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I’m so delighted that we’ve got another really fabulous fabric giveaway all ready to go. This time, the lovely Alice from Backstitch is offering a smashing prize – one of her gorgeous Klona cotton tonal bundles… here’s a couple of them, but you really need to pop round to Backstitch to see them all:

Klona cotton bundle from BackstitchKlona cotton bundle from Backstitch

To keep with a Very Berry tradition of getting to know fabric shop owners a little bit, I thought it would be good to find out more about Alice, and Backstitch – so help yourself to a cuppa & a slice of cake, pull up a chair, and let’s have a chat…

Hi Alice, Welcome to Very Berry! Can you tell us a little bit about Backstitch, its history & what you sell?

I started Backstitch, an online sewing store selling fabric and patterns, in March 2010. It was an idea that had been brewing for about 2 years. I loved the look of the beautiful sewing stores in the US and Australia, like Purl and Amitie that were about then and wanted to recreate something like that in the UK. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed in the UK sewing community in the last 5 years – there didn’t used to be very many exciting shops online or on the high street! I decided that starting with an online store would be a sensible way to dip my toe in the water.

Metropolitan bundle from Backstitch
Metropolitan bundle from Backstitch

Do you sew or quilt (or both!)? If so, what things do you enjoy making?

Yes, I sew, and quilt. Unfortunately, with a ‘day job’ and two small kids as well as Backstitch to keep me busy, I don’t get to do as much as I would like, but I still usually have a couple of projects on the go. I am very much an enthusiastic beginner when it comes to sewing. But I do love it so. Sewing can be such a pleasing and relaxing pastime. I recently finished a quilt for my sons bed, and a pair of Colette Madeline Bloomers in the Oliver+S Interlock Knit fabric, which are lush, and I was sewing myself up a new tote bag (yet to be completed) on Thursday night using an old t-towel and some Klona cotton… I can’t get enough of sewing simple bags it seems! I try to blog my pursuits (as much as time permits!) on my personal blog Fancy Elastic as well as on the Backstitch blog.

Do you have your own personal favourite designer or brand?

Oh, gosh! One favourite? If I had to choose a fabric designer then It would have to be Anna Maria Horner. Her use of colour is just genius… really complex mixes that fail to impress me! But really, there is such a lot that I love, I struggle to narrow my choices down for the shop. And then if we are talking dress patterns, well that really is an impossible question! I love all the designers that I have in right now. I would really love to sew more clothes for myself. I could sew a whole wardrobe from what’s in my pattern drawers!

Curated Bloom (Fun Blue) from Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner at Backstitch
Curated Bloom (Fun Blue) from Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner at Backstitch

What are your ambitions for Backstitch?

At the moment I am just taking one day at a time. I would like to keep growing the pattern side of things as I feel Backstitch is becoming a real destination shop for patterns, and on the fabric side I am hoping to move into dress fabric more, but at the moment I don’t have the time to sort this out. In September my eldest boy starts school, and I will be getting some dedicated ‘Backstitch time’ in my week… a whole day to devote to the shop. I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in. And the grand plan? One day I would love a light and airy bricks and mortar shop where we can run classes and I can meet my customers face to face. In my dreams it has a sunny (because we are famous for sun in this country) cobbled courtyard where we can drink coffees and natter about sewing.


How much would I like to live near to that fabric shop with a cobbled courtyard?! Thanks Alice – sending you lots of Very Berry good wishes for the future of Backstitch.

Indian Summer Bundle from Backstitch
Indian Summer Bundle from Backstitch

And now to the giveaway…

The Rules

All you need to do is pop round to the Backstitch shop and answer this simple question:

Which of the Hurricane bundles – Mute/Pastel/Berry/Haybale/Neutral – would you like to win, and what would you make with it?

Extra entries will be awarded to anyone following Backstitch on Twitter, Backstitch on Facebook or on the Backstitch blog – but you must leave a separate comment for EACH follow, to make it easier for me to count up! So basically that’s up to 4 comments per person.

If you are a ‘no reply’ or ‘anonymous’ comment-leaver then I’m afraid your entry will not be included in the draw – it’s just so difficult to track down winners when I don’t have an email address – I do apologise for that (you could always include your email address in your comment if you want to make certain).

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, but a winner from outside the UK will be responsible for the cost of postage.

The giveway will clost at midnight (local time) on July 31, and the winner will be announced on Monday 1 August.




152 thoughts on “Backstitch Giveaway

  1. Wow! Tough choice. I guess I’d probably go for Berry or Neutral. And I just have to say (even though it wasn’t an option) I love the Sea bundle. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. I like the bright bundle. Such a nice range of shades. 🙂 I’d use it to coordinate with prints I already have, in quiltmaking. 🙂

  3. I adore the mute bundle! It would really help with the quilts I have to make for my 7, 5 and 1year old! Having made a quilt for my nephew, they are eagerly waiting for theirs! (I think some of the fabric came from backstitch!) I follow Backstitch blog.

  4. I am perhaps being a little boring but I love the neutral bundle. The colours would make a perfect canvas for embroidering. I would love to make a quilt with embroideries in some of the squares

  5. I follow their blog…..and so not to mess the numbers up..
    Oops I should have added to the last post that I would make some bags.

  6. I would love the Hurricane Mute collection. I am planning to learn patchwork and quilting, and these colours would be perfect for that. Thanks!

  7. BERRY! I’m quite into pinks and purples at the mo and we’re in the middle of painting our bedroom a nice berry colour. I’d probably use it to make some pretty things for our new bedroom 🙂

  8. I would have to choose berry and I’m teaching my daughter basic sewing skills so we could make a lovely set of patchwork pillows with it

  9. The berry would do very nicely thank you. I have already used klona cottons – bought from Backstitch – and would love a whole bundle to play with. I would use them to add spice to my loulouthi fabrics in a geometric quilt!

  10. I love the Klona cottona so much I ordered a swatch card last week 🙂
    I think my favourite pack is the Mute, although now I see Alice has added the brights pack I might have to treat myself!

  11. i would love the mute – i have just started a quilt for my 2 year old and need all the fabric i can get!

  12. It would have to be the mute bundle for me, the colours are fab, and just my cup of tea! I always end up buying patterned fabrics and am crying out for some beautiful solid colours for linings 🙂

  13. Hi, I would love to win the pastel range, I have some patterned fabrics from Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler and Kate Spain specifically put aside for my first quilt but I also need some plains to offset the florals and the pastel pack would work a treat. Here’s hoping 🙂

  14. Backstitch have some stunning fabrics 🙂
    I’d love to win the Hurricane – Berry bundle as purple is my favourite colour and I’d make eitehr a bag or a top for myself using the fabric 🙂

  15. I’d love the pastel bundle to make two baby blankets – one for my new, beautiful great niece étaín, and one for my brother and his wife’s newly announced future baby! I’m following on twitter (@juliadbennett)…

  16. I have only recently discovered Backstitch, I love finding new UK online fabric shops. I love the colours in all the bundles, but I think I’d go for pastel as they’d make great bag linings to go with some of my patterned fabrics

  17. I would love to win the mute bundle….but what to make?? Perhaps a quilt for my new little niece- those would be beautiful colours! Deborah

  18. Al the bundles are lovely but the one I would find most useful is the Neutral. It would be a good staple that I would use for borders and sashing on small items to add a contrast to more colourful patterned fabrics.
    Teresa x

  19. I’m making a peg doll wedding as a wedding present for a friend – literally making tiny outfits for wooden dolly pegs – and the mute bundle would be great for a few of the guests – especially mother of the bride and mother of the groom.

  20. Have to say the Hurricane Haybale set – already reminds me of long autumnal days, something to look forward to.

    Might make trims for my super-busy patterned skirts for girls or coordinated lavender bags or headbands, so many things to make, so little time…

    (follower on facebook and customer)

  21. Wow what a great giveaway!! 🙂 I would love to win the Berry pack, as it’s all of my favourite colours! I think I would make lots of cute little things with it, such as mini bags, purses, and pin cushions 🙂
    Ashley x

  22. I love the mute bundle and I think I’d make some cushions for a friend’s new workspace…backstitch is a great shop – thanks for the introduction and the giveaway!

  23. I’m drawn to the berry bundle, but not sure what I’d make with it.

    If I got the Haybale it would be great for a quilt for my mom… those are her colours.

  24. All of those konas are beautiful. I would pick the berry and make a new quilt for one of my daughters. I made one for her twin sister so now it is the other girl’s turn.

  25. I’d love to win the Sea bundle but as it’s not in the draw, I’d love the Pastel bundle. I’d be making baby items out of it as I have three friends who are all pregnant and due in January/ lots of baby bits to be made

  26. Oo! The berry or hay bale palates are gorgeous! Either one would be amazing! Alex dot Findlay at xtra dot co dot nz

  27. I really LOVE the Berry bundle and would make the Basic Puzzle quilt from Amy Ellis’ Modern Basics book (wow, that’s incredibly decisive for me!)
    Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  28. I love Alice and Backstitch – getting parcels from her are like real pressies – I’d love a Mute bundle , and I’d make something for my girls, promise!

  29. Following on twitter (@Carostar680) – Didnt mention in the other post, but I think I would include them in some doll quilts which I am making for my bare walls! Or maybe some bags, who knows yet!

  30. I love the mute bundle! For me it isn’t ‘mute’, quite bright! But it has a range of colours, which I love 🙂

  31. I love the Berry pack!
    and I’d make a quilt for my daughter who has just graduated and is still job hunting!

  32. I would choose the mute collection, such pretty colours and would incorporate them into a number of different projects I think though no firm idea what at the moment.

  33. I love the Mute bundle–such a lovely rainbow of colours! I think I’d use it to make a bag or solid pieces in a baby quilt. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Thanks for this, Ali and Alice! I’ve been a VERY happy customer for a while, so it’s nice to know more about the people I’m buying from 🙂

    I’m into quilting in a big way at the moment, and have just bought some amazing red velvet to make my mother a quilt for Christmas (how’s that for planning?!) so it would have to be the berry bundle for me, as the colours would make the perfect patchwork top for that backing.

  35. Great interview, I’d travel to visit the Backstitch shop one day…
    Oh bit of a tricky decision…I think I’d go for Haybale as one of my next big projects is a quilt for one of my girls and her favourite colour is orange and I’m sure these would go brilliantly with the fabrics we choose! Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  36. I would choose the mute bundle and it would become lots of bags probably or maybe even a rainbow quilt if I feel up the challenge!

  37. I am drawn to the pastel bundle but I’m not sure what I would make with it…maybe some cute solid cushions/pillows for my nieces new room when they move 🙂

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