Leaves for Autumn

I have nothing crafty of my own to show you (yet again!). Today I have:

1) made a fleece sleeping bag for Danny’s toy pterodactyl (including appliquéing on the same brand name that we have on our sleeping bags… it’s official, I am a sucker)
2) cut out fabric for 6 new purses/pouches/pencil cases
3) wondered why my hexies have gone all crinkly after I quilted them (what have I done wrong – please help?)
4) made half a patchwork bootie (prototype for the Pings and Needles / Eternal Maker Japanese Swap Club competition)

But none of these are in the slightest bit photo-worthy (although Danny would argue about the first one). So I thought I’d bring you some beautiful leaves. Apparently we might have a double autumn in the UK this year, so why not get down to your nearest wood and enjoy the autumn colours? But in the meantime here are some of my leafy Pinterest picks.

Beautiful Quilt by Nifty Quilts: Spring Shoots

This lovely quilt is by Nifty Quiltsit’s called Spring Shoots, so I have entirely the wrong season – but I love these leaves all the same, and I love how the appliqué leaves fit with the patchwork – brilliant.


A lovely leafy table runner

Again I have my season very wrong – this is so summery really isn’t it! But this would look beautiful in the colours of late autumn too –  I am thinking slate-grey and orange maybe..


Scrap Buster Fall Pillow by Cluck Cluck Sew

Finally some proper autumn colours – this lovely pillow / cushion is by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew there’s a free tutorial just here..


Crocheted leaves for the naked branch by Easy Makes Me Happy

There hasn’t been enough crochet on the blog recently – that really needs to change… But whilst you’re waiting, what about these colourful leaves to brighten up naked branches? You can have a 3rd autumn! This free pattern is by Tara at Easy Makes Me Happy.


And whilst autumn has really only just started, I am wondering about a Very Berry Christmas swap… so far, over on Facebook, we have the suggestions of Christmas stockings and Christmas ornaments, but I would love some more ideas…  my brain is rather empty of inspiration (unless you want a pterodactyl sleeping bag).

8 thoughts on “Leaves for Autumn

  1. I love Autumn colours – they’re my favourites! Not sure I like the idea of a double Autumn though. It’s the horse chestnuts going brown and crinkly that I’m noticing most at the moment, but the cause of that, I’m sorry to say, is disease!! I’d also heard that we’re going to get snow in October but not sure where that originated.😦
    Teresa x

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