Another finish..

Tell me if you’re getting bored…! Sorry, making stuff seems to be all I’m doing at the moment – other than cleaning in preparation for a Big Party this weekend…

Today I used the lovely stuff from River Fabrics that I wrote about on Monday to make this Art Wrap, a commission for my friend Lynda.

Art Wrap using Loulouthi fabrics

Art Wrap using Loulouthi fabrics

Art Wrap using Loulouthi fabrics

Lynda chose Hugs and Kisses in Candy (from Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi) for the outer fabric, and I chose Curated Bloom in Fun Blue from the same collection, for the accent colour on the pocket binding and the ties. Janette from River Fabrics helped me with a choice of co-ordinating solid from the Kona line.

I *always* feel stressed about commissions because there’s an issue, I think, if what you make does not quite match up to the customer’s original idea. Hope this one lives up to expectations..


I think there are 15 of us signed up for the Scrappy Christmas Swap so far – there’s still time to join in if you’d like to, sign-ups close on Friday. If you’d like to join in but you’re stuck for ideas (or you just want some ideas to make for yourself!) – I’m compiling this Scrappy Christmas Ideas pinboard on Pinterest – there’s some brilliant stuff to check out and have a go at. Judging by my order book, I think I might be too busy making booties in the run up to the 25th Dec to try any of the projects, but maybe I’ll have a spare half hour on Christmas Eve… is anyone else getting Christmas panic already?



9 thoughts on “Another finish..

  1. The art wrap looks wonderful! I note the little fold-over bit at the top- I made myself a sewing tools wrap, but my pencils always slide out the top, I might need to redesign like this!

  2. Nope – not bored either! You show such a variety of projects it’s impossible to get bored.
    I’m trying not to think about how quickly Christmas is approaching but I suppose I’ll have to face reality very soon!
    Teresa x

  3. How can you think we would get bored looking at your lovely ‘makes’ ? Never. You give such inspiration with your colours and fabric etc. Keep at it girl!! Unfortunately, as much as I would love to, I can’t take part in the christmas swap challenge – there will be others though.

  4. The Art Wrap looks brilliant. You definitely have top fabric co-ordinating skills on top of your design and sewing skills Ali! I’m sure any commissioners will not be disappointed ;-). I’m very tempted by your Christmas swap but need to focus on some other projects so think I’ll have to pass this year.

  5. The wrap looks fab, love the fabric. Totally know what you mean on the commissions though, I’m working on one at the moment, and for the first time it’s for a bear that has to look like another one I previously created. I’m so worried that it won’t look enough alike (the fur is different for starters) – eek!

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