A whole year!

Tomorrow will be the 1st anniversary of my blogging here at Very Berry. It’s been such a great year – but I’ll leave the proper thanks & celebrations for tomorrow…  Just now I thought it would be salutary to look back at what I was working on this time last year. As usual I was trying to juggle various different projects…  Most importantly, I was finishing off a commission for a friend to make a nappy bag for her second baby (due any day, this time last year!). She wanted a sling-style adjustable  bag with lots of pockets and some funky fabrics. Here’s what I came up with:

Nappy change bag

Looking at it now I am still pretty pleased with it. It was quite a scary project and pretty hard work, but it was another step on the road to feeling a bit more confident about putting together my own designs and then following it through to the finished thing. Shame about the photo though – I still haven’t quite managed to get to grips with photographing bags!

This year has been full of sewing and I’m sad that I haven’t had more of a chance to crochet more. This time last year I was working on writing this pattern for a crochet wrist cuff:
Crochet Ripple Stitch Wrist Cuff

I am really hoping that over the coming months I will get a bit of time to write some more crochet patterns – it’s so so satisfying. But, just like my sewing projects, I’m also really aware of the need to keep on building on my skills. Hopefully the next year of making and blogging will bring lots of learning and new discoveries.


I want to say a huge thank you to all my regular readers – it’s so great to have built up lots of blogging friendships. The other day I called round at another blog, and reading all the comments, I realised that I ‘knew’ almost all the other people who’d contributed – it was a very happy feeling.  I think all this heartwarming stuff calls for a bit of celebratory giveaway, so don’t forget to pop back tomorrow..

13 thoughts on “A whole year!

  1. Huge congratulations Ali, your blog really is a must read and a great resource, I totally take my hat off to you and Sandy. The only negative thing I would say is that over this year you have rekindled my love of sewing, so while I now have some lovely seat pads (fabric care of your first swap), made a skirt (fabric from one of your recomendations) and am now spending too much time looking at pictures of quilts on pinterest; my spending has gone up too!!!

  2. Congratulations Ali, I came to your old blog just weeks before you moved to this one and can’t quite believe it’s been a year. Well done and thanks for all the help, advice, recipes, contacts, ……..,I could go on and on. Thanks for it all and I look forward to the next year, and the next, and the next…….

  3. I love reading your blog and your work is something to aspire to – it is always immaculate and you pay great attention to detail. I must say, when I switch on my laptop, I always pop over to your facebook page to see what you,ve been up to and you are gathering quite an army of followers – well done you, but most importantly, keep up the good work and all the best for the coming year. Jane Whalley

  4. I just wanted to say you have been a HUGE inspiration to my new journey into quilting. I follow alot of blogs, mostly American, and I love the fact you are local and give me the thumbs up on local suppliers. Keep up the good work!

    Jo (Somerset)

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