Non-Christmas Christmassy fabrics

Looking at this festive bunting project over at Saints and Pinners, I got thinking about fabrics that aren’t specifically Christmas-themed, but can really work as Christmas fabrics all the same… This gorgeous Anna Maria Horner print called Triflora, available at Saints and Pinners, is great for the festive season I think:

Triflora by Anna Maria Horner from Saints and Pinners

Some of the Westfalenstoffe fabrics (here’s a selection at Fabric Rehab) also fit the bill perfectly. There are some specifically wintry-themed prints – I love their new Kitzbühel collection (and I’ve never been skiing in my life…), for example, this lovely owl and moon fabric:

Gorgeous Westfalenstoffe

But a lot of their prints are fabulously Christmassy I think – what about this Starcatcher fabric over at Dragonfly Fabrics:

Starcatcher by Westfalenstoffe at Dragonfly fabrics

Some of Kaffe Fassett’s bright splodgy (wrong word to use about his lovely designs but can’t think of another) prints absolutely shout Christmas to me. It’s the jewel tones and the bauble-like pattern that does it, I suppose. This print, called Paperweight, in a shade called Gypsy (available at The Cotton Patch) is a festive firework!

Paperweight in Gypsy by Kaffe Fassett

And what about this lovely print called Plink (great Christmassy name – very Andrews Liver Salts!) in Magenta:

Plink in Magenta by Kaffe Fassett

Anything folklore-y is also evocative of the festive season, as far as I am concerned. Dala Horses from Lecien for example (it’s available at The Eternal Maker):

Dala Horses by Lecien from Eternal Maker

And finally we are back to Anna Maria Horner with more folklore, but a total contrast in colours – this is from Sew Me Happy:

Forest Hills from Little Folks by Anna Maria Horner


Organising the Scrappy Christmas Ornament Swap has made me realise that Christmas tastes vary so much! It’s probably really obvious from the above that, for me, Christmas is about either strong jewel-like colours, or stunning frosty shades of silver and pale blue. But some of my swappers are much more into bright kitschy pinks and lime greens, whilst others like traditional ginghams and plaids. I’d love to hear what colours and styles say Christmas to you..

4 thoughts on “Non-Christmas Christmassy fabrics

  1. Great Post Ali – I want to make some bunting for a very very arty friend and this has given me just the nudge I needed directionally – towards Westfalenstoffe!

  2. Awesome topic. I am torn about Christmas fabric, I do hoard it and I am (or should be:) working on a few projects, but the Norwegian in me loves traditional red and white and I gravitate towards fun stripes and dots – I also believe trims can go a long way in the festive department, like pompoms.

  3. That is a hard one! Thinking about it I seem to have 3 distinct colourways in my head which ALL say Christmas to me. First is greenery (note – not green) with red and white (but not gingham or plaid really); then it is pale blue, silver and creamy white and last I love the jewel brights – deep rich glimmering purples, magenta, greens, oranges etc.

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