All finished!

Thought it was time for a bit of a round up of what I’ve finished. One of the many fabulous things about blogging is that when I feel like I’m being massively underproductive I can see that I’ve actually achieved quite a lot! Over the weekend I finished this commissioned art wrap:

Art wrap for a commission

Art wrap for a commission

The fabrics are from the My Happy Nursery collection from Cloud 9. Please excuse the poor condition of the props in the 2nd photo – I had to filch all these from Tom’s pencil case… I can see that I am going to have to buy some nice pristine ones for photographic purposes.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I have this prototype art wrap that I made as part of the design process for the above… actually, to be frank, it’s the 2nd prototype…   The first version (which I managed to make upside down!) is going to be chopped up and recycled..  But this one is pretty good, and although I wont put it in my official shop (there’s a couple of tiny bits of wonky stitching..), it seems a shame to attack it with scissors.  If you are interested in buying it (less than half price, £8 incl. P&P), the just get in touch  – veryberryhandmade (at) gmail (dot) com. There’s room for an A5 pad and around 18-20 pencils/pens.

Prototype art wrap

Prototype art wrap


I also got asked to make some mini coin purses – here they all are.

Mini coin purse

The fabrics here are Echino (red pig) and some recycled denim.

Mini coin purse

This time it’s Erin McMorris Flower Pop and Alexander Henry Crosshatch.

Mini coin purse

This one is some lovely Kokka owls, and a very useful Alexander Henry fabric called Heath.

Mini coin purse

Would love to know what this fabric is, if anyone knows. Jane very kindly sent it to me as part of the most recent Scrap Swap (and then she sent me some more, which was even kinder!!), and there’s more recycled denim. Here’s the reverse with a little bit of embroidery, just for fun..

Applique and embroidery on coin purse

It’s gone to a friend’s little boy – he now has a great way to carry his tuck (do kids still have tuck??) money!


Would love to see what you’ve been making recently – feel free to leave links in the comments. I need to see some creative loveliness to distract me from this awful wet autumn!

9 thoughts on “All finished!

  1. Wow, how productive!! I love your little purses, well everything really, but especially the little purses, think I will be treating myself to a little Christmas present in the next couple of months…
    I’ve been doing a little furniture upcycling, over on my blog, but I’m not happy with the handles, any ideas would be gratefully received!

  2. I love the fabric you use, its always so wonderful. My favourite is the bird one in the first art wrap. The art wrap itself is very lovely, perfect for all those starting school/college/uni. A joy to read as usual! Berol.

  3. It’s the opposite for me 🙂 Blogging reminds me of how little stitching I’ve accomplished. Perhaps I should have called it “No Time for Stitching!!”
    I love the little coin purses – the little extra details and pretty fabrics make them extra-ordinary!
    Teresa x

  4. Hi Ali

    Fab stuff as always – the car fabric is Cosmo Japan Vintage and I got it from Celtic Fusion Fabrics – you will find it under “boys stuff”
    Jane W

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