Colourful log cabin

I’ve been messing around with colour palettes again.  I wanted to use one of my favourite prints – Geranium Leaf by Philip Jacobs, as a focal point in some log cabin blocks.  As part of my ongoing challenge to myself to be more adventurous in my use of colour, I went off to the brilliant Design Seeds blog Palette Search to find a palette that might work.  Here’s the palette I decided to go with:

Crafted Hues Palette from Design Seeds

And here are my blocks – put together to make a cushion/pillow top I think:

Sunny summer garden log cabin

I think the colours are actually a lot closer in real life than they look in this photo, but hopefully, you can see where I’m coming from. As usual this was such fabulous fun to do – I find it’s really taking me out of my comfort zone..


10 thoughts on “Colourful log cabin

  1. Sorry Ali – Also meant to say: Could you let me have your address to send the Country Style book to, that I am giving away. I’ve requested it before but maybe in the wrong place so you didn’t get the message.
    Teresa x

  2. That must have been a fun way to choose colours. I suppose it you like a picture, you will also tend to like the combination of colours it contains, but may not think to put them together. It’s worth a try when looking for a new combination.
    Teresa x

    1. Linda, I love log cabin myself, so enjoyable to put together. Glad you like the colours – I think this will make a great cushion – when I’ve got some fabric for the back.

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