Sewing Inspiration – Yoko Saito

I’ve been buying the lovely sewing magazine – Quiltmania – on and off since the beginning of this year, and through it encountered the work of the Japanese quilter, Yoko Saito. You can find her website – Quilt Party – just here.  I really love her style – it’s very precise, subtle, delicate and decorative, with an old-fashioned, nostalgic quality – and I wanted to share my enthusiasm a little bit.

Yoko Saito has a ton of books to her name and I spent a great deal of time standing by the Quiltmania stand at the Festival of Quilts browsing through her books –  it was so hard to choose! Anyway, it says a lot about the quality of the patterns and the pictures in the book I finally went for, that the one I chose is in, errrr, French.

Here it is…

Daily Quilt by Yoko Saito

I spotted this gorgeous Christmas tree wall hanging first. I am definitely going to make one of these in the run up to Christmas Eve – I love everything about it.. Look at those gorgeous stuffed creatures too!

Christmas wall hanging by Yoko Saito

I love her applique especially – this bag is such a beauty. The organic shapes she creates in her designs have a lovely combination of traditional and contemporary.

Beautiful appliqued bag by Yoko Saito

One of my favourite designs is this lovely purse made with little triangles. Her use of fabrics is so attractive, and I really like how she uses her patchwork to make up into such stunning 3D objects.

Patchwork purse by Yoko Saito

These pretty patchwork book covers almost make me see the point of book covers! Aren’t those little patchwork flower blocks just so appealing?
Patchwork book covers by Yoko Saito

This bag is top of my wish list to make when I have about a year to spare. Look at that gorgeous quilting! I think it’s the combination of the beautiful muted colours and the gorgeous texture in the quilting that makes Yoko Saito’s work so appealing to me. So now can you see why I bought the book?!

Bag by Yoko Saito

You can find Daily Quilt on sale on the Quiltmania website – they also have some lovely books in English!

9 thoughts on “Sewing Inspiration – Yoko Saito

  1. I’ve been quilting since a little girl, now at 62 I discovered Yoko Saito. She has inspired me to try new things. I’m so excited about quilting again!

  2. Wow! I just bought my first Yoko Saito book yesterday (Houses, Houses, Houses – in Japanese) and cleverly found your site today. Hmmm, looks like I have to invest in another YS book. That Christmas tree had my mouth drop open…
    BTW, I can’t read Japanese either.

  3. Bonjour Ali! A Japanese book in French, you do like to make life difficult! What a gorgeous book though, those little book covers and that last bag are stunning, I can totally see why you bought it, and now can’t wait to see what you make from it first!!

  4. I love the neat delicate precision of Japanese crafters and the muted colours that result in a look that really appeals to me. I have a Japanese book (Daily Patchwork Bag – in Japanese) that I’ve yet to make a bag from, but I love to browse through it for inspiration.
    Teresa x

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