More on the carrot cushion…

I wrote on Friday about going stash-hunting to find fabrics to make a patchwork cushion for a Christmas pressie. I used this fab carrot picture from the Design Seeds palette collection as my inspiration:

Carrots from Design Seeds

And here’s the patchwork, which I finished piecing (amongst other things!), this afternoon:

Cushion cover to be

I think you can almost see the carrots can’t you!

I have made a couple of severe snafus with my fabric placement… see over there on the left – yikes! But I am reminding myself that I am just a learner and am going to carry on regardless. So I have to make decision about the quilting…

I am wondering about doing some organic-y flower-y things in the cream sections, by hand (can’t do fancy free motion) using cotton Perle. But then what the heck do I do on the prints? I was wondering about straight lines marking the edges of the squares (not all the little squares!!)? Would love to have some suggestions (as long as it doesn’t involve lowering any feed dogs) – please help a flummoxed quilter in training…


11 thoughts on “More on the carrot cushion…

  1. Oh how wonderful!

    I see people pinning those colour swatches all the time on Pinterest but I’ve never seen anyone make something based on one. And amazing colours too – very inspiring!

  2. I think what you are considering for the quilting would be ideal. Straight lines on the coloured squares would give them a different dimension and flowers on the plain would add a new design element.
    It’s lovely as is but will look great when quilted!
    Teresa x

  3. I’m far from an expert, I just do stitch-in-the-ditch. Does your wadding say how far apart your quilting needs to be? It may be that just quilting in the cream squares is enough (last/only cot size quilt I did had wadding that only needed stitching every 8″). Up to you how that looks aesthetically though!

  4. Love this one! Lovely colours! I think if you do stitch in the ditch that would look nice and together with the flower-y things on the plain beige it will look fab! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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