Warning – may contain wasps!

It feels like we are drowning in plums… We have a lovely Victoria plum tree in the garden and it’s currently producing gorgeous ripe fruit in rather enormous quantities. I don’t think we are going to beat the absolutely terrifying harvest of 2009, but we’re going to come close I think. On Friday, Sandy picked 12kg – he was very brave about the wasps…


They are super scary, and sometimes you get a whole gang of them hiding out in hollowed-out plums… *shiver*!

So far I’ve bagged up plums for the freezer, made a couple of kilos of jam and 3 different types of chutney… I think there’s still about 7kg left, and lots more on the tree! I am looking for the ultimate plum cake (German-style) recipe, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d be glad to hear them.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to make a big dent in the plum mountain by doing some bottling.

Plum harvest

Actually, you get to the stage where you don’t mind sharing them with the wasps..! Sandy is also going to be brewing tomorrow – some beer which will be ready towards the end of September, just in time to celebrate the autumn season, and I am hoping to finish off various sewing projects I have on the go. So much for Sunday being a day of rest..!  Hope you enjoy yours, whatever you are up to.

8 thoughts on “Warning – may contain wasps!

  1. I’m envious of your plum glut! Our tree is on its last legs so we had only a couple of dozen plums this year. We’ve saved a few stones to plant in the hope of continuing its legacy though.
    Hubby had to ‘deal with’ a wasps nest in our roof eaves yesterday – it was a bit too close to our bedroom window for comfort!
    Teresa x

  2. I love plums – completely underrated! Try this, half a plum (no stone), heaped tsp marzipan in middle, wrap in puff pastry. Bake until golden. Cool and then sprinkle with a little icing sugar. Enjoy!

  3. I agree about the wasps… We have lots around here – but they seem to be liking the blackberries, so we had few problems with the plums. One plum tree is done… the other 4 trees aren’t ready. One apple tree has fruit nearly ready too… so I’ll be making applesauce next weekend!

    I made peach plum vodka…

    1. Leah, peach plum vodka sounds wonderful. When I have my hothouse (!!) I want to try and grow some peaches. Four plum trees sounds like a terrifying prospect, but although I complain about this one, I really would like a later plum too – maybe a Marjorie’s Seedling (love the name). We don’t have an apple tree, but our neighbour’s tree hangs over our garden and I am afraid to say we help ourselves. Lovely!

  4. Wasps! *shudder* No.1 son has a tendency to require medical attention if stung so I hate this time of year for that very reason.
    I’ve just been given a rather large bag of plums and since my baking skills aren’t anything to talk about I was thinking of plum Brandy. Any advice?

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