Developing skills..

I’ve just finished a knitting needle wrap for a lovely friend of mine. I’ve used some gorgeous fabrics from M is for Make – Vintage Dishes in grey from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising collection for Kokka, Kei Honeycomb in grey and Pebble linen in Merlot from the Jenaveve collection by Valori Wells – I’m delighted that they work together so well…

Knitting Needle & tool wrap

Knitting Needle & tool wrap

Knitting Needle & tool wrap

It’s a long while since I made one of these needle wraps (6 months or so), and I have really strong memories of it being quite stressful getting them to come together neatly.. this time it was an absolute breeze, and it makes me realise how practice (and more knowledge – using the right machine needle for instance!) has really improved my sewing skills.

One of our boys, Danny, has also been developing his pattern cutting and sewing skills this week. He really wanted an orange penguin and we decided to make one.. Here’s the proud designer-maker and our creation:

Danny's new orange penguin

Horrie the penguin is yet to get his feet, but we’re rather proud of him all the same. It’s been really interesting teaching my little lefty how to sew!


Thanks to everyone who has entered the Backstitch giveaway so far – you have until Sunday to leave a comment to win a bundle of lovely Klona cottons, so don’t forget!


14 thoughts on “Developing skills..

  1. Those fabrics are absolutely fab together, well done. Your sewing always looks so neat andy tidy I’m not sure how you could possibly improve on it.
    Horrie looks fantastic, even without feet.
    I remember teaching my boys to sew. Trickier than I thought as I kept forgetting that one of them is left handed. I just couldn’t get my head, or hands, to work out the best way for him to handle a needle and thread.

    1. Linnhe, teaching a lefty is so HARD! I kept getting so confused… the hardest part was not to get too impatient with the needle getting unthreaded after every stitch. Thanks for compliment re sewing – I try to be neat, sometimes it’s more stressful than other times!

  2. What a lovely needle wrap! I keep meaning to make one, as I keep bending my needles! Did you use a tutorial? Yours is exactly what I’ve been looking for 🙂 But if I tried to make it without a pattern/tutorial, it would be a mess!
    And what an adorable penguin!
    Ashley x

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Ashley, I really appreciate it. I didn’t use a tutorial, it’s my own design – based on a friend’s request for something with lots of pockets!

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