Kids, colour and choices

I smiled when I saw this fab ‘first day at school’ outfit over at Let’s Go Fly a Kite the other day. This lovely, very individual choice made me think of our boys and their choices. Danny loves his clothes and would wear his ‘bright clothes’ every day, given the chance (I have to wash them now and then). Here he is in his favourite outfit – red track pants and an orange sweatshirt.

bright clothes

His slightly eccentric outfit got me thinking of our own colour choices, and reminded me of these amazing photographs taken as part of The Pink and Blue Project by the artist JeongMee Yoon.

The Pink Project - SeoWoo and Her Pink Things
The Pink Project - SeoWoo and Her Pink Things by JeongMee Yoon
The Blue Project - Ethan and His Blue Things
The Blue Project - Ethan and His Blue Things by JeongMee Yoon

Terrifying aren’t they… Ironically, I have seen these photographs used as examples of cool kids’ rooms on websites about interior decor…

I get very frustrated at how hard it is to find clothes for boys that aren’t blue, or brown, or (absolutely the worst of all) camouflage colours (I’ll not get started on the hideous choices available when they were babies).  I love bold, bright colours for children, but confess to struggling when Danny decided to put red and orange together, a little worried about what other kids might say or think. But that doesn’t concern Daniel, and I’m really proud of him for doing things his own way.

The use of colour in our lives is so restricted by rules and convention – and it’s hard to work out how much the colour choices we make are influenced by our own taste, the culture we grew up with, and the advertising and branding we’re surrounded by. But what worries me is that branding and marketing are making it so hard for kids to form their own opinions, go against the grain, and be accepted for who they are, not for what they’re wearing.

13 thoughts on “Kids, colour and choices

  1. Oh my goodness what a lot of blue/pink and plastic ‘rubbish’ (but that’s another subject!)
    I can’t remember there being an abundance of blue or pink around when my daughter and son were young. Now they are grown they don’t tend to follow the crowd.
    Teresa x

    1. Totally agree about all that plastic rubbish Teresa – scary isn’t it! When I was small, in the seventies, we wore quite a lot of bright clothes – I remember a red trouser suit with particular fondess… and of course there was Clothkits! But then, my mum was a bit of a pink-hater and I liked to think of myself as a tomboy..

  2. Hah! Just wait till your teenagers dress in nothing but black. Still it does make sorting the laundry much easier.
    One of my friends is Dutch and her children were always dressed in the most fabulously colourful clothes, usually bought when she was visiting home. Her attitude to colour is very different from mine, she being much more adventurous. With her help I’m severing my relationship with beige, brown and khaki. Hello red and orange!

    1. Ah, but Linnhe, I was one of those dressed-in-black teens, so will totally understand, and probably be very proud 😉 I am trying really hard to bring a bit more colour into my clothes (I still love black and dark shades) – but I do struggle with it a bit. Am sure it is partly to do with a rather sad desire to fade into the background.. Boohoo! Oooh, this would make a great blog post! Thanks for the idea…!

      1. Fading in to the background, that’s exactly what I thought. Us Brits are particularly bad for it. I think we hate the idea of drawing attention to ourselves, such bad form don’t you know. It might also have something to do with the climate. Our colour choices are as drab as the weather!

    1. It’s the same here with finding lovely bright clothes at a decent price. I would like to try and make some clothes for them myself, but I am very nervous about sewing with jersey – and because they love comfy fabrics, it would have to be jersey..

    1. Thank you so much – I loved the photo on your blog so much – I’m jealous of the dress, and would love an obi belt if I had a waist to speak of! The Beano is a wonderful thing, Danny is looking forward to tomorrow because he gets a new one!

  3. Great post. Love all the pics although the pink/blue ones make me a bit sad and frustrated and your mention of peole posting as cool interiors. Oh well each to their own. As a new mum, who has a girl and a boy, I share your frustrations and concerns.

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