Taking inspiration from my son..

Our little boy Tom is a really talented artist, and for a while now I’ve been thinking of ways of incorporating his artwork into my sewing. A couple of days ago he drew this lovely picture of a mouse:

Tom's mouse picture

It’s so enchanting – ever since I’ve been thinking over how I could use it.. I thought about printing – but as I haven’t a clue where to start with that, and I wanted to do something STRAIGHT AWAY (so impatient! I have a 100 other things I should be doing!) – stitching seemed to be the answer. Here’s my version:

Tom's mouse - my stitching

Am not sure it quite captures the spirit of Tom’s work, but he likes it. It feels very satisfying to me because it was making things for my lovely lads that inspired me to take up needle and thread (and knitting needles, but that’s another – rather sad – story!) in the first place.  I’m planning to make this up into a little purse, probably to keep for myself – it will be so good to think of us working together to make something lovely – could be the definition of family life…


Have a wonderful (holiday-for-some) weekend – hope you have lots of lovely plans.

8 thoughts on “Taking inspiration from my son..

  1. That’s a fabulous mouse, what a character! He’s tailor made for an exciting life somewhere. High seas, possibly?

  2. Very cute, lovely interpretation of a your son’s sketch, that mouse has a lot of character, the nose is directing us towards something!

  3. Clever Tom, I wish I could draw that well!! I love your embroidered version – how are you going to use/display it?

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