Carrot cushion progress

All the lovely comments about my carrot cushion made me really keen to get on with the quilting – there’s nothing like a bit of positive feedback, so thank you so much for that! After dwelling on my quilting plans for a couple of days I decided (thinking back, probably influenced by seeing this post on Oh, Fransson!), that I wanted to use interlocking circles to create petal shapes – like we used to do at school using a compass and pencil. After a hunt round my kitchen I found a jam jar lid that would make exactly the size circles that I need…

Quilting the carrot cushion

I am hugely enjoying the very soothing process of sewing by hand… especially in the contrast to the horrors I have had today with top-stitching on my sewing machine. It just wouldn’t go right – I don’t understand how a line of stitching can be straight on one side of the fabric and wobbly as anything on the other side… the stitch unpicker has been much in evidence! So thank goodness for a nice bit of uncomplicated running stitch.

Quilting the carrot cushion (closer)

It will be very tempting to pick it up again this evening, but I  must get on with sewing up lots of commissioned booties instead. Maybe tomorrow!


Speaking of tomorrow, Sandy will be here with a festive baking experiment… he’s making his plans as I write…

7 thoughts on “Carrot cushion progress

  1. Super cute! I am wishing I had more time to do hand sewing, but rather I find myself trying to find time to finish my sewing projects with my sewing machine. Love the colors and patterns 🙂

  2. Ok, it is hand quilted, have finally decided to read the post, rather than just gaze at lovely photograph. Silly me. So, once again, incredible, beautiful running stitch – mine is a mess, frankly. Sorry photos to prove this will be posted some time soon!

  3. I haven’t been by for a while – bit busy, and so rationing my blog visits! But had to say how gorgeous the carrot cushion is. Is it hand quilted? peers enviously at immaculate running stitch!

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