Fussy cut…

One of my favourite phrases in the quilting language (that I am beginning to learn) is ‘fussy cut’. It always makes me think of sweet old ladies sewing up a storm… If you’re not up with jargon, it’s when you cut a patch giving full attention to how the design or print on the patch will appear in the finished patchwork. Here’s a little bit of daft fussy cutting of my own… it’s harder than it looks…

Fussy Cut Booties

I have to acknowledge the huge influence of Kerry (of Very Kerry Berry) who is so talented in her use of word-y fabric in her designs.. Thank you Kerry..!

Have a lovely weekend everybody! We are having a lovely party with guests coming from all over the country, I am looking forward to having a splendid time with lots of delicious food and drink. Hopefully I wont be too sleepy to do my fabric update by the time that Sunday comes around.

9 thoughts on “Fussy cut…

  1. Wow when i first saw fussy cut in a tutorial i didn’t know what they meant then after i cut all my pieces the penny dropped… lol…. too late for that project but now i know and i love the little booties you made!!! x

  2. Hope you enjoyed the party! I adore those booties, such a great use of teeny tiny fabric. Thanks for dropping by, it’s good to hear from a fellow Pinterest fan. I totally agree it’s better than Bookmarking, most of my bookmarks I never go back to. I love the recipes on Pinterest, I’ve repinned a few I’m going to use this weekend for an early Bonfire Party.

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