Family haberdashery

I’ve just inherited Sandy’s Gran’s sewing tin. Sadly, she’s not been with us for a long long time now, but I have very good memories of the few times we met. She was a tiny, slightly fierce Glasgow lady, with a very kind heart, and I wish I’d known her longer. I am so glad to have her sewing things.

Here’s the rather battered, evocative little tin – a present from Devon celebrating Francis Drake:
Gran-in-law's sewing box

There’s some gorgeous buttons and buckles – Sandy remembers using the one on the top left as a counter in board games when he was a little boy.

Cute new buttons and buckles

There are lots of beautiful wooden buttons:

Gorgeous wooden buttons

I spent a happy time this afternoon giving them a bit of a wash and a polish.

Wooden buttons for my stash..
I love the idea of sewing bits and pieces and sewing knowledge being passed down the generations. I hope I can pass some things on to my boys – I must admit it doesn’t look likely at this point, but you never know!

12 thoughts on “Family haberdashery

  1. What a gorgous collection of buttons. Love the green and yellow ones! I have a little sewing basket full of bits and pieces that I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago. I’ve sorted out a few of the items and incorporated into my stash but still have to finish going through it. It’s sad to think that there was no-one to pass it onto or who wanted it.
    Teresa x

  2. How lovely! And I know all about fierce little Glaswegian ladies, my mum and gran are two of them o.O My gran has promised me her button box though…

  3. I think every child of our generation grew up with a button box to keep them amused. I’m glad to say my mum still has my gran’s and I hope it will be a long time before it passes to me. One of my boys has inherited my love of going through a button box, unfortunately though if all he can ever do is sew one on I’ll consider it a miracle!

  4. How lovely. My Mum brought me my Granny’s buttons too and they are so special to me. They are in a bit zipped bag that she made for them and some of the sets of buttons are strung together on cotton so they don’t get lost, something that I would never be organised enough to do. I think she probably collected them from garments that wore out over the years. Enjoy playing with them and finding lovely things to do with them.

  5. What a treasure! She would have been delighted it has gone to such a good home. I have my Grandma’s sewing machine and I’m not sure I would be doing any sewing if I didn’t have it. I love that her little box of accessories has one of her address labels in it and I felt sad when I had to unwind one of the bobbins that she must have filled. Oh that’s made me feel quite emotional!

  6. This is such a treasure! I have my grandmother’s sewing stool and her sewing box, I love the endless buttons I turn up in there and the ‘sewing susan’s and tiny thimbles (I have inherited her small fingers and can never find thimbles to fit). But more than that is the feeling that she’s with me when I sew, she’d be telling me I was doing it all wrong more likely than not – still I wouldn’t pass up her company for anything! You have some lovely buttons and buckles there – I love the tin too!

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