Big Blogiversary Bonanza

So, to say a proper thank you to you all, here’s a lovely celebratory giveaway…  There are two prize bundles, plus a couple of runner-up prizes.

Based on suggestions over on my Facebook page we decided to offer a bundle of beautiful Kokka linens and then some lovely spotty blenders from Sevenberry (inspired by my post about the fabrics you depend on).

Here are the Kokkas – there’ll be 4 FQs:

Kokka Linen Retro Kitchen Check Red from Fabric Inspirations Kokka Linen Retro Kitchen Birds Red on White from Fabric Inspirations
Kokka Linen Retro Kitchen Kettle Red from Fabric Inspirations Japanese Linen Matryoshka Grey from Fabric Inspirations

I hope you like these as much as I do!

Secondly here are the lovely spotty Sevenberrys – again, there’ll be 4 FQs:

Sevenberry Dots Pale Green from Fabric Inspirations Sevenberry Dots M Navy from Fabric Inspirations
Sevenberry Dots Light Blue from Fabric Inspirations Sevenberry Dots Red from Fabric Inspirations

I hope you like these too ! (btw these images are all from Fabric Inspirations, which is where I got the fabrics.. haven’t used this shop before but am very impressed with their range and the speedy service so far).

There’ll also be a couple of runner up prizes of little scrap parcels… All you need to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday 4th. Do say if you have a preference for the Kokkas or the spots.. and tell me about your biggest crafting achievement of the year too, if you want to. Mine is finally getting to grips with closures of all kinds – button holes, zips and snaps!


Thanks to everyone from me and Sandy for all your reading, commenting and sharing over the last year. Here’s to lots more years of blogging!

72 thoughts on “Big Blogiversary Bonanza

  1. would love to enter your giveaway please, congratulations on your first year. I would have a very sslight preference of the Kokka, but also wouldb’t say no to the spots 🙂
    My biggest achievement is finding my love of crafting that I had as a child and starting up again this year, loving every minute of it

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I have a couple achievements that I’m proud of. One is, I finally got comfortable with knits, and now I am making almost all my daughters’ clothes. And second is, I designed and made a custom pool bag for my sister out of laminate. It is entirely waterproof, has multiple pockets, including one with a zipper, and big sturdy piping around the bottom that is mildew proof. That was a big project for me.

    I love the sevenberry dots.

  3. What a lovely idea for celebrating your anniversary. Congratulations, and may you have many more! I love reading your blogs.
    As for my biggest achievement – I finally completed cross stitching a piano stool cover for my sister. It has taken over 3 years, but the end result was very satisfying. My other main achievement was starting miniature -well, very small – patchworking, so although if I had to state a preference I would choose the Kokka fabrics, actually I would prefer to receive a rummer-up prize of a scrap parcel!!

  4. Ooohhhhh what a lovely giveaway.

    To b honest my biggest achievement in crafting this year is simply getting back into it. The previous year was horrendous for me and I did very little in the way of crafting. In fact I thought I’d never get back into it but I have now and I’m quote proud of that.

  5. The Kokka’s are lovely especially the little kettles- I might have to buy that, I only have a scrap. Congrats on a great year, you have a wide ranging blog that reaches so many people, amazing achievement in 12 months!

  6. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you.

    I would love to win.
    My biggest crafting achievement this year…hmm. I did finally manage to finish knitting something for my daughter. It was only a little shrug but she loves it.

    I spend lots of my crafting time making things for my shops or related to my business. So it was nice to make something for her for achange. I also started to show her how to knit.

  7. Congratulations on the blogiversary! I love the Kokka prints. My achievement this year has been to design and make more of my own quilt patterns. Lots of fun!

  8. Love Kokka! My biggest achievement craftwise was my lap quilt I completed- my first ever sampler and the biggest patchwork I’ve ever done and it was all completed in 10 days.

  9. Thanks for the giveaway! Both bundles are great, but I prefer the Kokkas! My biggest crafting achievement this year… well, I haven’t had much of the combination of time and inclination necessary to craft lately, so I guess my biggest achievement is accepting this fact and not wasting money on supplies I know I won’t be using in the foreseeable future.

  10. Happy blogiversary heres to many more years of inspiration.
    I’m loving the kokkas.
    My biggest achievement has been starting my denim patchwork headboard, i’ve wanted to do it for ages and now am finally cutting out the squares, it’s taking a while because there are lots but I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.

  11. Congratulations, I’m pretty new to following blogs and I would have thought you’d been at this a lot longer. I love your craft and food tips (also wee snippets of family life e.g. Tom’s wee mouse is adorable!) and the presentation is excellent.
    My biggest achievement this year was my first foray into dressmaking. I made my daughter a dress from Jennifer Pagnelli’s Girl’s World book. It’s sparked a new found fabric passion (I realised how little I knew of this vast subject when I bought light-weight instead of mid-weight cotton and it got a bit pulled by my Grandma’s old machine..eek!).
    I’d be happy with either, but probably prefer spots.
    Off to process some runner beans & plums from my parents garden!

  12. Hello!
    I’m usually a silent reader but I decided that its about time I say Hi and Happy Blogiversary! 🙂 They are beautiful fabrics you are giving away! My biggest crafty achievement this year is re-creating a gypsy caravan sewing box that I NEEDED from Cath Kidston but couldnt afford! 🙂 I was so proud! 🙂

    Berol x

  13. Congratulations! I really admire what you’ve done here Ali, I can’t imagine the work involved but I do know, when I buy fabric I always come to your site first!
    My crafting acheivement I think would have to be finally managing to follow a Japanese crochet pattern, still a MASSIVE work in progress, but at least I’ve started! I love all the fabrics, but I think the spots are just gorgeous!

  14. woo-ho for a give-away, loving the fabrics – especially the kokka ones! this year i have been loving sewing or knitting clothes that actually get worn!

  15. Happy Blogoversary. Great site. I would go for the Kokkas – the Russian Dolls are just fab. My greatest achievement this year was finally getting the 3rd of my cross stitch birth samplers framed (he’s 8 now!). And starting on finishing a lovely tractor picture (nearly finished too).

  16. Love the Kokkas…I make lots of bandana bibs for babes and these would be perfect.
    My greatest achievement crafting achievement is having the confidence to sell my sewing projects to friends…mostly aprons, bags and bibs! Such fun as Miranda would say!

  17. Congratulations on a year of top blogging bobbins. As a long-term non-crafting observer, I have nothing but admiration for your efforts!

  18. Happy Blogaversary. I just love fabric in general but have a fondness for matryoshka prints. I have 2 major achievements this year, firstly I taught my daughter how to do some basic repair stitching (she fixed her teddy) and I’ve finally started piecing together my first quilt

  19. Hi there, and a very Happy Blogiversary to you ! I’d love to win the Kokka fabrics please. I think I would go cross eyed if saw any more polka dots, after my favourite crafting achievement this year – a customer asked me to make 300m(!) of multicoloured pastel polka dot bunting for decorating their craft fair marquees. Took me a fair old time, but I was so proud of myself when I finished it. A mammoth job, but really satisfying. x

  20. Happy Blogiversary. I only found your blog recently via The Sewing Directory.
    My biggest crafting achievement was completing a challenge using several hand-dyed fabrics and fibres with lots of different techniques and being brave enough to show it to other people.

  21. Hi Ali, thanks for offering these generous prizes. I wouldn’t mind which I had if I won.
    I haven’t got a big crafing acheivement as such, I’m just glad when I find the time to do any. I’m hoping to have one this year though when I finish my first small quilt.
    Teresa x

  22. What a wonderful giveaway, I really can’t decide which I prefer. Thanks for the link to the shop too, I’m always on the lookout for UK based online shops.

    My biggest crafting achievement this year? Wow, so many. This time last year I couldn’t sew, crochet, felt, anything! I’m still rubbish at sewing, but it’s become my passion.

  23. Love the Kokkas – especially the Russian dolls – I have a passion for these and kokeshi dolls. Congratulations on one year of blogging – i love reading the blog, getting inspiration and admiring your lovely things. New to lots of sewing techniques but love making things for my new home.

  24. Love those polka dots! Just had a whole roll of ribbon in that pale blue colour arrive so it’s all spots here : )
    Biggest achievement this year has been a steady flow of online sales. It seems to finally all be working! Only taken four years : )

  25. Happy Anniversary 🙂

    Mine was making all the favours for my wedding this Summer having spent ages trawling shops and the internet trying to find something that was unique and personal without being hideously over-priced! I made lavender filled hearts for each of my guests; something they can use to really remember the day!

    I love those Kokka fabrics!

  26. Happy blogiversary – what a way to celebrate, thank you! biggest crafty achievement is either button holes (why did I think they were hard?!) or entering a quilt into a show – that was almost a year ago (short a day or so!) and I’ve entered another quilt this year…I’d recommend it, it’s lovely to see your very own quilt hanging there amongst all the others! Thanks for the giveaway – I’d love either but if it makes it easier then I’d choose…Kokka!!

  27. Would love to win the spotty ones, they are gorgeous. My biggest achievement so far are the fleece monsters I made for my children. Good luck to everyone.x

  28. Congratulations – what a great year you’ve had!
    My biggest achievement must be making clothes for myself having planned to do so for years (that and finishing a quilt I bought the fabric for 7yrs ago – well I’m hand stitching the binding now so it’s almost done!).
    I love the Kokka but it would all sit in my stash for a long time so as I love the dots would be my preference!
    thanks for the giveaway

  29. Ooh I love a giveaway. I do love polka dots but I’m a sucker for Kokka. I’d have to choose Kokka.

    My biggest crafting achievement of the year… oohh that’s a poser… It probably has to be starting my little Etsy shop. That was a big new challenge!

  30. I love the Kokka fabric as much as I love your blog, which is actually quite alot, congratulations on keeping my attention for the last 12 months.

    One of my biggest achievements in sewing this year was to make a bag from scratch, I actually used linen for this and spots to line and it turned out fab, I am also trying very hard to teach myself to crochet, have just managed my first granny square, but admit I’m finding it rather hard going.

  31. Happy Blogiversary! I would love to receive either one of your lovely fabric packs. They are both gorgeous!

    My biggest achievement crafty wise is to have a go at applique on my sewing machine. I only know how to switch the machine on really and struggle with all things mechanical, bt am pleased so far with what I have done. Sue x

  32. I love both sets of fabrics but maybe the Kokka just a bit more (you know how I struggle to choose).
    My biggest crafting achievement this year is knitting in the round. Lets hope I finish it before the lovely M is too big for it.

  33. Happy bloganniversary! I recently stumbled upon your blog and its become part of my daily routine, firmly stashed in my bookmarks.

    I love both fabrics, maybe slightly more love for the kokka…..but kinda 51/49%

    My biggest crafting acheivement has been getting a new sewing machine and feeling like I have no boundaries. Something always slipped me up before but now I can rely on it to give amazing results everytime.

  34. Hi Ali,
    I love the Kokka prints!
    My biggest achievement this year was figuring out how to use zippers! I’ve always been scared of them before (and still a little scared!), but I’m not completely terrified anymore. 🙂

    Happy Blogiversary!

  35. Happy Blogiversary Ali, Oooohhh yummy fabrics – love them both, but if I was forced to choose it would be kokka for me, drool, drool. I would say starting sewing again after way too many years has been a passion I didn’t realise I had missed so much. I have bought way too many craft mags, sewing mags, material etc and become soooo addicted to sewing blogs etc, but am absolutely loving it. The internet is such a valuable tool now in the sewing world, that literally, the world is your oyster. My sister and I have made lots of items between us, including purses, pencil cases, cards, embroidered items, keyrings etc and had a stall at a school summer fair in June and enjoyed it so much, we have decided to try and pursue this further. It was a lovely day and we loved doing this. Keep up the good work Ali and all the best for the future. Jane x

  36. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for entertaining, informing and inspiring me over the past year and here’s to the next one 🙂
    I love all your fabric choices and would be delighted to win anything, but those unusual Kokka prints have the edge for me.
    My biggest crafting achievement this year is making my little girl a dress with pintucks on the front and that buttons down the back. It’s in a Liberty fabric and looks lovely!

  37. I generally love polka dots but I have to say I adore that matryoshka fabric!
    My biggest crafting achievement this year is finally trying in succeeding in creating a painted muslin doll. I’ve wanted to try it for years.

  38. Happy Anniversary! My biggest crafting achievement this year is keeping up with deadlines on the flickr swaps and quilting bees I am in and finishing a quilt in time for my nephews 4th birthday.
    I love the Kokka

  39. Happy Blogiversary, I love your website and the interesting posts I get on facebook. The Kokka fabrics are fabulous, have not come across anything so scrumptious for a while.
    My biggest achievement so far has been co-ordinating our first group quilt, it has been such an enjoyable project to do and has only taken a year so far but we are ready to quilt, hurray!

  40. Congratulations on your anniversary and what a lovely, generous giveaway! My biggest achievement this year just has to be the completion of my first ever quilt back in April. It was the first but definitely won’t be the last having learnt such a lot with more to discover.

  41. Happy Anniversary!
    Whilst I love those Russian Dolls, I’d be too scared to cut up those lovely fabrics, but the dots I’d actually use, so those are my favourites!
    My biggest acheivement this year was entering my first quilt(s) in a show and actually winning a trophy! I was chuffed to say the least!

  42. Thank you for the giveaway! I really love both, I love the prints since I need to stock up, but the dots are really nice as base fabrics, I really don’t have a stash! ! I finished my first quilt this year, and I am in the middle of finishing my Textiles GCSE coursework quilt..It has taken so long due to the requirements being so.. 😦


  43. Happy Blogiversary!!
    I am a novice and my greatest achievement is learning how to use a sewing machine 🙂 I also bought a Sizzix Big Shot machine which I love and so does my 2 year old son who thinks that it is “magic” the way it gives him lots of shapes to play with…lol.
    My preference would be the lovely Kokka linens but I love the spots too 🙂

  44. Happy blogiversary! Loving that kokka. I think every quilt I’ve finished feels like an achievement. But then I could say that about any project. I don’t mean that as a cop out – it’s just it’s incredibly satisfying to decide to make something and then see it through to the finish! My most recent achievement has been making two 241 totes.

  45. Happy Bloggerversary 🙂 I think I would go for the spots if I won…. My biggest crafting achievement this year, for me, has to be my article and quilt in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine……. I was so happy 🙂

  46. Just found you and loving your updates. I think the Kokka fabric has it for me. Achievement? I made my first pair of knickers! They are fancy, cute and a little bit saucy 🙂

  47. Congratulations and happy anniversary.
    Loving the fabrics, but love the Kokka’s more.
    I have been very proud of managing to make swirly embroidered 3d fabric flowers, out of little bits of bias cut silk.

  48. Ahh good choices they all look fab! but im loving the Kokka a tiny bit more :p
    Congratulations on your success, I love your creations!
    My crafting achievement for this year would be (after nearly a whole year in planning) actually opening up my “virtual” doors and selling my crafts! And loving every minute of it 🙂

    Kirsty xx
    Hattie Willow

  49. Congratulations.
    I subscribe to your newsletter and love the recipes, links and all the other fun stuff.
    I’d love to enter the giveaway. Both sets of fabric are lovely but my personal favourite are the dots.

  50. Happy Blogaversary!
    My greatest achievement this year so far has been finishing the re-upholstering of a pair of beautiful nursing chairs given to me many years ago by my M-I-L

  51. Happy blogiversary! Love your blog, and great giveaway. The kokka fabrics are to die for, but can always use a few new polka dots.

    My best crafting achievement was actually starting my blog, because it made me focus, introduced me to a whole world full of wonderful crafting people and fired my creativity in a way it never has been before. Best thing I ever did craft wise.

  52. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Lovely lovely giveaway – i would love either but have a slight preference for the Kokka 😉

    My biggest sewing achievement this year waslearning to quilt – finished my first (pretty dodgy!) one in January and completely addicted since.

  53. I have a good friend who needs some cheering up and she loves Matroyska. I have been really happy with how my dolls have progressed even though I have only made two this summer… Pesky child wrangling getting in the way of crafting.

  54. Lovely! I think I prefer the spots too, just.

    I haven’t had any crafting achievements, but looking at all your wonderful creations has inspired me to have a go….

    Looking forward to the postman’s arrival in the next few days!

    Gabi x

  55. Thanks for the chance to win the free fabric. Love all of them. Greatest crafting achievement – getting an iPad, joining twitter and finding a completely new world of people who share their ideas and love of crafting! So much inspiration!

  56. Happy blogiversary! Lovely fabrics but i’d have to pick the Kokka if I won, love love love Kokka fabrics and spots not really my thing.

    My biggest crafting achievement of the year was actually making the time to sew up several blackout blinds for my bedroom. They don’t let a single chink of light in! I used stick & sew velcro to make sure there was a seal all way around the window so no sneaky light gets in. Can you tell i’m a fussy sleeper? lol

  57. I love both bundles but I think the Kokkas is my favourite 🙂 Thanks for such a great giveaway!
    I think my best sewing achievement was finally managing to make a dress that fits my chest properly! lol
    And my best knitting achievement is my Snapdragon tam as it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever knitted, and its the kind of thing I wanted to be able to knit when I first started learning 🙂
    Ashley x

  58. ooh – sorry, don’t count this, I forgot to say … my biggest achievement this year is the quilt I’ve just finished basting … it’s mahoooosive! (for me) and going to have to be hand quilted because my machine’s little chug chug motor just can’t cope with it! I’ve only been sewing for a year really (I’ve just had my blogiversary!) but I feel like I’ve mastered the basics now …

  59. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I love both but the spots are gorgeous 🙂

    My biggest crafting achievement this year was teaching myself to sew in February I knew nothing, couldn’t even thread a machine now I can sew all sorts! I am very proud of myself 🙂

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