Home Composting Made Easy

Just when did it get so late in the year? As our two boys prepare to turn eight, we’re wondering where 2011 went. Despite the strange mild weather, it’s been time over the last few weeks to put the garden into winter mode, do all that winter pruning (even on trees which aren’t ours) and look back a bit at what we’ve managed to get done this year.

One thing that’s gone really well for us year on year is our composting. We’re lucky enough to have room for two bays of compost, one of which is more advanced than the other. It’s always somehow surprising to see how this rather unpromising mix of food waste, peelings, paper and cardboard –

compost before

– can, given a bit of time and effort, turn into some pretty serviceable compost:

compost after

The thing that makes a big difference for us is the brilliant Bokashi system we use to deal with pretty much all of our food waste. This composting technique, which you can find out about at Wiggly Wigglers, turns food waste into a form which breaks down quickly and easily and really peps up your compost heap.

Today’s job was to move the two heaps around and start a new one. Regular turning also really helps things along – it loosens up the heap and gets lots of air into it, speeding up the process, generating lots of heat & gingering up the hard-working worms. We reckon that it takes us about 9 to 12 months to go from the first picture above to the second. If we turned it more regularly, we could probably get down below 9. But we’re pretty happy with how it’s all going.

In an ideal world, we could do with three bays: one for completed compost, one for halfway stuff, and one to start a new heap. Then we might be tempted to turn it more often! Maybe next year.

6 thoughts on “Home Composting Made Easy

    1. It works really well. We bought the compost bins pre-cut & slotted them together (very easy). Can’t remember where we got them from – I think they may have been on offer somewhere.

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