by the 25th. Before the kids we used to have curry, love curry, it was pheasent last year – this year as he won’t be getting home till 7ish we are now thinking a magnificent buffet where everyone can choose what we have – so far that includes duck pancakes, fresh makeral, roasted chicken legs and haribos!

  5. Chicken-style roast with crispy potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots, parsnips and must-have sprouts, followed by black-forest gateau, coffee, chocolates and cream liquer, and a week to recover!

  6. Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, gravy, brussel sprouts, peas, salad, champagne and trifle, can’t wait for the food, but otherwise I want more time!

  7. Oh, I forgot to say, I just stumbled across your site and have been reading some of your posts. Your handmade stuff is gorgeous! I hope you keep it up ^^.

  8. Hopefully vegetable cous-cous! I don’t really like traditional turkey so I always have something different from the rest of the family. πŸ™‚

  9. For me Christmas Dinner will be my mums wonderful vegetable ‘loaf’ roast stuffed full of wonderful veggies and of course all the favourite trimmings of potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, veggie sausages and delicious gravy too! Wow I honestly can’t wait! xxx

  10. Hi – We’re having Turkey (Crown) with about 10 different types of veggies. We’re also having the Xmas pudding with the orange inside!
    Raymond Briggs Father Christmas! This really reminds me of being a kid at Xmas and will look for a copy to read to my little one!

  11. I’m eating roast turkey with mash, veg and yorkshire pudding for christmas.
    Congrats on getting to 200,000 hits!

  12. What a great site, i have just stumbled across it and it is just the inspirational site i have been hoping to find. I would love to win your beautiful handmade bag. My family will be eating roast turkey, goose fat roast potatoes, carrot and swede and crunchy stuffing with cranberry, oh and goose liver parfait to start and chocolate brownie with baileys thick cream to finish, yummy!

  13. We’re going to have gammon for a change this year. For afters I will have lovely Christmas pud and brandy sauce and hubby and the kids will have sticky toffee pudding and custard. (I’ve just made myself hungry now!)

  14. Turkey Lurkey, with Copas’ Sage & Onion stuffing and Very Special Gravy (very good stuff), roast potatoes, red cabbage with apple and cranberries, carrots with honey and leafed sprouts cooked in butter with bacon lardons. And probably a couple of pigs in blankets or sausagemeat balls.

  15. Turkey with all the trimmings and LOTS of chocolate! (provided I am gifted some… which i usually am!)

    Thanks for the competition!

  16. Tradition! It’s turkey with all the trimmings for me- don’t forget the sprouts! and def roast parsnips mummm my favourite! Finished off with christmas pud or warm mince pies with lots of cream! Delicious!–Love the purse,grest fabrics. x

  17. Congratulations, I’m normally a serial lurker but wanted to say congrats and have a chance of winning the wonderful giveaway.

    For the first year ever we are going to someone elses house for Christmas, my brother in laws, apparently he cooks, Turkey, Beef and Ham so I will be well and truely stuffed.

  18. Congratulations! I always enjoy reading your blog (and trying not to click on all the shopping links!)

    This year we’ll be having our traditional Christmas meal of whatever-is-half-price-in-M&S-in-the-run-up-to-Christmas. Usually beef πŸ™‚

  19. Love the website. I don’t know what we will be eating, cause I don’t know who will be with us. Will be at our winter home.

  20. Congratulations! As Nathan has decided to become vegetarian, I think we will be having a cranberry and chestnut ring. It has goat’s cheese in the middle and pastry on the top. It looks very festive with bay leaves and cranberries as decoration.

  21. Congratulations! Well done! It’s a lovely blog.
    We’ll be eating turkey and Christmas pudding, not at the same time. And lots of parsnips.

  22. Well done! How exciting for you, and a brilliant achievement in so short a time – I’m waaaay off that! Very pretty purse too!

    As for Christmas, we are going to Joe’s parents so I have no idea whether it will be turkey or some other festive bird. But I did buy a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pud from Waitrose – don’t know why, as I don’t think anyone really likes Christmas pudding, but I suppose it feels wrong not to have one, for the flames if nothing else!

  23. That’s fab! And thoroughly deserved πŸ™‚

    We get 2 Christmas dinners with our respective families, so one will be lamb (mine and mum’s favourite) and one will be turkey (J’s family) which we’re hoping to buy – there’s lots of good farms around Oxford, so we just have to pick one!

  24. We usually have chicken, although I keep suggesting other things. In the past we’ve had turkey, beef and goose. I might try to talk everyone into rack of lamb.

  25. Congrats on 200,000 hits!
    As for Christmas, I have no clue what we’ll be eating. I am originally from US, so have to think about Thanksgiving menu first, and haven’t finalized that completely yet either! But that will include turkey, green beans, yams, cranberries, pecan pie, and a few other things that I haven’t figured out yet. Yum!

  26. We’ll be having the usual, a small turkey (if we can find a small one!) plus a little nut roast for me.
    The purse is very pretty. Congratulations on 200,000 – that’s amazing!!
    Teresa x

  27. We have decided to have Duck this year, with orange and sprouts with chopped parsnip, Roast Potatoes sprinkled with nuts and the usual sausage and bacon and veg…
    After for pud we are having christmas pud that has been cooked and chopped into fresh cream and then frozen…Just like ice cream..family love it!

  28. Congrats Ali, well deserved. Non meat house so I guess cliche nut roast and usual trimmings, especially roast parsnips and Yorkshire puddings also compulsory!

  29. Wow 200.000 hits and some of those were mine!! Congratulations!
    We always have turkey for Christmas, reared locally by a friend!

  30. Yay congratulations, many of those hits have been mine! I love to pop over from Flickr for the garneding bits, anything about home-grown fruit and of course your wonderful pureses and patchwork, special mention going to those bootees!

    Christmas dinner, hmmm. I’m not sure about this year, but I’ll describe a Christmas dinner from a lovely Christmas Past. We’re in a warm climate and Christmas day very close to the Summer Equinox, so it’s probably a little diferent from where you are. One year we lived in a tiny house with almost no living area, so we made Christmas dinner for eight people on our camp stove and served it in the garden. We had seared salmon fillets with green pea puree, smashed new potatoes roasted with thyme, grilled asparagus, and leek and gruyere free-form tarts. It was pretty yummy, if I do say so myself!

    I look forward to seeing what you plan for your menu!

  31. A huge congrats Ali and Sandy – well deserved indeed. I just love reading your blogs. I have tried a few recipes and they always turn out and Ali’s fabric choice is sublime. Once again Ali you have made a beautiful piece, its absolutely gorgeous – I want!!!! As for christmas dinner, its got to be the traditional turkey for us followed by a good old fashioned sherry triffle with christmas cake on the side if anyone can manage.

  32. What a cute wallet and congratulations on 200,000 hits. For Christmas we usually have the traditional.. turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes!!

  33. Congrats on the 200,000! I’m very happy to have discovered your blog. We have a large family & Christmas dinner consists of ham, turkey, pork & a multitude of vegetables. And then my favourite, Christmas pudding!

  34. Congratulations on your 200,00 blog hits! How exciting!
    For Christmas we might do our traditional turkey or maybe a ham dinner. We haven’t decided.

  35. That’s a lovely purse, I just adore that fabric. As for christmas dinner, it has to be turkey and christmas pud. It’s the only time of year I would eat either of these and couldn’t possibly imagine christmas day eating anything else.

  36. Congrats on your 200000 hits (hope that’s enough noughts!!)
    We’ll be at my Mum’s on Christmas day and will have a traditional Chrismas dinner – tukey, stuffing, pigs in blankets and loads of veg including red cabbage and sprouts. However may roast potatoes she cooks there are never any left!!!

  37. Christmas Eve is homage to my husbands Scandinavian side of the family and we have ham, red cabbage, and lots of other stuff. Christmas Day is the Canadian’s turn and it is turkey all the way, sausage stuffing, the works. My favourite is Boxing Day, all the good food, none of the work, and lots of relaxing!

  38. Congratulations, what a great achievement. Me and the husband are spending Christmas in Iceland, very excited as we are both NHS workers and normally working. We have a trip booked to the outdoor hot springs on Christmas day so no plans about what we will eat as too excited about our trip πŸ˜€

  39. Turkey, we’re traditional BUT my husband has decided that he’s cooking this year (with his mother) as apparently its ‘less stressful’ than me doing it…. I said fine as I can play with the kids, if it makes him happy, as long as I can do the roast potatoes πŸ™‚

  40. Congratulations… what an achievement.
    Our Christmas dinner will be very traditional.. turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc, but we love it!

  41. Dh’s department and I’m not sure if he’s decided yet – probably turkey or pork, although we don’t have any of our own joints left for this year! We will definitely have an inordinate number of mini cocktail sausages and crispy rolled up bacon though. Love the fabric on the purse!

  42. Congrats on the 200 000 an amazing achievement! I’m veggie and will be having Delia’s Cheese and Parsnip roulade with sage and onion stuffing I highly recommend it to other veggies followed by Christmas pudding made to my mum’s recipe – yum!

  43. Congratulations on reaching 200,000! I don’t know what we’ll be having for dinner on Christmas Day but what I do know is that it will have been cooked by someone else – either from a shop or at someone else’s house. I don’t cook – I sew!

    1. Well done, 200,000! I always love reading your FB messages. Well it’s traditional for us, I have no choice! Turkey with trimmings and bread sauce is a must, I love it. Xmas pud to follow. I have tried doing something different but it was not appreciated so I have learnt to please.

  44. Congratulations on your 200,000 hits! Hope it’s not too long before you get to 300,000 – then who knows what happens after that!
    The purse is GORGEOUS! Love, love, love it!!!
    As for Christmas Dinner – NO IDEA what I am going to cook. There will be 11 of us altogether, will probably end up doing turkey plus something – maybe pork which is my husband’s favourite. Plus all the trimmings, then a couple of puds – traditional xmas pud, plus something a bit different. Am so disorganised this year – too much I want to create instead – that the menu will be a last minute decision!!!!

  45. Congratulations on 200,000 hits! And that purse is lovely – I have a thing for what I think of as the ’50’s combination of pink and green.
    Mmm – christmas dinner is at ours this year, with my in-laws – there will be 11 of us in total and it will be turkey! Free range bronze. There will of course be sprouts -it is christmas after all. And the christmas pud is already made and maturing (though there will be an alternative for the children none of whom seem to like it once they hit 2!)

  46. Congratulations! You must be so chuffed! I love the fabric, super pretty flowers. With all that’s going on with family, we’re having a traditional turkey with all the trimmings. We’ve tried goose, 5 bird roast and even a huge rib of beef last year, but we think the senior members of the family will really appreciate a good old turkey! Thanks for the chance. E x

  47. Congratulations! And thank you for your wonderful fabric recommendations. Well being veggie means I will probably have a nice risotto or roasted vegetables with goat’s cheese, fresh thyme and lovely cloves of garlic along with the rest of the trimmings!

  48. Wow, congrats!! πŸ˜€ I’m not sure what I’m having for Christmas dinner, as I’m going home for Christmas!! Yay! I always miss being home as it gets closer to Christmas. Mum usually gets a Quorn roast for me (I’m a vegi) and everyone else has chicken. And mash, roasties, pigs in blankets (I have vegi ones), stuffing, yorkshire puddings, carrots, broccoli, and my mum always insists on every one eating at least one brussel sprout. Luckily I don’t mind them πŸ™‚ Oh and lots of gravy, cranberry sauce and mint sauce. Yum! As for pudding, we don’t often have room! πŸ˜‰
    Ashley x

  49. What a cute purse and congrats on 200,000. For Christmas we usually have “Kumla” A Norweigan traditional dish, Pork and Potato dumplings in English. Thanks for the give away.

  50. We are going to my parents for Christmas – and they haven’t decided the menu yet! Think turkey has been decided on (lunch for 9); chestnut stuffing was mentioned. There is definitely smoked salmon (my dad won it in a competition – a whole side). And mum was trying to ditch the Christmas pudding but my husband would be most disappointed so I think I’ve talked her out of that.

    Hungry now!

    Congratulations on all your visitors!

  51. Congratulations to you both! Undecided yet but probably a lovely organic chicken and I’d love to make a lemoncello trifle.

  52. We’re starting with scallops and parma ham salad, followed by bambi (my dad’s words lol), some veggies from Yotam Ottolenghi’s fab book, and, of course, the traditional pud at the end with lashing of brandy butter :o)

    Congrats on your 200,000

  53. Trying a turkey crown this year and hoping that the extra space in the oven can be used to roast some parsnips.

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