All done – kind of..

I finished a couple of projects before we went camping, so it’s time for a bit of a round up…

First up is this new crochet hook roll.. I love this fabric. Whenever I use it, people ask me what it is, so just for the record it’s Vintage Couturier Buttons from Robert Kaufman.

Crochet hook wrap

Crochet hook wrap - inside

Second up is this quilt-as-you-go log cabin pouch – I hugely enjoyed doing this one. One of the thing’s that’s great about it is that when I look at it I can see fabrics given to me by Kerry (from Very Kerry Berry), by Jane (who doesn’t have a blog sadly) and by Gwen (from Celtic Fusion Fabrics).  If you cant read that little bit of text at the top it says:  “Having confidence in stylishness – change your mental attitude” – there’s definitely a lesson in there somewhere…!

Log cabin zippered pouch

Log cabin zippered pouch

Finally, something a little bit different (but more log cabin!) – these little booties are a prototype for my entry to the Pings and Needles Japanese Scrap bag challenge. I am very delighted about how CUTE they’ve turned out. But there are a couple of mistakes – one of them rather obvious, so I’m glad I had a first try before I used my competition bag of scraps.

Japanese scrap challege prototype booties

There are 10 of us through to the second round of this competition, and we’re all busy making things with a scrap bag provided by the wondrous Eternal Maker. The closing date is next week, so I am now working with the ‘real’ fabrics… *bites nails* – one wrong cut could be disastrous!

13 thoughts on “All done – kind of..

  1. The booties are so cute and fit the japanese scrap bag theme so well – if they don’t win I’ll be very surprised. I love the log cabin pouch too – great colours and fabrics!
    Teresa x

    1. Teresa, I really appreciate your confidence!! Thanks for your kind words – and glad you like the log cabin pouch too – am fighting an addiction to log cabins. Which is resulting in a lot of log cabin spam on the blog!

  2. What a gorgeous set of makes! I love having things made from fabric I’ve been given, it is a reminder every time of friendship through blogs!

  3. Hi
    All three look lovely. The pouch is stirring me to have a go at something similar. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi Ali
    Absolutely love your new makes – perfect as usual. I can certainly spot the fabric I sent you in the swap, it looks fab. The bag is delightful,but the booties are soooooo cute – adorable


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