Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge Entry

When Sarah from Pings and Needles let me know that I was through to the 2nd round of her Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge – my first thought was – ‘Great!!!’ (because I love experimenting, and, of course, because there is a great prize from The Eternal Maker), and my second was – ‘Oopsie, now I have to work out how to turn a bag of scraps into a pair or booties…’. I chose booties because a good friend of mine is having a baby very soon, after a long time trying, so wanted to produce something lovely for her. After having an experiment (blogged here), this is what I’ve come up with:

Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry

I am delighted with how well they’ve turned out. The strips of fabric are so small (these booties are for a newborn of course) that I could get quite a lot of different colour strips from one scrap of fabric, which really helped. The bottom of the shoes also come from the scraps – I’ve just added a fleece lining.

Whilst I was in the process of thinking about the challenge, ANOTHER friend rang to tell me that she is also expecting a baby. I was so excited… and when I got to cutting up the fabric, I realised I had enough fabric, soooo…..

Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry

I made another pair…  I think I like these even more, although robots, Matryoshka dolls and soldiers is a bit of an odd combination..!

There are 9 other people in the 2nd round – you can see all their fabulous work in the Scrap Challenge Flickr group. It is fantastic what can be done with a little package of scraps. I think there will be voting to choose a winner… but don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed so that you can vote for me 😉

13 thoughts on “Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge Entry

  1. Kawaii overload!!! 🙂 My goodness, please let me know if you plan on selling some booties just like these. I’d definitely want a pair or three!

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