Avert your eyes – it’s the C-word..

I was mocked last week, over on my Facebook page,  for advertising my crochet snowflake patterns.. but I know people like to get organised and I’ve already had a few sales!  I’m working flat out with lots of sewing too, because I want to have a really well stocked shop in the run up to the festive season…  Another reason to think of Christmas sewing is The Sewing Directory Christmas Competition…  There are some amazing prizes:

The Sewing Directory Christmas competition

You can read all about it over on The Sewing Directory website – including how to enter, and what exactly you need to do – the deadline is 20 October, so it’s definitely a good idea to get thinking now!  It’s a great competition and I’d really like to enter… Last year’s winner was this fab upcycled jeans Advent Calender:

Upcycled Jeans Quilted Advent Calender by Lucy Barr-Hamilton

It sets the bar pretty high, I think, because it’s an original idea, and it is sooo hard to come up with a Christmas craft project that is really original. However there’s also the option of doing a tutorial for a sewn gift…  which obviously really does widen the options…

I’ve had a few ideas – maybe a 50s style Christmas apron, the kind of thing that Betty Draper might wear, or maybe a an applique table runner in a Scandinavian style, or maybe some funky reusable gift bags for wine bottles or other difficult-to-wrap items. I also think that Christmas is a great time to take time to hand sew something beautiful that your family will keep for generations as an heirloom… some kind of decoration perhaps, or a beautifully embroidered picture…  hmmmm..

What have been your Christmas crafting triumphs? Not that I’m going to nick your ideas or anything…

4 thoughts on “Avert your eyes – it’s the C-word..

  1. I’d love to see a Christmas 50s style apron – how nice would it be to wear that whilst making mince pies?!

  2. Hardly a triumph but I’ve been trying to make at least one handmade Christmas tree decoration a year to add to our stash (um, using your kits in fact!). I also planned to make yearly photo decorations – a felt frame around a printed photo of the children (Christmassy poses optional) with the year embroidered on the back. I’ve only managed 2009 so far though!

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