Indian summer camping

We had pretty much decided that we couldn’t afford another camping trip this year, but last weekend we saw the weather forecast and thought we just had to go for it… We nipped 30 miles up the road to our favourite campsite  – Wallbrook House, near Longnor in the Staffordshire Moorlands. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset on our first night:

Sunset over Wallbrook House

I liked the pretty shadows that the setting sun made on our tent – you don’t get this kind of shot when your tent is made of green polyester…!

Shadows on the tent

Yes, I am turning into a tent snob…. The love affair with our tent (a Yukon River 6 with front extension for the camping geeks out there – and I know you ARE there…) continues. Here she is in all her glory:

Our glorious tent

But why was the tent wet?!  Well – just look at this morning dew! It was really heavy and we got exceedingly wet feet on those early morning loo trips (such an essential part of camping for small children and women who have given birth to twins!). But it did look stunning and sparkly in the sunshine. An amazing view first thing in the morning.

Wallbrook House in the morning

Although we were all feeling a bit off-colour (coughs and colds all round), and spent a lot of time just relaxing at the tent, we managed a little stroll along Beresford Dale and up to Hartington one afternoon – the views were tremendous – you really can’t beat the light when you get sunshine at this time of the year.

View near Hartington

The boys were so delighted to be camping again, especially as it was all a bit of a surprise!

Happy boy!

Another happy boy

And they discovered reading by torchlight for the first time. Tom doesn’t let darkness come between him and his Nintendo magazine…

Reading by torchlight

and Danny and Sandy had their Beano to read – of course!

Reading the Beano by torchlight

The Pterodactyls (Broccy and Bruce) had a great time too… who knew they liked chess, camping, and fluffy fleece sleeping bags??
Pterodactyls in the tent

7 thoughts on “Indian summer camping

  1. We did the same, its a real tonic escaping for a couple of days isn’t it, gorgeous photos and gorgeous boys!
    Good luck with the crafteroo mag by the way x

  2. I don’t blame you making the most of the surprise good weather. I was going to knuckle down to sewing this weekend but ended up outdoors for a lot of it. A dose of Vitamin D makes everyone feel good!
    Teresa x

  3. Hi Ali,
    Looks fabulous. I absolutely love camping, used to go as a girl guide and then we got back into it last year, buying an outwell tent. We have had some lovely trips this year and even going away just for two nights, leaves you feeling so relaxed, that you actually feel as though you have been away for longer. We have now got it down to an hour to be set up, from parking the car to putting the kettle on. Military precision!!!! Unfortunately, we have not been able to take advantage of the weather this weekend and our tent is now sadly packed away for the winter, but hubbie is now looking into campervans!!! yipee fingers crossed (not the all singing and dancing ones, probably an older type, but we’ll see. Roll on spring to unpack again. Happy days

  4. Love the photos, especially the sunset at the top.
    Nice to see someone is getting the good weather 😉
    As usual it is pouring in Scotland – and hey – nothing wrong with a green tent, they’re great 🙂

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