Backstitch Giveaway Winner

A great big thank you to everyone who took part in the Backstitch giveaway – your support is always so appreciated, and I am sure that the more support we get, the more giveaways we will have at Very Berry. And also, of course, a huge thank you to Alice of the brilliant Backstitch for offering such a wonderful prize. And now for the winner:

backstitch winner

It’s Laura who said:

Thanks for this, Ali and Alice! I’ve been a VERY happy customer for a while, so it’s nice to know more about the people I’m buying from. I’m into quilting in a big way at the moment, and have just bought some amazing red velvet to make my mother a quilt for Christmas (how’s that for planning?!) so it would have to be the berry bundle for me, as the colours would make the perfect patchwork top for that backing.

(Actually it was her blog-following comment that clinched the deal, but that’s not quite so interesting!). Congrats Laura, and good luck with that quilt, I am looking forward to seeing pics of it later in the year.

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