Garden progress

Looked at as a whole, our garden is in a bit of a state just now – the weeds are going nuts, and our landscaping activity has been severely hampered by budget issues, lack of energy, lack of time, and the RAIN, which has been desperate here recently. I’ve been feeling a bit low about it, but seeing it through the eyes of some lovely friends who were visiting this morning, made me realise that we have made loads of progress. Looked at in very little bits, there’s an awful lot of good going on – so I though it would be good to celebrate the pretty bits (mostly!).

The tomato harvest is looking like it is going to be good (fingers crossed) – concern about blight has lessened, although we are still anxious.

Tomatoes taking over the greenhouse

These Amish Paste tomatoes are the size of tennis balls now, and will get bigger…

Amish paste tomatoes

We’re doing really well for lots of leafy greens:

Lots of leafy veg

We also have lots of courgettes (although that’s nothing to boast about!), and the beans are just starting to appear.

When it comes to fruit I think our Victoria plum harvest is going to be massive – the tree is heaving with fruit. Can’t wait!

Plum harvest should be good

And our neighbours’ apple tree is looking overloaded with cooking apples – all these branches are on our side of the wall so are all ready for scrumping.

Next door's apple tree all ready for scrumping

I think this sunflower looks amazing – ready to flower:

A sunflower just about to open

And how gorgeous is this blissful pink hydrangea..?

Gorgeous pink hydrangea

The gabion wall that we have built (that’s big wire cages filled with rocks) is all done now, and I’ve planted it up with some alpine plants and a variety of thyme plants – they are beginning to take off and look rather pretty:

Newly built gabion wall with alpines

Still a bit empty and scruffy, but we’re definitely getting there…

Meanwhile, we are still contending with this kind of thing. Sandy has been digging and he’s hit the foundations of a some kind of Victorian outbuilding… somehow we have to try and get rid of this before we can put in a couple more raised beds for next year. Should be fun!

A problem!

And this isn’t all of it by any means – I think he’s a bit scared of what he might uncover next…  But in spite of that horror, there’s lots of positives I think. How’s your garden growing just now?


Before I go, just a little reminder about the Very Berry Scrap Swap – very easy, lots of fun, no pressure, and still plenty of time to sign up.

Very Berry Scrap Swap

4 thoughts on “Garden progress

  1. Your garden looks wonderful, and I wonder what that building was?! Could it be a WW2 shelter? I’m longing to enter the giveaway or the scrap swap, but I packed up all my fabric for the house move today and it’s apparent even to me that the last thing I need is more fabric!
    Hope you’re feeling better Mrs. x

  2. Looks like you’re going to have a wonderful harvest this year. I wish we had that many plums on our tree but I think it’s on its last legs because only 2 small branches have any fruit. We do have more than 2 eating apples this year though!
    Teresa x

  3. To me your garden looks fabulous – and I am awed by your veggies. The great thing about gardening is that there is always next year! That’s what I have been telling myself for a couple of decades! This year has been the worst I’ve known for weeds, and here we also have some voracious rabbits. Every year I think that little and often will keep everything in order, but by this time every year it is so rampant that I often feel overtaxed! It is good to have friends visit and say it looks good to them! I love your gabions – very contemporary feel!

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